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Guided Questions for Note-taking

American Political Culture

American Democracy Now Pages 2-31

Political Culture
ADN Page 5

  1. List at least three ways technology has affected politics.

  • It has allowed more people to be exposed to politics.

  • It allows for many to share these ideas with a broader channel of people.

  • Political ads now have a much bigger impact on voting outcomes.

ADN Pages 6-9

  1. Explain how the media characterization of a “cynical, young electorate” may be an overgeneralized inaccuracy.

This quote overgeneralizes an entire demographic of people. Not all young people are liberal, or cynical but this goes for every single person. Anyone may be generalized depending on what they look like, sound like, or the way they speak.

ADN Pages 9-10

  1. Briefly, detail “What Government Does” (bullets on Pages 9 and 10).

The government protects soughverinty, provides order and stability, establishes and runs a legal/law enforcement system, and raises and spends money.
ADN Page 11

  1. Define the type of government created by the framers of the US Constitution.

The frames created a limited government, constricted in what it can do so the people will thrive.

ADN Pages 14-16

  1. For each of the following:

Define the term.

Explain one potential conflict Americans face while trying to uphold the ideal.

  • Liberty - This includes basic individual laws that may be in conflict with certain events at a time, for example, a mask mandate.

  • Equality - Many are still engaged in a fight for equality today, while others already have it.

  • Capitalism - Capitalism is usually quite corrupt along with the fact that it will never, ever, have a fair chance for everyone.

  • Consent of the Governed - The conflict here is can society function if less than the majoriity votes.

  • Individual, Family, and Community - Many have a long-lasting effect on new generations without exposing them to an entire view?

ADN Pages 5-16 Vocabulary:

  1. Efficacy - the ability to produce a desired or intended result.

  2. Civic Engagement - any individual or group activity addressing issues of public concern.

  3. Civic Competence - is a combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that enable a person to perform real-world tasks

  4. Political Engagement - try to take part in and shape the decisions that affect their lives.

  5. Citizens - people who live in said country.

  6. Naturalization - the admittance of a foreiger to a country.

  7. Legitimacy - virtue of political institutions about laws and decisions.

  8. Natural Law - a body of unchanging moral principles regarded as a basis for all human conduct.

  9. Political Culture - ideas, things, and points about politics.

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