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Tahliah Street, Azizyah Dist,

Jmix Tower, 3rd Floor

Post Box 16495, Jeddah 21464

Jeddah – Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966 12 663 6167/ 668 7065

Fax: +966 12 663 6867




Salim Ahmed Bugshan & Partners Trading Co. Ltd. (MEDIQUIP) is one of the leading Medical Educational suppliers based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We specialized in providing the Healthcare Organizations through partnership and strategic alliances.

M.H.S. is dedicated to providing customers with the best quality products and services. Our customers can always count of MHS expertise and professional staff for completed solution and satisfaction for their requirements we have wide range of medical educational products such as:

  • Healthcare/ Educational Teaching, Medical and Research Equipments and Instruments for the Universities, hospitals, health institutes and clinical facilities in Rehabilitations, Respiratory Therapy and Urology etc.

The companies we indulge in that represent a number of leading names in the healthcare industries are:



  1. AD Instruments Teaching, Research and Pharma:

Australia make Science easier

  1. Simbionix Advanced medical simulators

USA a Complete Educational Solutions

  1. NascoFort Atkinson Educational, Healthcare and

U.S.A. Teaching Models etc.

  1. KyotoKagaku Hands-on for Health Care Professionals

Japan. Simulators, Training Models and Phantoms

  1. Koken Life Simulation Models/ Nursing Health

Japan Education Models

  1. 3B Scientific GmbH Anatomical Models and Healthcare

Germany Educations

  1. Somso Anatomical

Germany Teaching Models

Furthermore, we are also dealing with the following:

  1. Body Interact Body Interact is an interactive Digital

By Take the Wind, Lda Simulator for Problem solving and Clinical

Reasoning using Virtual Patients – Competency-based curricula inter-professional and team-based education Game-based learning.

  1. Image Navigation Dental Simulation with Augmented Reality

Feedback By Image Navigation

  1. Cyber Anatomy Learning Human Anatomy at all levels,

USA Dissect the anatomy in 3D as if you are using

a cadaver

  1. PHACON GmbH 3D life Modeling and simulation

Germany (The concept: Real trained – virtual assisted)

  1. Ossim Technologies Inc Experts in Open Surgery Orthopedic

Training Simulators

  1. The ChamberlainGroup Anatomically accurate Medical Models

USA Teaching solutions

  1. Simulated Surgical Systems Ross Robotic Surgery Simulator


  1. Limbs & Things Educational, Healthcare and

United Kingdom Teaching Solutions

  1. Adam Rouilly Educational, Health and

United Kingdom Teaching Models

  1. Kugel Medical Mortuary Refrigerators, Equipments

Germany and instruments.

  1. Tellyes Scientific Educational, Healthcare and

China Teaching Solutions

  1. Haptica The world-leading ProMIS

Ireland Surgical Simulators

  1. RSD Radiology Support Radiation Therapy, Radiology,

Devices Inc - USA Nuclear Medicine, Health Physics etc.

  1. Microlit Pipettes Single/ Multiple channels

India Fixed and Variable Volumes
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Download 148.65 Kb.

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