Sambro Ketch Harbour Elementary School School Advisory Council Meeting Monday, October 30, 2017

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Sambro Ketch Harbour Elementary School

School Advisory Council Meeting

Monday, October 30, 2017

Attendance: Catherine Bouliane, Pat Dempsey, Nancy Ewing, Tara Sampson, Ralf Pickart, Lori O’Brien, Lisa Bennett, Rebecca Hart, and Pete Rose

Regrets: Melissa Cummings
Observers: Esther Boutilier, Jennifer Moore, Linda MacKay

  • Grade 6’s finished their assessments. They were well prepared and worked very hard.

  • We have received an additional .5 EPA position

  • We have interviewed for Mrs. Hart’s position in the 4/5 and have hired Tiana Murphy

  • Teachers have started working on the Professional Learning Communities and meet every second week for an hour. They are discussing students and looking at helping students achieve our goals in Literacy and Math.

  • New information on the Commission on Inclusive Education see powerpoint sent to you

  • Staff went to various conferences on the 27th for Professional Development.


  • Painting is complete

  • Paving: Brendan Maguire is going to pave the parking lot section out of his budget and Blunden Construction will pave what they have torn up putting the new septic system in.

  • Steps outside of the excel door. They were not done properly and will be torn down and done the way they are supposed to be done.

  • Foundation: Cracks were filled, window sills repaired properly. Excellent job done by company

  • Fire Audit: We are on audit this year for fire

  • One fire drill left for the fall

  • Bus evacuation went well, no issues

  • Emergency Plan updated

  • New information on school closures and delayed starts: See memo attached

  • LCD wiring in the library being redone to bring up to code.


  • We’d like ti install an LCD in the music room. Asking the PTA for funding

  • Relocation drill and Turkey lunch were very successful

  • Grade 5 and 6’s went to Westmount for a Rock Warriors morning with two other schools. They had a lot of fun.

  • Whole School went to the Atlantic Film Festival

  • Halloween day should be fun with a day of activity centers, fun snacks and food from our special lunch ladies.

  • Received a grant for Yoga and Mindfulness. Hoping to start soon

  • STEM club at lunch with our new Librarian Jennifer. Kids are really having fun.

  • Holiday Concert December 13th dress rehearsal in the am and 6:30 for evening performance

Future Dates

November 4 Coffee House

November 8 Remembrance Day Assembly

November 14 Last day to order wreaths

November 17 Picture Retakes

November 22 Assessment and Evaluation Day No school

November 27 PTA 5:30/SAC 6:30

December 5 Report Cards go home

December 7 AM PD Day/ PM Parent Teacher Interviews

December 13 Holiday Concert

December 21 Last day of classes before Christmas Break

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