Robinson C. Salonga Bliss 1, San Vicente, Magalang 2011 Pampanga, Philippines

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Robinson C. Salonga

Bliss 1, San Vicente, Magalang 2011 Pampanga, Philippines

E-mail address:

Home Phone: (045) 866-0705 | (045) 866-1789

Mobile: (0915) 406-4984 | (0919) 550-3877

Career Objective

To secure a challenging position in a progressive firm that recognizes hard work, great skills and dedication by offering growth opportunities, incentives and reinforcement programs.
Work Experience

Epixtar International Contact Center Group, Ltd. May 02-16, 2005

Epixtar Plaza, Clark Field, Pampanga

  • Sales Executive Trainee

AOL Member Services Philippines, Inc. July 7, 2003 – April 26, 2005

Bldg. 2112/2113 C.P. Garcia St. cor. L.Tañada St., CSEZ, Pampanga

  • FTC Technical Consultant

  • Served as Crew Leader with Outstanding Interpersonal Skills

  • With Excellent Customer Service & Communication Skills

Provides world-class interactive online support to America Online (AOL) members all over the world by answering their queries and helping them with any AOL product concerns. Applicant has also been part of the FTC Team, the sole group that processes cancellation requests in accordance with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines.

Absolute Service, Inc. April 2000 – June 2003

(Formerly Asia Prepress Technology, LLC)

Bldg. 7B Philexcel Compound, Clarkfield, Pampanga

  • Computer Graphics Operator

  • Document Analyst/ Quality Controller/Spot checker

  • QuikScanner (Online Editor), Asia Internet Services

On Leadership

  • Has been an active civic leader and Christian worker since 1990

  • Has been assigned as Division OIC in Regions 1 & 2 (Ilocos Region), Pampanga, Bulacan, Southern Tagalog Region (Laguna, Batangas, Mindoro) and Hong Kong

  • Has handled hundreds of volunteers for a foundation from 1990 to 1997

Scheduling of events, setting worker assignments, financial management, conducting Division Meetings, conducting investigations on major issues, performing regular counseling sessions for married couples and youth, delivering quarterly and annual reports, delivering major talks on conventions and training new workers on leadership, discipline and public speaking.

Other Experiences

President and Founder, AMA Critics Guild 2002 – 2003
City of San Fernando

Editor in Chief, The Web 2001 – 2003

AMA Pampanga Campus

City of San Fernando

  • The WEB also sponsored Lite & Loud Crossover Concert on March 1, 2002, featuring the Applicant as the main vocal performer.

Editor In Chief, The Herald 1998 – 2000

AMA Computer Learning Center
Angeles City

  • The Herald is the official student publication of AMA Computer Learning Center, Angeles City.

Radio Broadcaster, DZBS – RPN 1994
Session Road, Baguio City

  • Hosted a two-hour Sunday night commentary, entertainment and public service radio program.

Owner/Manager, ADD Telecom Shop 1997
GG Cundangan, Guiguinto, Bulacan

  • Owned and managed a mobile phone and accessories store.

Networker/ Dealer 1996 – 2000

Has conducted Seminars and Marketing Plan Presentations for:

  • Smartway To Wealth (E-commerce)

  • Forever Living Products, Phils.

  • Amway Philippines

  • Yamato Tradeline Network, Inc.

  • Telecoms Specialists, Inc.

  • SEMICON, etc.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology May 2000 – May 2003

Major in Multimedia and Creative Technologies

AMA Pampanga Campus

City of San Fernando

  • 3-Time President’s Lister; 2-Time Dean’s Lister

  • Graduated cum laude

Computer System Design and Programming June 1998 – May 2000

AMA Computer Learning Center

Angeles City

  • Graduated as Most Outstanding Student (MOS)

Journalism and Professional Writing Sept 1999 – Mar 2000

Transworld Education College

Glasgow G3 8EF, United Kingdom

  • Graduated with a General Average of A

ASB Management with Marketing options (units only) Feb 1998 – Mar 2000

Center For Degree Studies

(International Correspondence Schools)

Scranton, Pennsylvania

  • With a General Average of 1.0

Adult Psychology Nov 2002 – Mar 2003

Thomson Education Direct

(A Subsidiary of International Correspondence Schools)

Philippine Branch

4th Floor, Bloomingdale Plaza, Shaw Blvd., Pasig City


and Awards

AMA Computer College – Pampanga

  • Graduated cum laude

  • Champion, Essay Writing Competition

  • Champion, Extemporaneous Speech Contest

  • Champion, Singing Competition

  • Champion, Singkabiasa Academic Quiz

  • Three-Time President’s Lister

  • Editor in Chief, The Web

  • President and Founder, AMA Critics Guild

AMA Computer Learning Center – Angeles City

  • Most Outstanding Student, Batch 2000

  • Champion, Brainfest 2000

  • 2nd Placer, AMA Skills Olympics

  • Editor In Chief, The Herald

Santa Rita College

Santa Rita, Pampanga

  • Academic Scholar for four (4) consecutive years

  • Champion, Mathematician of the Year Search (4 consecutive years)

  • Winner, Scientist of the Year

  • 2nd Placer, Most Disciplined Boy Scout of Pampanga

  • Graduated First Honorable Mention

  • NCEE Rating of 98%

  • Champion, Oratorical Competition

  • Champion, Singing Competition

Other Skills

Computers / Information Technology

  • Microsoft Windows Operation

  • Knowledge in Microsoft Office, including MS Publisher, MS FrontPage, MS Access, etc.

  • Basic Knowledge in HTML with JavaScript, Visual Basic, Turbo C++, Turbo Pascal, Macromedia Flash

  • Web Page Design and Internet Science

Oral and Written Communications

  • Journalism, Technical Writing and Business Correspondence

  • Creative Feature Writing

  • Document Editing and Proofreading / Copy Editing

Human Relations and Other Fields

  • Conducts Marriage Counseling

  • Practices Youth and Adult Group Management

  • Customer Service and Marketing Plan practical analysis

  • Entertainment through vocal singing

  • Conducts General and Adult Psychology seminars

  • Conducts Biblio-Science study program

  • Teaches Euthenics*, practical Mathematics and English

  • Offers personal psychotherapy sessions (ages 13 and above)

*Euthenics – a science that deals with development of human well-being by improvement of living conditions

Mr. Anthony Abinsay (0918) 344-1214

AOL Member Services Philippines, Inc.

Clarkfield, Pampanga

Mr. Elmer Manarang (045) 961-2897 / (0927) 230-8854

Scholastic, Inc.

City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Mr. Frank Ong (0918) 7649797

AOL Member Services Philippines, Inc.

Clarkfield, Pampanga

I hereby certify that every piece of information on this document is true and correct according to my knowledge.
Robinson C. Salonga
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