Rock fm’s Car Tracker– Specific Terms And Conditions

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Rock FM’s Car Tracker– Specific Terms And Conditions
These terms and conditions are detailed in addition to the ‘General Terms and Conditions’ which are the overarching general terms and conditions that apply to all the competitions (including this one) promoted by the radio stations controlled by Bauer Radio Limited. We refer to all these competitions as the "Competitions" in the General Terms. This document refers to ‘specific’ terms and conditions of the competition ‘Rock FM’s Car Tracker’.

The Competition

  • The competition runs from 14/04/14 at 0800-1700 Monday-Friday until the car is found. The on-air yes/no rounds will be broadcast at approximately 8.15am, 12.15pm and 4.15pm.

  • Online entrants will be randomly chosen and called at their favoured time to ask their chosen question about the car or its whereabouts on air. We will not ask an entrant their question until they go to air.

  • An entrant will only be taken to air once to ask one question only for the duration of the competition.

  • The presenter/adjudicator can only answer yes or no to the question set by the entrant. The nominated studio adjudicator will indicate yes or no. If the presenter/adjudicator cannot answer a question definitively, we reserve the right to pass.

  • To avoid relaying a car registration number belonging to another person over the air, entrants cannot ask questions or speculate on specific car registration numbers.

  • The first text received to the shortcode number 63103 beginning with the word ROCK and followed by the full registration number of (‘the car’) complete and with no errors between the hours of 0800 and 1700 only Monday to Friday will be named as winner once their identity at the location of (‘the car’) is verified by a representative of Rock FM. Texts will be charged at 25p plus your standard network rate. Text entries received outside of these hours, or detailing any incorrect characters, will be void and will not be counted.

  • Example Text: ROCK RZ14 FXZ

  • ‘The Car’ will be parked somewhere in Lancashire. For the purposes of this competition, ‘Lancashire’ is defined as anywhere inside the bordered area of the postcode map below.

The Prize

  • The prize is a new car (‘the car’). It has been pre-registered only for tax and insurance purposes so it can be lawfully driven/parked on a public highway.

  • (‘The car’) will have some limited mileage on the clock to allow for its transportation.

  • (‘The car’) has no previous private owner.

  • The winner will be required to attend a handover meeting to collect (‘the car’) from Rock FM/Arnold Clark in which they must provide a valid certificate of motor insurance and their driving licence for inspection. This will be followed by vehicle handover/inspection.


  • To be eligible to take part in this competition you will need an SMS compatible mobile phone with a service provider that permits text messages to our premium rate number. SMS entries are deemed to be received on arrival, not when they are sent from your handset. SMS entries must be addressed to 63103 using the shortcode ROCK and must include the correct registration number of the (‘the car’) as required by this competition. Entries which fail to do so will be void and not counted.

  • In the event of a dispute the decision by (Rock FM) is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered in to.

  • Entrants must be over 18 years of age.

  • Entrants must live (verified by home address) in ‘Lancashire’. For the purposes of this competition, ‘Lancashire’ is defined as anywhere inside the bordered area of the postcode map below.

  • There is no cash or other alternative and the prize (‘the car’) is not transferable. Rock FM accepts no responsibility for any costs associated with the prize (‘the car’) that are not specifically included in the prize, including any car insurance premiums, fuel or road fund licence.

  • The winner may be required to take part in publicity for Arnold Clark (including photographs). Details of the winner will feature online at

  • Entrants also acknowledge that publicity materials featuring them may be provided to our third party prize providers for the purposes of promoting their association with the competition and awarding the relevant prize.

  • Employees and contractors of Bauer Radio Limited and Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited are not eligible to enter or win the competition.

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Terms & Conditions are subject to change prior to the first competition round on Monday 14th April 2014.
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