Standard (Points listed. Bonus given for awesome) Jump in. Right now

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Scavhunt 2007: SH GONE WILD
Standard (Points listed. Bonus given for awesome)

  1. Jump in. Right now. 150pts per team member (3 person max) -10pts for every article of clothing you take off

  2. Natural Autumn Water

  3. Highest viewed Scavhunt 2k7 video on youtube

  4. Tackle the monkey 20pts

  5. Pull a munter 35pts

  6. Why does the metric system suck 4pts (24 pts if interpretive dance)

  7. Handwritten copy of Atlas Shrugged 500pts

  8. Picture of a chupacabra that does not live in Slam! 15pts

  9. Something that fights plaque and constipation

  10. Fried Mars Bars

  11. Note from a professor excusing you from your doctor’s appointment 16 pts

  12. ENIGMA (dance dance) 9pts

  13. Ted Striker’s Drinking Problem CD 14pts

  14. Ballista 5pts

  15. Barista 5pts

  16. Batista 5pts

  17. Baptista 5pts

  18. Tiny Toons Hentai 8pts

  19. Flock of Seagulls Haircuts. Whole team. At judging. (probably at least 100pts)

  20. The Complete Discography of Cloaca Stronghold 12pts

  21. “Yeah no yeah no no…yeah yeah…no” 3pts

  22. Somebody on your team better wear some moonshoes to judging 19pts

  23. Irn-Bru 25pts

  24. Living Dead Wage Rally 34pts

  25. Snowball fight on the Lawn 20pts (bonus if with a U-Guide)

  26. Placenta 4pts

  27. Blood Libel 9pts (Opts for Blood Slander)

  28. 2pts for every gift your team give William Murray of Glasgow Uni. on facebook

  29. A Children’s Book on Munging 27pts

  30. Cav Daily comic acknowledging “You could do better”’s supremacy 12 pts

  31. Campbell’s Baby Soup 8pts

  32. Rhapsody in glue 11pts

  33. The 1880’s are where it’s at. Use some Chinese labor to build a sweet public works project 33 pts

  34. Decent Rum Cake 15pts

  35. C R – KKK 11pts

  36. An authentic UVA diploma, to be stamped in large letters: VOID 100pts

  37. Well-written VA Advocate (0pts)

  38. A Lucky Charms Granola Bar 8pts

  39. A mug shot mug 16 pts

  40. Pachyderm 1pt

  41. I would like to see a board (of at least 5 feet) ranking all of the actresses from the OC in terms of hotttness 34 pts

  42. JagerMouseter 7pts

  43. Something pried from Charlton Heston’s cold dead hands 14pts

  44. Reenact Gibbons v Ogden 18.24 pts

  45. Sqand attacks Floam 8pts

  46. Punctuate an entire book of ee cummings poems 22pts

  47. Lite-Brite Rotunda 50pts

  48. Batman Dressup Parade 40pts

  49. Wiki Scavhunt 20pts

  50. A U of Chicago Student 6pts

  51. Scavhunt on 23pts

  52. Hurling Dervish 13pts

  53. Get Louis Farrakhan to say something positive about integration or white people 7pts

  54. Pastries for Team Rocketship! 20-50pts based on deliciousness

  55. Little Red Riding Hood, the RPG 16pts

  56. I hear the JPJ has finger print scanners 7pts

  57. Badly- dubbed porn 13pts

  58. Get a U Guide to denounce Jeffersonian Democracy 8pts

  59. O-Hill Cabaret 27 pts

  60. Scooter Libby Action Figure 14pts

  61. Blow a spit bubble off your tongue 3pts

  62. The above of epic proportions 18pts

  63. A pen sharpener 9pts

  64. A monkey in tiny SWAT gear 121 pts

  65. A map of the steam tunnels 16pts (bonus for treasure locations)

  66. We want to see buttons promoting your scavhunt team worn by people not on the team around grounds 14pts each

  67. Photographic evidence that Casteen can fly 12pts

  68. A Lambeth bed that fits two people 13pts

  69. Pseudoephedrine. Please. 10pts

  70. Cannibal Holocaust Drinking game rules 14pts

  71. I think it be really fucking hardcore to start a moshpit at a Sparky’s Flaw concert 18pts

  72. Nicholas Nickelby erotic fanfic 6pts

  73. Fuck a penguin. Seriously. 69pts

  74. Send Tyler Hansbrough an E-card apology from G. Henderson 20pts

  75. Orphan game show! 14pts

  76. Gilmer Hall Fondue 15pts

  77. Roadtrip trophy from SH2k4 (UVA’s) 99pts

  78. Mark Thyring smiling 14pts

  79. Penny Rue wasting my flava 23pts

  80. Okay. So I’ve always wanted to have an underwear pillow fight with our women’s rugby team. Now I can love through you 49 pts (bonus pts if Dbo isn’t stoned) (More bonus pts if Jessie Powers admits she loves me) (More bonus points Katie Kendall raps)

  81. I dunno, it’s not a ceiling fan 9pts

  82. Candied peas 16pts

  83. An email from Caroline Emerson denouncing all SH teams but yours. 7pts

  84. Give a public oratory in the ampitheatre. Pts awarded by how many judges/senators you convince. More pts if your in a toga

  85. Drink some blood. 1pt Bonus pts for the following (not your blood. You don’t know the person. They don’t know you’re drinking their blood)

  86. A copy of Richard Scarry’s Cars, Trucks and Things that Go with Goldbug holding a mini flag that says “ScavHunt ‘07” on every page. 15pts

  87. “Fins” by J. Buffet sung by an a capella group with appropriate hand motions 27pts

  88. Which member of Cataract Camp knocked over port-a-potties as a kid? 4pts Bonus pts if you catch him doing it again

  89. Something Team Rocketship would rather do than play Halo 3 when it comes out 6pts

  90. Get After The Fire to sing happy birthday to SH 24pts

  91. Peanut Butter and Jellyfish, won’t you be my sandwich? 12pts

  92. Roadkill: A photo essay 12pts

  93. Sparkling V8 10pts

  94. Get WNRN to play “Escape.” 9.19pts

  95. A Radford U rejection letter 30pts

  96. A Harvard U rejection letter 30pts

  97. Caulk of shame 12pts

  98. Chug pickle juice…8pts

  99. Ode to Max Thrax 9pts

  100. CHUDs need equal rights too! 19pts

  101. Spiro Agnew plush toy 33pts

  102. A full velour track suit 80pts

  103. Dance Dance Evolution 11pts

  104. Publically thank the IMPs for being more fun than a certain other (not the 7s) society 7pts

  105. Something still sealed in a duty-free bag (receipt a must) 45pts

  106. If Thomas Aquinas joined NWA…14pts

  107. Figure out why Microsoft indents shit funny when you get to number 100 in a list 2pts

  108. A Masked booby 17pts

  109. A Forthright booby 17pts

  110. Something actually bought from 66pts

  111. Catch a musical! 7pts

  112. Beat “Hanger 18” on expert 37pts


  114. Please convince the British that “Little Britain” isn’t funny 13pts

  115. Bounce a Czech 19pts

  116. A one-page summary of the Tennis Court Oath. In 1337 speak. 13pts

  117. Best Guacamole in town? 7pts

  118. Act out a Kids in the Hall sketch for your 1st year dorm

  119. 40 pts for the team that brings the most well-traveled Nalgene bottle

  120. A picture with Winston at Cardinal Point Winery 41pts

  121. An autographed photo of the Railways

  122. Eat a plate of every ingredient in the Newcomb salad bar combined 29pts

  123. This penis party’s got to go. Hey hey. Ho ho. 16pts

  124. Something you could write in a check’s memo space that would prevent its deposit (besides void) 6pts

  125. Anyone can found a new school with a 100million dollar donation, but it takes a real woman to found one with a cheesecake 19pts

  126. A Greenhose Item booster device 24pts

  127. Auguste Comte’s Dance Grooves 14pts

  128. An Atlantic Bobtail 34pts

  129. Use a generalized singular value decomposition to explain this season of LOST 17pts

  130. What other roles could Boris Karloff star in? 9pts

  131. Some paneer 15pts

  132. The London Philharmonic Behind The Music 14pts

  133. Suffraging Succotash 6pts

  134. A Neoprene tri-cornered hat 17pts

  135. It’s about time the Lambeth foot bridge got the recognition it deserves. Please either start a petition, make a sign, or plaque, that acknowledges it for what we all know it truly is: The Finest Footbridge East of the Mississippi 65pts

  136. Areola Borealis 6pts

  137. A lazy-bamboo 13pts

  138. Each error in a crossword clue you bring to judging 10pts

  139. Fry some eggs at judging, using THE POWER OF THE SUN 50pts if it works

  140. Fuck you DU 17pts

  141. I see a lot of the same names reported around grounds (McCormick, Alderman, McIntire,etc…), but I’ve yet to see their adventures portrayed in a graphic novel 29pts

  142. Grace Nameless Field with a name. In the field. Pts based on sweetness

  143. Marsupials 4 tots 11pts

  144. There’s a bike that’s been changed outside Bryant Hall for years now. Decorate it (it looks like an older black bike, chained with an actual trained) 33pts

  145. The nurses work hard for little bank, see if you can wash and wax one of their cars while they work 43pts

  146. 1800 JPA bus stop really needs something special. Amusement rides? I don’t know 14pts

  147. Old-School Ninja Turtle figures 10pts each (max of 10)

  148. I’ve heard a lot about activist judges on the news, but no one admitting to being one 15pts

  149. Pass a drug test 19pts

  150. Fail a drug test 19pts

  151. USA USA!!! 1pt

  152. Conqueror of the Northwest! 7pts

  153. There are lots of columns around grounds. Really, they’re fucking everywhere 28pts

  154. Blue grass, like a whole fucking yard of it 42pts

  155. A walk-in snow globe 230pts

  156. Get your team name on the University Car Wash sign 49pts

  157. I’ve always been entertained by those human statues in big cities. I think the Lawn could use some. Lots of them. Promoting your team. Silently, of course. 50pts

  158. There are two benches on the corner of Ivy and Alderman near the Wachovia. It seems to be an old bus stop. Fix it up a bit 33pts

  159. Compromised Excellence 4pts

  160. Organize the 1st annual Leonard Sandridge Road Footrace 12pts

  161. Find your best 1996 Democratic Light Post around grounds 9.6pts

  162. Ask the Econo Lodge about their wireless internets 6pts

  163. Febreeze Fight! 12pts (bonus points if you do this right before class)

  164. Grill something delicious in front of Madison Hall 15pts

  165. Get Chris Payne to talk to you about the decline of the British Empire 19pts

  166. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Get it. 45pts

  167. I really need 3 armbands that are totally Dude worthy and say “Captain” or “C” by Friday morning. 100pts if you’re the best and in time.

  168. I really want to frolic through a beer sprinkler. Oh, won’t you make my dreams come true? 18.93pts

  169. Without breaking ANY laws, give me a ride on a Gator. Seriously. 22pts

  170. Show some Black Knight Pride 13pts

  171. Get pregnant. C’mon. 100pts

  172. I hear the Army/Navy rivalry is pretty big. Get them to put aside their difference and violate some Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policies. 35pts

  173. The deed to your parents’s house, signed over to us. 50pts

  174. Keith Richards snorted his father’s ashes. I bet you can one-up him. 40pts

  175. We’re about to go on Fox News to argue for feministic interpretations of the Bible. Please provide us with the necessary sock puppets. 18pts

  176. Write a sparknotes for Finnigan’s Wake 20pts

  177. Recreate The Oath of the Horatii in Peeps 13pts

  178. Jonathan Soma is a little tea pot. Get him to sing about it 34pts

  179. The oldest established liquor at one of Virginia’s many fine ABC stores 17.83pts

  180. Catch Tunji fever. 21pts

  181. Give it to somebody else 21pts

  182. A team member covered entirely in mashed potatoes. 25pts

  183. All us judges would like to have free guac 4 life from Chipotle. Make that happen. 150pts

  184. Get a College Republican to admit that they don’t care about black people 8.29pts

  185. I want to hear “Scavhunt” said in a different language at judging. And I don’t want any meddlesome notes. 2pts/language

  186. It’s like Frisbee golf, but with oranges 8pts

  187. The biggest clipboard you can muster 12pts

  188. Turn ons: Safety. Turn offs: Bicyclists who wear reflectors that are too small. They should wear whole reflector suits. 54pts

  189. I hear they make fake snow out of soap. Make some fake soap out of snow. 21pts

  190. They say the clearance for the McCormick bridge is 12’8, but I bet you can get something taller under it. 40pts

  191. I see a lot of signs around Charlottesville pointing to the airport, but none of them point me to the seaport. 12pts

  192. A reverse umbrella 9pts

  193. Get a U-Guide to yell at you. While he’s giving a tour. Bonus if he swears 21pts

  194. Interpol? Those guys, like, totally hate me. 14pts

  195. Get somebody at Burger King to make it a 3-way 8pts

  196. The guy who works at 7 Day Jr. on Maury… what’s his favorite Cricket club? 9pts

  197. Mummy salad 6pts

  198. Serenade a judge. 8pts

  199. Get a job. 1pt

  200. Get fired from that job. 19pts

  201. Early morning dance rave on the lawn. 8pts

  202. Ask the manager at Eppie’s if that hippy guy still works there. 6pts

  203. A TalBot. 10pts

  204. Advertise your team and/or ScavHunt on the Free Speech Wall. 13pts

  205. Bring a can of soup to judging. One with a pop-top. I won’t say much about it, but it’ll be easier for you if it’s watery. You’ll get points if it’s thick and chunky, though. (pts contingent)

  206. On 14th street there’s a can of baked beans buried under some Kudzu. 25pts

  207. Who is the guardian of the Stadium Road parking garage? 14pts

  208. The trees outside Mem Gym totally need some colorful Christmas lights. 25pts

  209. An Automotive company totally owns Stone Hall. 15pts

  210. Umm… so there’s this green shed on O-Hill, and we’re a little worried about its contents. Go find it. You’ll understand why. 20pts

  211. Speaking of O-Hill, it’s pretty creepy up there at night. Go ghost hunting. 12pts

  212. Under the water towers, there are these huge concrete and metal structures strewn about the ground. Figure out what they are and why they exist, and let me know. 10pts

  213. A ninja muffin 4pts

  214. Waaaay at the back of facilities management, up some gravel drive, there are a couple bulldozers next to an open concrete structure. I need a cup of what’s inside. 23pts

  215. What’s the St. Thomas Aquinas statue made out of? 8pts

  216. We’ve all heard of Blood Diamonds, but what about the other Humours? 10pts

  217. Explain, in simple and concise terms, how a freezer works. 5pts

  218. Make Martin Van Buren Day a reality. 12pts

  219. Grace Tom Bateman’s office with the most obtrusive flowers you can find. 30pts (bonus if he calls me to complain)

  220. A razorback. 80pts

  221. A life-size statue of Thomas Jefferson. Build it out of something awesome. 50pts

  222. Potatoes rotten enough to be leaking black liquid. 40pts

  223. Explain the significance of the number of items on this list. 23pts

  224. Dumpster diving-board (30 pts)

  225. Will it ferment? (12 pts)

  226. Tombstone-magnet poetry (McCormick edition) (10+ pts)

  227. While you’re there, find a dead judge. (9 pts)

  228. How many claymores to a castle? (7 pts)

  229. You know those placemats that list the Virginian presidents? Get me one. Now find them all in one place in one of the university’s teaching halls. (22 pts)

  230. A 7. With proof. (77 pts)

  231. A1. Home made. (11 pts)

  232. I’m not so sure about that Liaquat-Nehru Pact. What would Jane Austen say? (13 pts)

  233. THE NECRONOMICON EX MORTIS (dramatization). (31 pts)

  234. A Chainsaw-arm. (19 pts)

  235. A real, live, dangling participle. (12 pts)

  236. Free trade cigarettes. (19 pt)

  237. Get a picture of your advisor flipping the bird. (35 pts)

  238. yes I said yes I will Yes. (flexible pointage)

  239. What’s Running-Man’s name? (50 pts)

  240. A parking ticket dated between 4/14/07 and 4/18/07 1pt/$

  241. Send an apology to the club we interrupted at the captains’ meeting. 14pts

Competitions (4 points per judge who names yours as his favorite) 

  1. ScavHunt needs a mascot, get on it.

  2. Theme song too.

  3. Make sure your team shows up in costumes. Themed, if possible.

  4. Best homemade donuts (bring four).

  5. Dramatic reading of an excerpt from one of Henry Kissinger’s speeches.

  6. Submit three dirty limericks.

  7. Best! Invention! Ever!

Top-5 Lists (2 points per judge) 

  1. Pop culture movies

  2. Sub-culture movies

  3. Teen-show actresses

  4. Countdown-to-18th-birthday websites for teen-show actresses.

  5. Worst people in the world

  6. Best people in the world

  7. Countries nobody ever hears about

  8. Flavors of chips (the edible kind, please)

  9. Gatorades

  10. Sports teams

  11. Marsupials

  12. Whiskeys

  13. Obsolete Technologies

  14. Socially-conscious breweries

  15. Get-rich-quick schemes.

  16. Good actors doing shitty movies.

  17. Top-5 Lists


From our friends at Bridgewater College:

      -There’s a pretty sweet horse and buggy statue…photo op! With bananas! 30pts

      -A restaurant filled with wonderous works of taxidermy 45pts

      - Get someone to buy you some food at the Eagle’s Nest 35pts

      -It’s like the opening title to Friends, but the water’s a little more scummy 55pts

      - Please deliver Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to Shanon Marie Vess. Be very civil about it. Chivalrous even 90pts 

Our lovely Hampden Sydney compatriots:

      -Handstands at the bell tower 45pts

      - Find a beer in Frat Circle  80 pts

      - Is it true Stephen Colbert went there? Prove it. 37pts 

And of course, JMU, our little brothers to the west:

      • I bet you can find a life-size JM statue. Apparently he’s short. Short people still need love though 50pts

      • Take a dip in Newman Lake 95pts

      • Explore Pamela’s Secrets 60pts

      • Perhaps a UVA sticker of such could adorn their football stadium sign? Something along those lines. 120pts

      • 20 bonus pts per pic if a team member is shotgunning a beer in these pictures. No reusing cans


A trip to Richmond:

      - Thai iced tea in Carytown 56pts

      - 20pts for each picture of you in front of a different museum

      - Canal Walk (don’t go in the river. Really) 45pts

      - Virginia Center of Commons needs to hear some Bon Jovi. Sung of course. 75 pts

      - Ride a ram 60pts

      - A picture of an enormous Indian. 35pts 

And how could we forget Longwood:

 - A double-headed rubber ducky statue 80pts

            - Find the Chi Tunnel 50pts

            - Eat in front of the fire place with the flatscreen at McDonald’s 45pts

            - Ride Curry Elevator from the 10th floor to the Basement 70pts

            - Bring a women’s lacrosse freshman crab dip from Charly’s 150pts 


1250 pt ITEM!!!!!!!!!!!

Our dear friend Thomas Unsworth used to live in Charlottesville. Now he doesn’t. He really really wants a everything bagel from Bodo’s with plain cream cheese. Bring him one. His address is:

      111 Crescent St.

      Hartford Ct. 06106 room 302. 

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