Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, The Complete Story. Graham Robson. $85

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Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, The Complete Story. Graham Robson. $85.
Rolls-Royce, The Derby Phantoms. Lawrence Dalton. $75.
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. $35. SOLD

Corniche, Camargue, Silver Wraith & Bentley T. John Bolster.

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. $35.

Phantom V, VI and Bentley S Series, Continental. Graham Robson.

Rolls-Royce. The Elegance Continues. Lawrence Dalton. $50.
Rolls-Royce. $15.

The Complete Works – The best 599 Rolls-Royce stories.

Rolls- Royce Bentley. $35. SOLD

Illustrated Buyer’s Guide. Paul R.Woudenberg.

Rolls-Royce. $30.

Autocar archives complied by Peter Garnier & Warren Allport.

Rolls- Royce. $30.

75 Years of Motoring Excellence. Edward Eves.

Rolls-Royce. $20. hard/cov. $10. soft/cov.

The Classic. G.N.Georgano.

Rolls-Royce. $15.

George Bishop, foreword by George Fenn.

Rolls-Royce. $20.

Great Marques by Jonathon Wood, Editor John Blunsden.

Packard. $95.

By Dennis Adler. Foreword by Jay Leno.

Packard. $95. SOLD

By George H. Dammann & James A. Wren.

Bugatti. The Man and the Marque. $75.

By Jonathan Wood, foreword by Barrie Price.

Bugatti. ‘Le pur-sang des automobiles’. $80.

By H.G. Conway. 3rd Ed.

The Big Bugattis 46 & 50. $65.

By Barrie Price.

The Last French Bugatti. $85.

By Barrie Price.

Hispano Suiza. $230.

By Ernest Schmid d’Andres. Editions d’Art J.P. Barthelemy. In slip case.

The Legendary Hispano Suiza. $75. SOLD

By Johnnie Green.

Duesenberg. The Mightiest American Motor Car. $45. SOLD

By J.L Elbert.

Auburn & Cord. $30. SOLD

By Lee Beck & Josh B. Malks.

Daimler Century. $75.

The full history of Britain’s oldest car maker.

By Lord Montague & David Burgess-Wise.
Daimler and Lanchester. $50.

An Illustrated History. By Tony Freeman.

Motor Car Museum Schlumpf Collection. Mulhouse France. $100. SOLD

500 Dream Cars. By Jacques Rousseau & Jean-Claude Delerm – Patrick Garnier.

Model T Ford. The Car that Changed the World. $95.

By Bruce W. McCalley.


The story of the Royal Automobile Club.

By Piers Brendon.
The Motoring Century. $30.

The story of the Royal Automobile Club by Piers Brendon.

Pierce Arrow. $40. by Marc Ralston.
Speed and Luxury. $40. by Dennis Adler.
World of Cars. $15. Automobile Quarterleys.
Vintage Cars 1886 to 1930. $30. by G.N. Georgano.
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