Sangrailian's life is in danger is going to kill her

Saturn is in many ways the testing angel, the angel of Job

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Saturn is in many ways the testing angel, the angel of Job and the guardian of Eden in biblical literature. He is Ammit, the eater of unworthy hearts, and Ereshkigal, theSumerian goddess of the underworld to whom we all must, eventually, submit to to move beyond what we already are.

Fortunately for us, Saturn is not the only influence in the world – he is balanced by his brother/son, Jupiter, the Greater Benefic. (ZEUS or ENKI)


FRIAday- 09 16 2011 - 2 ( VENUS day) Thank Freja its Friday, Thank Venus its Vendredi!

satanic (luciferian) world order - starting in the cradle of civilisation, Iraq

THORsday 09 15 2011= 19 = 10 ATEN MARduk RA = George Kavassilas ( HORUS DOWN UNDER- RA SET) (half brother of Dumuzi or THOTH).

AtenAkhenaten himself as "the enemy"which is sometimes described as monotheistic solar deity a status above mere gods

George Kavassilas Exposed - The Vesica Piscis Deception

PROBLEM Marduk = Murugan = Karthikeya = Nimrod = Mars = Tyr= Amalek's (Fake Jews) False Messiah , Sanat Kumara Sanat Kumara Lucifer ;

The nibiruan gods ( Nibiru = Nebadon = Vulcan = Vaikuntha = Planet X = Wormwood from Sirius B ) have always been here. All the religions have the same source !

bible -> by-bal -> by Ba'al( Enki))
( quran -> Qur-an / Anu )

Goddess Sekhmet's incarnations include both Artemis and Durga / vaishno Devi while Alcyone's incarnations include both Satyanarayana and Apollo and they are Twin Flames!

Sometimes it is not the same diety but a different 4th D Astral Emanation of a diety's 5th Dimension Higher Self.

The entity worshipped as Lakshmi in Ancient India is said to be the same as Innana, Astarte, Aphrodite and Venus, but insights from Tantriks will reveal that 64 emanations of the Divine Feminine exist across dimensionsKaali is the dark polarity, Parvati is the light Polarity for instance. For Kaali herself 9 existances are known, including "Smashan Tara".
Siva has many emanataions including Rudra, Hanuman, Mahakal etc. Such insights are found in this book: Kundalini-Aghora 2 by Robert Svoboda.
Also, many Alien Systems have contributed to the myths. Narasimha is a Lion Being, Enki is a Nibiruan-Reptilian, Krishna is Pleadian, Isis-Osiris are Sirian-Atlantean

Many of the compared characters/ incidents might have happened at one place and then implanted into another culture for their benefit.

SOLUTION- Jesus = Sananda Kumara = Jeshua Emmanuel = Baldr = Aniruddha = Asclepius= Dumuzi = Damu = Bragi
Inanna = Selene = Mohini = Iðunn = Mahalasa ; Isis = Mary = Mariamma = Koumari = Venus = Freyja = Aphrodite = Semiramis = Hathor = Mayavati = Kanyakumari = Tripura Sundari = Rati= Sarah = Gerðr = 16 Year Old Goddess = Mary Magdalene = Ishtar = Lakshmi = Fortuna


Our Goal: Re-Uniting the World’s Spiritual Traditions ; The Ancient Academy of Noble Gnostic Knights by Grand Prior Mark Amaru Pinkham ;

Merduk and Inanna - If Marduk was the son of Enki, was Inanna, perhaps the daughter of Enlil? Well, almost. Inanna is the daughter of Nanna (Akkadian/Semitic name was Sin) and Nanna is the firstborn of Enlil by his official consort Ninlil. (p.111-112, Twelfth Planet) This makes Inanna the granddaughter of Enlil. Inanna had a twin brother who was called Utu. :


-"Thoth served to enlighten humans in that age that they were not the spawn of the Nephilim, the fallen angels of Lucifer.

He revealed to them that although the Fallen Lords had greatly tampered with their mortal bodies through eons of genetic manipulation,

human kind were still ’angels unaware.’"

-Thoth, the Illumined Enochian Master, Quezlcoatel, Hermes, Enki’s Son, Raismes of Aphra, The Atlantean, Tut!? (=Jesus?!), Built the Pyramid, Started the Calendar, Templar Star-Mapping Time Fabric Repair / Oritronic vs Metatronic Grid Literature

- simplistic notion that the Draco and Dragon roots are all man eating and blood thirsty (Firefights under Dulce?) is simply not true

- fallen or Nephite portion of that (what I consider parallel to the Anunnaki) culture, Thoth (also named Quetzlcoatel- THE subject of "Tutankhamon Prophecies"), was the son of Enki, brother to Marduk / Ra - thus clearly the pride of the human DNA defenders part of the Anunnaki fleet. Job 38:31 "Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?"
-Thoth taught the Moon cycles based calendar ( Mayan Calendar) partly because it needed to compete with his arch-enemy brother Ra/Marduk’s Solar based Calendar’s.

- Thoth was taught by his Dad Enki, how to raise people from the dead. His brother Marduk / Ra was not. (Another possible hint to his identity with the Jesus myth). The resulting squabble lead to Ra’s booting Thoth out of Egypt precipitating his MesoAmerican life as Quetzlcoatel etc.

-Enki’s Dad AN, was of Orion blood.. An’s son’s (Enki/Adonai versus Enlil/Yalweh) squabble over WHETHER OR NOT TO EN-SOUL / EMPOWER our genepool, their experiment, became the root of almost every war in the history of our planet, including and especially: the Enlil nuclear blast desertifying Sinai, Enlil’s treachery to destroy Enki’shaven which was Atlantis / Thule, and especially the Cain / Abel battle of brothers which is today labeled the Arab /Israeli war.
(See Gardner scholarship "Genesis of the Grail Kings", on Enki’s babysitting of Cain/Cayin/King... to begin the grail bloodline.)

-Thoth descending from the Enki side of the war of the brothers (aka "East of Eden") to inherit the Adonai/Enki penchant for trying to slip some psychokinetic Muscle into us as a DNA experiment.

EA’s more ingenious kids (Thoth) slips a mickey into the (N/H)-Ibiru genetic tea. The Andromedan’s called this Paa Taal or "11th Dimensional" DNA. This becomes the word Ptah, in Egypt who some (Helios for example) believe is identical with the person Aleph Hyperion. "Orion Wars" may have been brewing in Thoth’s bloodline for sometime. It took a fair amount of trickery to get such radically self replicating DNA droids installed on the mining planet, without arousing too much suspicion on the home star.

-original story of Enoch. He was the pride of the DNA’s droids of Enki’s fleet. He was the one submitted back to the Orion council when they demanded a specimen of the result of the genetic experiments on Earth, after they learned that the Anunnaki had crossed in their OWN DNA! ("Keys of Enoch" - means "Light from Orion").

This was all part of the Enki-Thoth subterfuge against Enlil and later Marduk. (And why Enki & Thoth had to start Atlantis/Thule to hide Cayin’s kids).

our genepool - gets to be the bullet in the Draconian furnace. ( Individuation vs. ’new world order’ revolution ) Thoth gets something of a reputation for defending the naive DNA droids here (us)against the parasitism of his more vampiric (Draconian) cousins. (Pics of reptiles eating humans in monument valley at

("Tutankhamon Prophecies") insisting that Tut WAS Quezelcoatel (Thoth?). Then (and I am not so sure of this but find it important to point out) there are more than one whole book of scholarship insisting Tut WAS Jesus ("House of the Messiah")

Thoth= Toth-Mus-Zurud "I came within a vesica of Light, a merkabah of golden and blue-white fire, from Rigel, through the ’Asefetas’ (the Belt of Orion), and descended unto ’Rastaru’ (Rastau), the etheric manifold of the plain of Giza. With me, I brought the Enochian Table..." from: The Historical and Mythical Thoth

Thoth the Atlantean = Raismes of Aphra= Great Temple Tat-tet, the TehutiShansi, ’The Beloved’one who gives breath to’, or the ’Grand Communicator’.Toth-Mus-Zurud was known in Atlantis as the ’Sword of Orion’. His origin is Ultra-Terrestrial, from the ’Eighth Sphere of Heaven.’ He tells me that this denotes the dime
THE HIEROPHANTThoth Hermes Trismesgistus-"Thrice Great " God of the Egyptians, Greek"Hermes." As a God-Being, he was venerated in Egypt from at least 3000 BCE. He was given credit for inventing hieroglyphic writing. He was known as the "Scribe of the Gods," and as such, was the recorder of all human deeds. It has also bnsion of his realm, which is the eighth. In that dimension he contains the genetics of the Light Races of Orion with the sun of his creation being Rigel.
een said through the ages, that the Great Thoth brought to mankind the sciences of law, astrology, anatomy, medicine, chemistry, art, magic, alchemy and architecture. The ancient Egyptians often depicted Thoth as Ibis-headed, although he was also portrayed at times with the head of a baboonThoth was the architect of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The most famous books attributed to him are "The Emerald Tablets" and "The Pymander."

Thoth, the Illumined Enochian Master-.Thoth served to enlighten humans in that age that they were not the spawn of the Nephilim, the fallen angels of Lucifer. He revealed to them that although the Fallen Lords had greatly tampered with their mortal bodies through eons of genetic manipulation, human kind were still ’angels unaware.’"

Secrets of Thoth and The Keys of Enoch- "The lost Enochian knowledge reveals the mother tongue as a "language of Light". Known to the ancients as HIBURU, it is the primal seed language, introduced at the beginning of this time cycleHiburu is a harmonic language, mimicking the waveform properties of light.

The "keys" Enoch speaks of, turn out to be sound keys, keys to be vibratory matrix of reality itself, the mythic "Power of the World". The Enochian knowledge describes sonic equations, encoded within the ancient mantras and god namescapable of directly affect the nervous system and producing profound effect of healing and higher consciousness states. As the ancient texts declare, "If you would speak with the gods you must first learn the language of the gods."

Plumed Serpent - Feathered Serpent - The Creator God-The Feathered Serpent - The Founder of Agriculture - Precious Feather Snake- The Road Sweeper He is credited in Mexico with the creation of humans and their instruction in the use of metals and the cultivation of the land. His pyramid is the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico. It's measurements are in the same proportion as the Great Pyramid in Egypt. He was fathered by EN.KI, the "Lord of the Earth," an extraterrestrial master-geneticist and one of the Creator Gods of the homo sapien species.

-In the Sumerian language, Quetzalcoatl was known as the benevolent god NIN.GISH.ZID.DA, the "Lord of the Tree of Life," and the master architect and builder of the Sumerian stepped-pyramid,

-On a lonely mission far from their home planet of Nibura, the gods under Enlil began to take the daughters of the humans as wives and began to have hybrid children.Enlil saw this as an abomination of his race and wanted the human race destroyed. Enlil tried on many occasions, by floods and plagues, but Enki had thwarted Enlil at every attempt.

Leading to further divisions between the god's, Enki's first born son Marduk-Ra, believed that he was destined to rule the Earth from the Enlilian city of Babylon, the "Gateway of the Gods," rather than Enlil's first born son Ninurta. Marduk-Ra began in 3113 BCE, by exiling his own half-brother Thoth/Quetzalcoatl from Egyptand began the first Egyptian pharaonic dynasty and army. The following millennia would be a time of war between the competing extraterrestrial gods and their armies in the Middle East. It was a war between the Enlilian gods and Marduk-Ra, who, by his warmongering and power-hungry actions, had also alienated himself from four of his five brothers, which included Thoth / Quetzalcoatl.

While wars raged in the Middle East, Thoth\Quetzalcoatl left his Egyptian domain and could be found helping mankind evolve by teaching the earth-based sciences, pyramid building, astronomy, calendar sciences, the arts, and herbal remedies and healing, to different tribes around the world. He could first be found at Stonehenge, then in the Andes, India, Teotihuacan, Palenque, Tikal, Cahokia, and at Chaco Canyon. Wherever the winged serpent god went, great civilizations sprung forth. True teachings were taught - humankind evolved.

By circa 2200 BCE, Marduk-Ra had conquered and ruled the Enlilian empire from Babylon. But in 1595 BCE, the Enlilian influenced Turkish Hittites regained Babylon. Marduk-Ra escaped back into space, but now, the Enlilian gods were able to begin their plan for the ultimate destruction and crippling of the human species. The Earth and her resources were theirs to use and abuse as they saw fit and a united human race would be a threat to their overlordship. However, they needed to change their previous apocalyptic plans.

The human species had populated over the entire Earth. It was now too difficult to wipe out humanity with a military mission or a natural disaster. Enlil decided to direct humanities own destruction by creating a religious division among all people. There would never be a unified Earth. In the name of god, neighbor would fight neighbors, nations would rise against other nations. Immediately, Enlil himself came to the biblical Abraham, demanded to be worshipped as the one and only true god and declared the serpent gods as evil incarnate.

The earlier Sumerian and Babylonian Creation and Great Flood stories, embracing the serpent god as mankind's patron defender, were nowplagiarized into the Enlilian spin-doctored biblical accounts of the good El-god and the rebellious evil serpent. Over the millennia, theEnlilian war god religions of the Jewish/ Christian/Islamic tribes would hunt down and destroy all believers and the true spiritual teachings of Enki and his benevolent son Quetzalcoatl.

By our continued blindness, ignorance, and participation in the Enlilian war god religionswe are fulfilling Enlil's systematic destruction of the human species by onrushing toward Enlil's ultimate deception - Armageddon.

When Quetzalcoatl was driven out of the land of Mexico by the Enlilian war god Huitzilopochtli, who later demanded war and human sacrifice, Quetzalcoatl promised to return. If Quetzalcoatl returned on the day of 1 Reed, of the Year 1 Reed, it would signal the fact that mankind had evolved and a new era of peace upon earth was at hand. If the false Quetzalcoatl returned, it would signal that the war gods had prevailed and a period of nine 52 year "hell cycles" would begin.

The false Quetzalcoatl of the Babylonian Vatican stepped upon Mexican soil on 1 Reed of the year 1 Reed in the form of Hernando Cortes. It was predestined that Quetzalcoatl couldn't return until the time of the sixth sun - This was the Tiger Sun, the Sun of Quetzalcoatl, the total eclipse of July 11th, 1991. He would be there to usher in the last katun (approximately 20 years) of the Great 26,000 year Mayan cycle, which ends at the time of the winter solstice, December 21, 2012 on the Gregorian calendar. This last katun would be a time of great change, both in human consciousness and in physical Earth Changes. It is a time when our Earth Mother returns to her garden state and humanity becomes a member of the Galactic community.

Anunnaki Blood


MARdi 09 13 2011= 8 (infinity of CORRUPTION by WHITE BROTHERHOOD)

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TOPP to replace JACK LAYTON as NDP leader.

That is what JACK WANTED ?????TOPP says. TOPP helped write JACK's Death Manifesto.

PRETTY DARK DEED behind closed doors. JACK is not IMPRESSED.



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KIENAN's DADDY IS LYING THRU HIS TEETH. DID RCMP pay for your acting lessons too? RCMP LOOKING PRETTY SUSPICIOUS in this CHILD ABDUCTION CASE. I think you guys are trying to FRAME this POOR SOULEnjoy your PAYCHEQUES before the POLE SHIFT! Home unlocked when boy mysteriously returned: Dad- The father of Kienan Hebert says he intentionally left the family home unlocked on the night that his son was safely returned after a harrowing, four-day ordeal.Kienan Hebert disappeared after being put to bed on Tuesday night, and wasn't seen or heard from until Sunday, when he was secretly returned to his home in Sparwood, B.C., by a suspect at about 3 a.m. local time.The boy's safe return has been called a miracle by his family and police, but it has also raised questions about how the suspected abductor was able to get inside the house undetected.While the boy's father, Paul Hebert, said that he had left his home unlocked on purpose that night after issuing a public plea for the boy's return, he declined to say if the decision to leave the home open was based on advice from police."We asked (the suspect) to bring him back to a safe place, and he brought him back to our house," Hebert told The Canadian Press.Several hours before, at around 3 a.m., police received a 911 dispatch call suggesting the boy would be at his family home, which was empty at the time.RCMP LOOKING PRETTY SUSPICIOUS in this CHILD ABDUCTION CASE. I think you guys are trying to FRAME this POOR SOULEnjoy your PAYCHEQUES before the POLE SHIFT! .

The suspected abductor is 46-year-old Randall Hopley. Earlier, Hopley's mother issued a tearful plea for her son to come home following the incident, which triggered an Amber Alert and was the focus of intense,nationwide media attention.And on Monday, Moskaluk declined to offer details on how someone managed to get into the Hebert home on two occasions: first, to abduct the child and second, to return him safe and sound."With respect to the home, again the RCMP's number one priority was the safe return of Kienan and steps were taken to facilitate that. We cannot discuss any of the details at this time as to how things unfolded here," he said.Moskaluk said police are being cautious about divulging any investigative details about why Hopley is considered a suspect. "At this point in time, if Randall Peter Hopley was seen by a police officer he would be placed under arrest, we would have the grounds to arrest him," Moskaluk would only say.He also cautioned news outlets against broadcasting sensitive details, such as the location of policecheckpoints, which could help the suspect evade capture.The boy's father said that his boy, one of eight children in the family, is doing well.Meanwhile, police stepped up the hunt for Hopley, who the RCMP say is the sole suspect in the kidnapping. The toddler was returned to his home unharmed early Sunday morning after vanishing from his bed four days earlier. But Hopley remains at large and police are searching the area in and around Sparwood on foot, on ATVs and by air. MURDERING MASONIC LYING LIZARD QUEENS COPS. I DON'T BELIEVE ANY OF YOU -BRIBED BASTARDS! Canadian TAX payer ROBBERS. MURDERERS. NAZI's

List of controversies involving the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

RCMP Watch Who is keeping them accountable? / RCMP COVERUP OF OFFICERS WHO COMMIT CRIMES

Canadian Corruption Sexual Abuse & Political & Legal ConspiracyRCMP Incompetence & Cover up. Priors Of Grand Bank NFLD Canada - from

Hindu Scriptures and Goddess Kali

As one of the most widely recognized Hindu goddesses Kali or Kali Ma (mother Kali) is said to destroy ignorance and liberate those seeking devotion to God. Kali's name is a form of the Sanskrit word "kala," which means "time" and also means "the black one." She appears in many Vedic texts and is sometimes described as an expansion of the goddess Durga.

Shakta Hindus and Tantric believers worship Kali as Brahman (the ultimate reality.) Most Hindus pray to Kali as a benevolent mother goddess and the consort of Lord Shiva. Kali is associated with many other Hindu goddesses like Durga, Parvati and Chamunda, and is the foremost among the Dasa Mahavidyas (ten Tantric goddesses.). Hinduism around 600 CE, and "In the Agni- and Garuda-puranas, she is mentioned in invocations that aim at success in war and against one's enemies."

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