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coventry soccer association, soccerCoventry Soccer Association

Board Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2010 @ 7pm

Meeting began at 7:10pm

President: Jay Hudson
Town proposed contributive support back to CSA per player at $3.00 was unsuccessful and turned down by the town manager of Coventry.

One load of stone at approximately $800 for parking lot.

State referee program beginning 5/19/10; a grass roots program with 39 associations and 40 clubs to receive referee training has been put in motion.
cartoon soccer ball stock illustration clip art - soccer ball pictureCoaches training – we need to invest in U5 and U6 coaches in September at least one to two hours of training for developmental season.
Steve Marmas to turn on freezer 5/7/10 at Fish Hill.
A motion was made and voiced by Dave Lavigne and heard by all who were in attendance to change the membership fee from $10.00 to $50.00 for non developmental individuals who want to play competitive soccer for CSA. This is just a membership fee and the individual would also incur the cost of competitive team charges as well.

  • A motion was made to change the fee from $10.00 to $50.00 to become a paid member for non developmental individuals who wish to play competitive soccer for CSA.

  • 1st to accept the motion was Jim Kenney, Competitive Director

  • 2nd to accept the motion was Dave Lavigne, Vice President

  • 3rd to accept the motion was Jay Hudson, President

Vice President: Dave Lavigne
Fields are in good shape

  • Loam to be brought in to fill sink holes

  • A half dozen sprinkler heads need to be replaced

  • Well head is above water and was not submerged during the flood

  • No contamination concerns with the water as there is no septic containments anywhere near Fish Hill

  • The field flooding during the historic flooding was from ground water

  • Sue Faiola to ask husband to test water before the Joe Strauss Tournament

  • Would like to replace hot water tank due to age and sediment at bottom of tank

  • Cost to replace tank would range from $400 - $500; Paul Hoxie to install, Atlantic Plumbing and Heating

  • Field set up went well

  • High school student helping with lines on fields

Secretary: Carolyn Gufler

cartoon soccer ball stock illustration clip art - soccer ball pictureNo report
Treasure: Marge Swedits
All names added to account that needed to be have been done

  • Signing for account done at Coventry Credit Union

  • Checks that needed to be signed were given to Jay Hudson by Marge Swedits

  • Receipts given to Marge Swedits from Reggie Wagner for decals

Competitive Director: James Kenny
Wide World of Sports will not give CSA any type of deal with pricing
Better referees going to Wide World of Sports
Rating referees paid according to evaluation
SRI Festival U8, U10 4 different locations

  • Coventry

  • Pawtucket

  • Tiverton

  • Smithfield

Sue Faiola does not have a lot of referees for festival; question was stated if she could use seasoned referees where their certification is up for recertification for festival
cartoon soccer ball stock illustration clip art - soccer ball pictureVolunteers who need to fulfill community service hours will be on hand during the festival
Joe Strauss Invitational Tournament: (notes handed out from Steve Marmas)

  • Presently 49 teams but we may be dropping 2 U14 boys teams unless we get two more

Developmental Director/Registrar: Sharon Janikies
cartoon soccer ball stock illustration clip art - soccer ball pictureRegistration as of May 6, 2010; CSA has a total of 503 registered players (a spread sheet was handed out to each person in attendance with calculated numbers for each age division)

  • On line registration continues

  • Additional date for a walk in registration is set up for June 3, 2010 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm in the High School library

Walk in registration ideas for next year: (notes handed out from Steve Marmas)

  • Budget for a couple of low-end laptops that people can use upon walk-in to fill out their own information, then they report to the registrar

  • Registrar has another system available

    • Registrar then verifies everything is complete and adds the check number and date it was received

  • Benefits:

    • Less work for the registrar to enter and less room for error

    • All walk-in registrations are completed upon walk-in

    • Registrar, Treasurer, and President or other assigned personnel can use the systems during the year for CSA related work.

  • Art Yarumian should be asked to attend the fall developmental drafts for U10 and up; draft to be held at the end of June 2010

Director of Coaches: Jenn Ricci

cartoon soccer ball stock illustration clip art - soccer ball pictureIndividuals approaching and asking when coaching classes are offered; referred to wait list
Boys Director: Michelle Pimental

cartoon soccer ball stock illustration clip art - soccer ball pictureNo report
Girls Director: Donna Beaudoin

cartoon soccer ball stock illustration clip art - soccer ball pictureNo report
Referee Director: Martin Yarumian

No report

Referee Coordinator: Sue Faiola
Individuals just receiving refereeing license will not be used in competitive season until they go through a developmental season
39 referees for the fall as of now
State has a new training program for referees

Web Master: Steve Marmas

  • Got Soccer is building a bigger and better Website hosting and development platform for its club members

    • Move over to Got Soccer Website which will be integrated with the database after new system is complete

  • If we are going to post the meeting minutes up on the web we need to be consistent

cartoon soccer ball stock illustration clip art - soccer ball pictureMeeting adjourned 8:46pm

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