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  1. (CS)Less than two months after their founding, they changed to a different league, where they lost their first game to the Renfrew Creamery Kings, which were also owned by their owner, J. Ambrose O’Brien.  They finished last in the league that season, behind two crosstown rivals – the Wanderers and the Shamrocks.  In 1917 they joined four other teams in forming yet another new league, with the Maroons as their new crosstown rival.  3, 6, and 8 are their only single-digit jersey numbers still active; among those with retired numbers are Howie Morenz, Doug Harvey, Bernard “Boom Boom” Geoffrion, and Jean Beliveau.  With a championship drought of 15 years and counting, FTP name this venerable NHL franchise whose stars have included Ken Dryden, Guy Lafleur, and Maurice Richard

ANSWER: Montreal Canadiens [yes, prompt on Montreal] 

  1. Zach Galifianakis, Tim and Eric were commissioned to create a short film for them, which mostly consists of them in bathrobes , bathing suits and terrible wigs. It’s recently begun an annual city branding, with the first two being New Orleans and Los Angeles flavors. It garnered controversy for advertising in Mexico with a map of the US with pre-1836 borders. They’ve been the only official sponsor of the GLAAD Media Awards for the past 16 yearsIn March 2008, it was sold to Pernod Ricard. It can be found in new 100 proof versions, as well as a limited edition for the 30th anniversary of the Gay Pride flag, and special Bling Bling bottles, which are golden. It controls over 40 percent of the US market, and is the third largest brand of alcohol in the world. FTP, name this unconditional, impeccable, implicit, and consummate brand of vodka.

ANSWER: Absolut

  1. The original story contained sections labeled The Bicycle, The Sheep, and The Soup. The role of the protagonist’s father is played by Simon Abkarian, best known for his role as Alex Dimitrios in Casino Royale. Her bread swan making uncle is played by Iggy Pop, while Catherine Deneuve plays her mother, since she’s the actress’ mother as well. The main character loves fries with ketchup, Bruce Lee, Adidas sneakers and nearly dies of bronchitis while living in Vienna. The film was directed by its writer, won the 2007 Jury Prize at Cannes, and was banned in several countries. FTP, name this autobiographical animated film about Marjane Satrapi’s life during the Iranian Revolution.

ANSWER: Persepolis

  1. In 1991, Jean Reno made a very similar film with Marlee Matlin, based on the same source material, the real life story of Fray Tormenta. After a dispute over billing, Danny Elfman and Beck were both credited with its soundtrack. It was released by Nickelodeon Movies between Mad Hot Ballroom and Barnyard. The protagonist’s sidekick is an atheist named Skeleton, and his main antagonist is played by Silver King. Peter Stormare plays Emperor, a gypsy who entreats the protagonist to climb a mountain and swallow the yolk of an eagle egg, which eventually allows him to make a ridiculously long slow-motion leap to defeat Ramses and gain the heart of Sister Encarnacion. FTP, name this film starring Jack Black as a Mexican wrestler.

ANSWER: Nacho Libre

  1. Its origins come from Judy Craymer’s meeting with the creators of the musical Chess, and later commissioning Catherine Johnson as the playwright and Phyllida Lloyd as director, creating a three-woman team that mirrors the one in the play. As of September of last year, it’s the 16th longest-running Broadway musical of all-time, and can be seen in London at the Prince of Wales Theatre, or the Winter Garden in New York. It was nominated for several Tonys in 2002, but won none. Even though he’s theoretically the male romantic lead, Sky has none of his own songs, merely duetting on Lay All Your Love On Me. Super Trouper is the only song performed by Donna and the Dynamos, and in the end, Sophie backs out of the marriage anyway. FTP, there you go again, naming this musical based on the work of ABBA.

ANSWER: Mamma Mia

  1. Champion Standing is the highest award given in its competition on Forcas 3. Barq’s defense and Kilog’s gambit are two of its most commonly used maneuvers, and it is said that it always points toward Sto-Vo-Kor. They’re traditionally made out of Baakonite, although according to the clerics of Boreth, the original was formed from a lock of hair dropped into a volcano. That original, the Sword of Kahless, was lost for years until it was found by the son of Mog. FTP, name these weapons shaped as a double-semicircle with four points and two handholds that somehow don’t kill their Klingon wielders.

ANSWER: Bat'leth

  1. On television, she’s seen as the Principal of Bayville High, and a goth girl named Risty Wilde. In her other appearances, she’s been the ferrywoman of Avalon, a member of the Red Guard, the Deputy Director of DARPA, a spy working against the Nazis, fashion model Ronnie Lake, and NSA Advisor Dr. Valerie Cooper. Most of her characters share her real name, and she was born sometime in the 19th century. She’s not a great mother, since she’s thrown one child off a cliff, given one child up for adoption before murdering him later and adopted a third with her lesbian lover, Irene Adler. FTP, name this murderer of Nathaniel Essex and Moira MacTaggert, alter-ego of Raven Darkholme and sociopathic mother of Anna Marie and Kurt Wagner.

ANSWER: Mystique (accept Raven Darkholme until mentioned)

  1. They’ve never won a Grammy, but they’ve won 7 MTV Video Music Awards. Their most recent singles like Glamorous, Ooh Boy, and Losin’ My Mind didn’t break the top 100, and they have the second-most number of number two hits without ever reaching the top of the charts. Their TV work has included appearing on and performing the theme songs for Roc and Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, while the recorded their biggest hit for the soundtrack of the movie Set it Off. They’ve recently reunited for their 20th anniversary with original vocalist Dawn Robinson, hoping to recapture the success of albums like Born to Sing and Funky Divas. FTP, now it’s time for a breakdown, where you name this R&B quartet that hit the charts with Don’t Let Go and Free your Mind.

ANSWER: En Vogue

  1. (CS)Its women’s cross country team won six straight NCAA championships from 1989-1994, and the men’s track program has 3 indoor NCAA team championships and one outdoor title, and produced such Olympians as Ron Delany and Eamonn Coughlan. Rory Sparrow, George Raveling, and Chris Ford are among the alumni of its men’s basketball program, which has had only five head coaches over the last 73 years.  This school appeared in the final four in 1939 and lost in the finals in 1971, although that was later erased from the records because of a pro contracts signed by tournament MVP Howard Porter.  Other former basketball players include Randy Foye, Dwayne McClain, Ed Pinckney, and Kerry Kittles, while football alums include Brian Finneran, Brian Westbrook, and Howie Long.  FTP name this Big East school, which under coach Rollie Massimino upset Georgetown for the 1985 NCAA men’s basketball championship.

ANSWER: Villanova University 

  1. They’ve recently come under fire for plagiarizing the design of Bristlebots, which are tiny vibrating motors attached to toothbrush heads. This goes against their motto of Create wonderful things, be good, have fun, as does the recent shutdown of their Palo Alto retail store. They’ve recently spun-off the Chicken Socks label for preschool children, while still releasing their LEGO, Etch-A-Sketch, Marvel and Exploratorium branded items. Their website sells tiny latex squares, hemp string, bottlecaps, thumbtips, velour beanbags, as well as their branded Slingchute, Ickypoo and Foxtail. FTP, name this publishing imprint of Scholastic Press, known for its spiral-bound instruction books about paper airplanes, magic, and juggling.

ANSWER: Klutz Press

  1. After Norma Cenva eliminates Omnius from the universe, the robot Erasmus is bonded to create the ultimate and final one of them. The Tleilaxu created their own one of them, but it committed suicide rather than becoming its opposite. The Imperium was controlled for thousands of years by one, locking it into a fixed path of stagnation until it was killed by Nayla the Fish Speaker. Gaius Helen Mohiam had planned for the original to be born to Feyd-Rautha and his wife, but the Jessica crime resulted in the timeline being moved up a generation. It’s been used to refer to Alia, Duncan Idaho, Leto II, and Paul, FTP, name this messianic figure of the Dune series, also known as “The Shortening of the Way”.

ANSWER: Kwisatz Haderach

  1. Their bassist and drummer both come from the Greenhornes, and can also be heard as the Do-Whaters. Their guitarist played with the Well Fed Boys before releasing albums like Lapalco and The Alternative To Love. Their vocalist can be seen in the documentaries Shine a Light and It Might Get Loud. They were the opening act for part of Bob Dylan’s 2006 tour, and are known for their covers of The Undertones’ Teenage Kicks, Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy, and original compositions like Old Enough, Hands, Salute Your Solution, and Steady, As She Goes, which can be found on the albums Broken Boy Soldiers and Consolers of the Lonely. FTP, name this side project of Brendan Benson and Jack White.

ANSWER: The Raconteurs

  1. Every TV in the movie is showing a commercial that was previously shot by the director. Saw partially ripped off it s final scene, where two characters are chained to a wall with a gun between them. The plot revolves around a character named Cofi(Coffee), who is later renamed Blackie. One way to interpret its title is Sweetness and Wretchedness, which certainly describes the lives of a homeless hitman named The Goat, or Valeria, a one-legged supermodel. It saw the breakthrough performance of Gael Garcia Bernal and the debut directorial effort of Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu. FTP, name this movie which translates to Love Is Dogs, an anthology film of people brought together by a car accident.

ANSWER: Amores Perros

  1. They became the first indie band to top the CMJ album chart, and one of the first to be signed to a major label, doing so with Warner Bros. in 1986. Their logo is three parallel lines intersected by a vertical line, representing the creative link that brought the three members together. Their most famous recording is a concept album about a teenage runaway who realizes that the outside world is even worse than his home, in songs like Pink Turns to Blue, Something I Learned Today and Newest Industry. Their lead singer would later go on to form the band Sugar, as well as solo work like Body of Song. They’re sometimes referred to as one of the first emo bands, due to their melodic version of hardcore punk found on New Day Rising and Zen Arcade. FTP, do you remember this Bob Mould-fronted punk band, best known for the song “Could You Be The One?”

ANSWER: Hüsker Dü

  1. It is majorly influenced by the series Arzach, by French artist Moebius, who contributed original artwork to it. The series is known for its mixture of Greek, Latin and Russian to create the language of the Ancients. The second entry starred Jean-Luc Lundi and introduced morphing, while the third starred Edge, and was released in such limited quantities that copies still go for 200 dollars or more. The fourth was a direct followup, featuring the daughter of Edge, and keeping the free-ranging environments, berserk mode, and arrows of light. FTP, name this series of games named Zwei, Saga, and Orta, that are all about shooting the hell out of everyone while riding on the titular flying lizard.

ANSWER: Panzer Dragoon

  1. Most of the cast has appeared as a DC comics character, showing up in Smallville, as the Toyman, Lex Luthor’s assistant, and Steven Hamilton. Several others can be seen in Watchmen as Seymour, Mothman, and Edgar Jacobi. Its theme song was created by Mark Mothersbaugh, while most of the incidental music is written by Bear McCreary. It was originally conceived as an animated series, and recent episodes have seen the introduction of a corporate efficiency expert, the death of Nathan Stark, and the firing of the main character by General Mansfield. Yeah, that can’t be good. FTP, Global Dynamics will have to make do without their reluctant protector, Sheriff Jack Carter on this Sci-Fi show.

ANSWER: Eureka

  1. (CS)Introduced in international competition in April 1998, it was added in NCAA men’s play starting with the 2000 season.*  Its use is optional, and only if listed on the lineup sheet along with the starters before play begins, and the listed player can only be changed in injury situations.  His or her teammates can only complete an attack-hit from a pass if it was made from behind the 3-meter front zone.  The designated player must wear a different color shirt, may not block, and (except in NCAA women’s play) may not serve.  But the usual substitution rules do not apply, which explains the name given to this position.  FTP name this designated defensive specialist, allowed virtually unlimited replacements in the back zone in volleyball.

ANSWER: libero

Note: Wikipedia says 2002, but that was in women’s play. 

  1. A new children’s version will be unveiled later this year, joining spinoffs like Ark of the Covenant, New World, and a two player version designed by Reiner Knizia. Expansions have included The Princess and the Dragon, The Tower, The Cathars, and the most recent Big Box 2. Tactics commonly used in it include avoiding sharing, trapping opponents, and joining in on other players buildings. Its online version is published by Sierra, and was released for Xbox Live in 2007. It’s currently published by Rio Grande Games in the US, and won the 2001 Spiel Des Jahres. FTP, name this board game famous for its meeples, named after a fortified town in Southern France.

ANSWER: Carcassonne

  1. The main characters are the former CIA Director of Counter Intelligence, and a Silver Star-awarded Marine who called an air strike on his own position. Jon Lovitz, Alec Baldwin and Sylvester Stallone have appeared as characters, while Don Knotts, Brooks and Dunn, and Jean-Claude Van Damme have cameoed as themselves. Season 4 saw a character killed by a giant squid, another was blown off a roof due to the airfoil properties of her dress, while the last episode saw the owner die in a plane crash only to reappear at his own funeral. Mary Connell was suspected of her father’s murder, so the character was written out of the fourth season. FTP, name this show that’s had crossovers with Stargate:Atlantis, Medium, Monk, Knight Rider, Heroes, and Crossing Jordan, due to the opulence of the Montecito casino.

ANSWER: Las Vegas

  1. The third movie was Lara Flynn Boyle’s first screen appearance, and was set in Chicago’s John Hancock Tower. The second one stars Chief Bromden from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and was intended to be in 3-D. A completely unrelated spin-off TV series followed a secret cabal known only as the Legacy. A fall down an elevator shaft and an old lady passing in her sleep are the only two fatalities in the series. A contract dispute prevented Steven Spielberg from directing it, but he’s rumored to have done it anyway. An HR Giger creature replaced one of the lead actors, while eldest sister Dana was simply written out. Only two actresses appear in all three movies, but only Zelda Rubinstein survived all three. FTP, name this series featuring various members of the Freeling family and their battles against the supernatural.

ANSWER: Poltergeist

  1. (JW)A song by The Hold Steady is entitled “Charlemagne” in these and Homer Simpson found they wore out too fast after he reached 300 pounds.  They were in the news twice in 2008: first in January, when Jimmy Kimmel paid five hundred dollars at an auction for some once owned by Gary Coleman, and again in November, when they played a role in an injury to a patron of LQ, a New York nightclub.  For ten points, elastic waistbands at the ankles and waist are among the defining features of what very casual clothing item with a loose fit that in part led to Plaxico Buress shooting himself.

ANSWER: Sweatpants 

  1. OMG! KAWAII! It’s anime time! It’s early. You have your lame. Answer the following amazingly famous animated works FTPE

This multi-billion dollar Gainax franchise features a bunch of whiny teenagers fighting beings known as Angels in the titular enormous mech suits.

ANSWER: Neon Genesis Evangelion

This super girly AIC anime features the titular character releasing the space pirate Ryoko, meeting a bunch of hot alien girls, and never having sex with ANY of them.

ANSWER: Tenchi Muyo

This 1987 series is probably the first hentai tentacle cartoon to reach American shores, being edited into a feature called Legend of the Overfiend

ANSWER: Urotsukidoji

  1. All you need for a good chorus is a catchy beat. You don’t even need lyrics sometimes, as proved in these songs. We’ll give you a chorus, you name the artist FTPE. If you need the song, you’ll get 5.

10 - Fa Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better

5 – Psycho Killer

ANSWER: Talking Heads

10 - Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa, never be the same again

5 – Fa Fa

ANSWER: Guster

10 - Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa, your turn now

5 - Fa fa fa fa fa Sad Song

ANSWER: Otis Redding

  1. Jabba’s a Hutt. It’s in his name. These others aren’t that easy. We’ll name a Star Wars character, and you give us their race FFPE


ANSWER: Wookiee



Admiral Ackbar

ANSWER: Mon Calamari

Darth Maul

ANSWER: Zabrak

Jar Jar Binks

ANSWER: Gungans

Nute Gunray

ANSWER: Neimodian

  1. Mmm. Muy Caliente! Name these Latina beauties featured on primetime FTPE

This McFlurry loving nurse is the paramour of Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock, played by Salma Hayek


This woman has recently gained a little weight after having to deal with her blind husband Carlos, but Eva Longoria’s still hot anyway

ANSWER: Gabrielle Solis

This character’s husband was shot in the first season, and after a stint selling Herbalux, she now owns a salon called Beautilities

ANSWER: Hilda Suarez

  1. BANZAI!Answer the following questions about Japanese baseball FTPE.

This traditional rival of the Yomiuri Giants was recently in the news after the recovery of their beloved Colonel Sanders statue ANSWER: Hanshin Tigers

He’s only the third player in Japanese history to make more than 200 saves in his time with the Chiba Lotte Marines, and in 2007 he was traded to the Indians as a relief pitcher. the only pitcher with 20 or more save s for seven straight years in his

ANSWER: Masahide Kobayashi

This third baseman for the Yakult Swallows won 6 Golden Gloves in Japan, and made the final out that brought Tampa to the World Series after being moved to second base in2008

ANSWER: Akinori Iwamura

  1. Duncan MacLeod sucks. Connor was way better, so answer some questions about the original Highlander FTPE.

Connor was helped by Ramirez, a Spaniard Egyptian swordsman played by this Scottish actor

ANSWER: Sean Connery

MacLeod fought this gigantic heavily pierced punk played by Clancy Brown

ANSWER: Kurrgan

Highlander 2 screws up the entire immortal concept by saying that all of the characters are actually aliens from this planet


  1. HALT! Now you will to be answering the questions about TV Nazis FTPE. MACH SCHNELL!

This neonazi is the head of the Aryan gang in the Oz Penitentiary, and is played by J.K. Simmons

ANSWER: Vernon Schillinger

This action hero parody of Arnold Schwartzenegger is constantly bedeviled by Commie-Nazis


This television series featured a Temporal Cold War where aliens help win the Second World War, creating Space Nazis

ANSWER: Enterprise

  1. My Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa….you’re my reason for reason….now that we’ve gotten Rob Thomas stuck in your head, name these other hits from Santana’s Supernatural

This followup number one hit co-written by Wyclef Jean features a Spanish Harlem girl who reminds me of a west side story, and won a Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a duo

ANSWER: Maria Maria

Creating a supernova of guitar talent, Santana collaborated with this deity for The Calling, which won a Grammy for best Rock Instrumental

ANSWER: Eric Clapton

This song won Record of the Year at the Latin Grammys, and features the line como me duele el amor after the title phrase

ANSWER: Corazon Espinado

  1. Answer the following about the proposed NFL rules changes FTPE

The NFL was looking into a ban on the crackback block, after Hines Ward broke the jaw of this Bengals linebacker in October.

ANSWER: Keith Rivers

This proposed rule would result in a change of possession if a replay found that an incomplete pass was indeed a fumble. It’s named after this ref hated by all San Diego fans.

ANSWER: Ed Hochuli

The NFL is also thinking of moving these two college all-star games to Tampa, most recently held in Houston and Mobile

ANSWER: Senior Bowl and East-West Shrine Bowl(prompt on Shrine)

  1. They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard, they’re taking the hobbits to Isengard…let’s go somewhere else. FTPE, name these locations from the Lord of the Rings trilogy FTPE

It’s the first town that the Hobbits visit, and it contains the Prancing Pony Tavern.


It’s where most of the third movie takes place, and it’s the seat of the Kings of Gondor, also known as the White City

ANSWER: Minas tirith

Tolkien really didn’t know which two towers were the titular ones, so we’ll ask for the names of Peter Jackson’s Two Towers, one in Mordor, the other in Isengard.

ANSWER: Bara-dur and Orthanc

  1. Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Strong Punch. I’ll describe a special move from a video game, you name it FTPE

I already described the move at the beginning of the question, so name this fireball found in nearly all Street Fighter games.

ANSWER: Hadoken

This move translated as turtle striking wave can be performed by several of the characters in Final Bout, Burst Limit, and Budokai Tenkaichi.

ANSWER: Kamehameha

This spinning piledriver s seen in both Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, being performed by Ryu Hayabusa

ANSWER: Izuna Drop

  1. We’ll give you a couple tracks off an album, you name the album for ten. If you need the artist, you’ll get 5.

10 - Walking on the Moon, On Any Other Day, Message In a Bottle

5 - The Police

ANSWER: Reggatta de Blanc

10 - Alec Eiffel, Head On, Planet of Sound

5 - The Pixies

ANSWER: Trompe le Monde

10 - I Choose, Gone Away, All I Want

5- The Offspring

ANSWER: Ixnay on the Hombre

  1. California. Caaaaliiifooooorrrrniaaa. No, not the O.C., The Wizard! The worst and best piece of Nintendo advertising ever. Don’t worry, we won’t ask about the movie, but the people who got way more famous after being in it FTPE

This actor’s first role was an uncredited role as one of Lucas’ goons, but he’d go on to greater roles in Wonder Boys and The Ice Storm.

ANSWER: Tobey Maguire

Director Todd Holland would move on to television, co-creating this short lived Caroline Dhavernas series on Fox

ANSWER: Wonderfalls

We all know Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley, but she’s equally famous for releasing Rabbit Fur Coat with this folk duo

ANSWER: The Watson Twins

  1. Answer the following about Krautrock FTPE. No, none of the answers are Rammstein.

Kraftwerk released this album in 1977, featuring the songs Franz Schubert, Metal on Metal, and the title track about a method of transportation.

ANSWER: Trans-Europe Express

This is the third part of a story started by David Bowie and Elton John, sung by Peter Schilling about a titular astronaut.

ANSWER: Major Tom

This techno song is slightly less annoying than Rock and Roll part 2 at sporting events, but people always get its name confused with the band who wrote it, Zombie Nation

ANSWER: Kernkraft 400

  1. Guys and Dolls. It’s probably the least gay musical out there. Answer some questions about it FTPE

In the 1992 Broadway revival of it starred these two actors as Nathan Detroit and Harry the Horse, and might have been the reason both were cast as a duo in Disney’s The Lion King.

ANSWER: Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella

Taking the role of Sky Masterson in the 2009 version is this actor who turned down the role of Chandler Bing, seen as Tom Ryan in Scary Movie 4 ad Max Baer in Cinderella Man.

ANSWER: Craig Bierko

The entire play centers around Miss Sarah Brown’s attempt to bring more sinners to this location

ANSWER: Save-a-Soul Mission

  1. I can’t understand what you’re saying! Name the following fictional languages FTPE

The Old yahoodies tolchocking each other is a good example of this Anthony Burgess language

ANSWER: Nadsat

This long dead language is used primarily by scholars and in place names in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.

ANSWER: The Old Tongue

Neal Stephenson created this Runic alphabet language for Cryptonomicon and the Baroque Cycle, which has no vowels and 16 consonants

ANSWER: Qwghlmian (Pronounced Taggumian)

  1. Cricket. Yes, seriously. This is a cricket question. FTPE.

This is the winner of the most recent Cricket World Cup, taking place in 2007

ANSWER: Australia

This is the name of the Test series trophy traditionally fought over by Australia and England

ANSWER: The Ashes

In Slumdog Millionaire, during a question about the player with the most first-class centuries, Jamal is told to pick this Australian captain as his answer.

ANSWER: Ricky Ponting

  1. Board games are fun, but only if you’ve got a lot of time and a lot of friends. Name these related games FTPE

Last year a 50th anniversary edition was released to celebrate the 50th year of its current imprtint, Avalon Hill. This edition includes Victory Cities, artillery units, and the fragmentation of the Eastern Front

ANSWER: Axis & Allies

This trivia game with numerical answers was released on Xbox Live, and revolves around betting on the answer that you believe is closest to the right answer

ANSWER: Wits & Wagers

This Balderdash clone involves writing down convincing beginnings and endings to obscure proverbs, and voting on the one that is authentic

ANSWER: Wise and Otherwise

  1. QUIEN ES MAS MACHO? Name these famous Mexican wrestlers FTPE

This red masked wrestler with boxing gloves answers e-mails every week on

ANSWER: Strong Bad

This Cartoon Network show revolves around a group of three child wrestlers named Rikochet, The Flea, and Buena Girl

ANSWER: Mucha Lucha

This real life luchador starred in over 50 movies, had a five decade long career, and was buried in his mask at one of the largest ceremonies in Mexico

ANSWER: El Santo

  1. Name the following HBO Original series FTPE

Starring Nick Stahl, it’s an apocalyptic battle of good and evil that never got to explain its mythos, being cancelled after two seasons

ANSWER: Carnivale

This animated series was created by Steve Dildarian, based on his short Angry Unpaid Hooker.

ANSWER: The Life and Times of Tim

This was the last animated original series to run on HBO, doing so from 1997 to 1999


  1. Remakes of foreign language films are usually much worse than the original. We’ll give you an American remake, you name the original FTPE

Vanilla Sky

ANSWER: Abre Los Ojos

12 Monkeys

ANSWER: La Jetee

The Departed

ANSWER: Infernal Affairs

  1. TRAVELS WITH KEARNEY! Answer the following about San Francisco, FTPE

Michael spent a lot of his youth in this San Francisco park and fort, which is the future location of Starfleet Academy and the title of a 1988 Sean Connery movie

ANSWER: The Presidio

Also found in the Presidio is the Letterman Digital Arts Center, home of this software company.

ANSWER: LucasArts

Founded by the younger brother of Robert Oppenheimer, the Presidio also features this building, one of the largest Children’s museums in the country.

ANSWER: Exploratorium

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