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FROM: TO: Apollo Galileo USA Partnership (“Galileo”)

Name of Participating Subscriber Apollo Customer Support Center

54 Perimeter Center East

Atlanta, GA 30346

Street Address: Attention: AAT Desk FAX: (303) 689-3971

City, State, Zip :

AND: Pass Consultants

Miami, FL

Pseudo: 19Z2

Primary Contact Phone Number
Pseudo City Code – Required for Activation

Planned Activation Date: ASAP Yes
Type of Third Party Service(s): On Line booking tool with nuTravel

  1. The undersigned participating subscriber (“Participating Subscriber”) acknowledges and agrees that: (i) Galileo has made Apollo® Services available to the above named vendor (“Vendor”) for the purpose of providing various third party services which may include: (a) twenty-four hour reservation services, (b) auditing, (c) quality control, (d) preferred rate, (e) international rate desk and/or (f) other third party services with the consent of Galileo (“Third Party Services”) to participating travel agencies; (ii) Participating Subscriber desires to have its clients utilize Vendor’s Third Party Services; and (iii) if Participating Subscriber has an agreement with a third party ticketing vendor for ticketing services and if Vendor has an agreement with such vendor, then Vendor may queue Apollo passenger name records relating to clients of Participating Subscriber to such third party ticketing vendor for the purpose of ticketing. Therefore, Participating Subscriber hereby authorizes Galileo to programmatically permit Vendor to access Apollo passenger name records, PRO-files™, and other similar information relating to Participating Subscriber’s clients.

  2. Participating Subscriber agrees to release and indemnify, defend and hold Galileo, its owners, officers, directors, employees and agents, harmless from all damages and claims for damages, suits, recoveries, judgments or executions (including litigation costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys’ fees) which may be made, had, brought or recovered by any third person by reason of or an account of Participating Subscriber’s or Vendor’s performance, nonperformance or improper performance of, or action or inaction in connection with, Vendor’s Third Party Services, or arising out of or in connection with any claim that the use of any data, software or system by Vendor in connection with providing Third Party Services to Participating Subscriber infringes any patent, copyright, trademark or any other proprietary right of Participating Subscriber or any other person or entity.

  3. Participating Subscriber hereby waives and releases any and all obligations and liabilities of Galileo, and any and all rights, claims and remedies of co-host and/or Vendor against Galileo, express or implied, arising by law or otherwise and solely resulting from any Apollo Services delays, errors, malfunctions or interruptions of service experienced by Vendor, whether or not beyond the control of Galileo or caused in whole or in part by the negligence of Galileo, including any liability, obligation, right, claim or remedy in tort, and including any liability, obligation, right claim or remedy for loss of revenue or profit or any other indirect, incidental or consequential damages.

  4. Participating Subscriber has designated above, and on an additional page attached if necessary, the name, address and pseudo city code of each location of Participating Subscriber which is covered under Participating Subscriber’s agreement for Apollo Services (“Apollo Agreement”) and for which Third Party services are to be provided. If, after the execution of this Request, Participating Subscriber elects to add branch locations which are covered under its Apollo Agreement, Participating Subscriber shall provide Galileo and Vendor with additional Requests for Third Party Services, after which Galileo shall have ten (10) days within which to make Apollo Services, on behalf of such newly designated location, available to Vendor.

  5. Galileo, Vendor, or Participating Subscriber may terminate the Third Party Services at any location included in this Request with thirty (30) days prior written notice to the other affected entities. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Participating Subscriber’s Apollo Agreement or if Vendor’s Third Party Services Vendor Agreement is terminated for any reason, the Third Party Services shall terminate concurrently therewith.


Signature ____________________________Title ______COO__________

Printed Name ___________________Date ____

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