Relationships among operation code, operand and instruction

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operation code
operation code, operation code

Relationships among operation code, operand and instruction
Assembly language statement is split into an opcode and an operand. The opcode is the instruction that is executed by the CPU and the operand is the data or memory location used to execute that instruction. Operation code (opcode) is the portion of a machine language instruction that specifies the operation to be performed by the CPU such as ADD OR JUMP Beside the opcode itself, most instructions also specify the data they will process, in the form of operands. An Operand provides the data itself, or the location where the data to be processed is stored that is, it is a memory location or a variable or any general purpose register that stores data you can perform operation on. e.g. MOV AX, H
MOV is the opcode, AX is the operand

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