Some Secrets of Tehuti, Past & Present

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Some Secrets of Tehuti, Past & Present
Question: What is the connection between Tehuti - also known as Thoth – and ancient wisdom?
‘I am Thoth, Lord of Wisdom. I am self-created. I am the teacher of Isis, herself an embodiment of the ancient Wisdom. Do you seek me for I am ever present? I am the God of Wisdom. All scribes of all the ages are my servants. I am called Lord of the Divine Words. I bring the thirst for cosmic truth. I am the originator of all the arts and sciences; mathematics, writing, astronomy, geometry and medicine. I am the Lord of Books. I breathe into my priesthood that they may hear my words. My priesthood receives 'the words of Thoth’.’
You may take his inventions literally. I have seen carved into one of the temple walls in Egypt medical instruments that would not look out of place today in an operating theatre, including a stethoscope that was supposedly invented in the 17th century - AD that is, not BC. So in many fields, the Egyptians were very advanced. How was this possible? How is it also that thousands of ancient and clearly carved stones excavated in Peru show what looks like heart surgery, blood transfusions, telescopes and a man killing a dinosaur? What’s going on?1

I’ll need to go back to Lemurian times to put all of what I am going to say in perspective. The name Lemuria originated in the 19th century from a guess about where lemurs came from. Lemuria itself - roughly extending from the Hawaiian Islands down to Easter Island - came out of a submerged Gondwanaland. At one time about a billion people lived there, including our good friends Adam and Eve. Most souls had soft, feminine-like energies, were tribal in nature, enjoyed music and rhythm, and lived along the coasts. Nice, eh? The Lemurian race was much taller and bigger than our current race. Madame Blavatsky, living in the wake of Ignatius Donnelly and his book “Atlantis, the Antediluvian World”, believed this was the home of the Third Root race, who had a physical ‘third eye’ and were telepathic, including the ability to communicate with plants.

Many very interesting things happened in Lemuria. One was that two people found out how to become immortal - Ay and Tiya. They set up the Naakal Mystery School and many eventually became initiated. It must have been tough in those days because the next person to achieve immortality – who was Osiris incidentally – took over 20,000 years. Yes, Osiris was a Lemurian before being an Egyptian. He went on to teach the Egyptians agriculture and irrigation.
For various reasons - far too many to go into here - Lemuria sank, and those who knew it was going to happen – the initiates of the Naakal Mystery School, including Ay and Tiya – went to Lake Titicaca, central America, the Sahara – then not a desert but green and lush – and India and Atlantis. Madame Blavatsky says Atlantis was not one island but a whole continent, in what is now the Atlantic – Atlantis - ocean.
There's also another place that the Lemurians went to about 60,000 years ago, and that is - New Zealand. These people, the Waitaha, were the first people to come out of what was Gondwanaland, and this knowledge has remained hidden until now. Some descendants retain the ancient DNA and the secrets to healing the Earth, enabling mankind to continue to higher levels of consciousness. Here some still know about holding Earth healing ceremonies every 13,000 years as a throwback to Lemuria when they knew about the procession of the equinoxes and retain a consciousness of the universe that parallels all the ancient cultures. One of these ceremonies was held here about 10 years ago. How do you feel about that? According to some people there are remains of 36 temples of healing and wisdom around Wellington Harbour going back to Lemurian times.
For those of you wondering where Thoth figures in all this and wasn’t he to do with the Egyptian period, and when am I going to get there?, just hang on to your seat for a while! Everything is interwoven so much that you probably wouldn’t be sitting here now if it wasn’t for Thoth.

Atlantis is where Arlich Vomalites comes from, and what made him different from the others is that he too found out how to become immortal about 52k BC. He has remained in the same physical body since then – until the 20th century, that is. What outdated belief system have you bought into that believes we only live for three score years and ten? He became a Priest-King and ruled Atlantis until 36K BC – that’s 16,000 years! - raising to a high degree of civilisation the rather uncultured race that lived there. That must have been some task. You know how hard it is these days to educate people into doing things differently that would benefit them, particularly when they have been doing things the same old ways for many years. But then Arlich did have thousands of years. He came up with a plan.

What he did with the help of other enlightened beings was to project onto the surface of the main island a huge Kabbalistic tree of life. This covered thousands of miles and the resulting energies attracted more Lemurians to the island. They settled into 8 of the 10 cities formed by the tree of life, leaving 2 empty, which were then occupied by … a race of Hebrews from the future, and from off the planet, with legal permission from Galactic Command to step into our evolutionary path. Alice Bailey says in her book The Rays and the Initiations that the Jewish race was the most advanced root race from the previous solar system. I’ll leave it up to you to think why the Hebrews wanted to travel back in time.
Plato describes the walls around the main city being red, white and black, and this relates to the root races who lived there – the red race being the Atlanteans, white from the Middle East and black from the Sudan area of Africa, according to Edgar Cayce.
A civilization began to develop that is very much like the one that exists today, with all manner of technological achievements. They knew astrology, chemistry and physics and were skilled in making airships that used natural energies and could carry several people at once around the island. This was very similar to the almost parallel civilisation of the Sumerians in Iraq. The Atlanteans built a great laboratory and mathematical institute that is unmatched even today. Many lived in harmony with a very long life span. Again, the energies were more female than male. They originally communicated by thoughts, not by speech, which was not invented until later. Many more modern respected sources of information confirm this early history of Atlantis and Lemuria, and some unexpected writers too, like the actress Shirley MacLaine in her book on The Camino2 also go into some detail. Crick, the co-founder of the shape of the DNA molecule, also believed in us being seeded with ETs from outer space.
The last city was occupied by – anybody know? - beings from Mars, who were left over from a failed civilisation on their planet. There used to be 100 million souls on Mars. NASA has photographs of structures on Mars such as pyramids that they built and so still exist from a long time ago. They translated themselves into the future to come to Atlantis about 65k years ago, so they were technologically advanced, like the Hebrews. Now these people are still around in a sense; the trillionaires of this world apparently still have some Martian DNA but little or no emotions as they did not evolve with the rest of the beings on Atlantis.
The second downfall on Atlantis – there were three altogether - occurred in about 23,200 BC, and was due to the misuse of crystalline energy generation systems. This was just after, and maybe as the result of, a really massive super-volcanic eruption in – guess where? - Taupo – estimated at 24,500 BC – that made Lake Taupo now.
Several Atlantean scientists made deals with Orion groups orbiting the Earth, trading technology in an attempt to gain superiority. The ETs wanted greater and greater power from the energy-generating crystals and they began engineering them to be used as weapons. It’s interesting that the same sort of scenario is being played out today. One of the particularly strong crystal generators exploded, sinking part of the continent and many of the inhabitants. Only priests, who knew what was going to happen, trained by Arlich Vomalites, and a few others, escaped in airships and an even smaller number in seagoing vessels. Over 90% of those that tried to escape by sea were drowned in massive tsunamis. Those that fled in airships relocated to what is now Central and South America, as well as Egypt. Blavatsky was accurate when she said the Atlanteans had a fatal flaw; they were “marked with a character of sorcery”.
The final destruction occurred 11,583 years ago - in 9,564 BC - and the Biblical flood describes this time when the rest of Atlantis sunk under earthquakes and volcanoes and there was a great flood around the world. Some of the priesthood and disciples went to what is now Yucatán in Mexico, where the Maya live.
Another group of the priesthood went to Tibet where they constructed one of the world's greatest pyramids – no surprise there - out of white stones, and it looks in perfect condition today. This pyramid marks the exact location of the Earth's kundalini energy, and Tibet, parts of China, India and Nepal became the new centre for the Light of the world. Eventually the Naakal priesthood seeded the Tibetan race.
The great Sun Temple of Atlantis with its knowledge of the Rays were taken by the three emigrations of Atlantis to different parts of the world and developed into the different esoteric traditions under the influence of racial cultures. So the Power aspect of the Logos was carried by the First Emigration, the Wisdom aspect by the second, and the Love aspect by the third. Which one does each of you particularly relate to? Ask yourself that question, and see what Theosophy means to you.
Thus from the Second Emigration developed the Wisdom Religions of the East and this particular Ancient Wisdom has been popularised by the Theosophical Society through people like Blavatsky. The Western Esoteric Tradition came out of the Third Emigration and later developed through Yeshua, or Jesus, popularised by the likes of Steiner and Alice Bailey, and associated with these Ancient Wisdoms are particular Masters who are also evolving with us and through us. So meditation, for example, will work wonders for those of the Eastern Tradition but not necessarily for those following the Western Tradition where the density of the material conditions reduces its effectiveness unless the student follows a more Eastern tradition on his journey. Let us not forget, however, that all the Ancient Wisdoms trace their path back to one source; all Rays unite in the Sun, the spiritual Sun that is, and you should not get side-tracked by labels on the way as all these paths converge into the One. In the last century we have seen for the first time the infusion of Eastern traditions into the West; understandably there will be confusion with the differences in approach to spirituality until we develop a greater awareness over time.
So why did Atlantis sink finally? The Martians tried to declare war and take over - the whole planet in fact - which is what they did on Mars and destroyed themselves three times, with 10 million going underground to escape the destruction. They are still there – now in the fourth dimension. Recognise the same behaviour patterns in the world now? Wonder why we have so many wars? The long-term effect the Martians had was to change most people from being right brained and intuitive to left brained. They changed the nature of who we were. And that’s after the changes the Draconians had on us.
The Martians tried to take control of the planet by controlling the energies and consciousness of the people, the energies that are needed for our survival, that are built into grids of energy around the Earth. These grids were rediscovered in the 1960s. But it went wrong and everything became unstable, resulting in millions of lower dimensional energies coming into the Earth's planes where they needed a body to live in, and they possessed the people in Atlantis and everywhere else in the world. It was the biggest catastrophe the Earth had ever seen and we are still living the after-effects of this.
These Martian experiments took place in Atlantis where what we call the Bermuda Triangle is, and the energy there is still unstable and out of control. There were 1600 or so ascended masters on earth at the time and they did their best to heal the situation. The energy grid - an etheric structure that is around the planet and holds our consciousness intact - became dangerously damaged and the whole population of the planet was in peril. Huge technological experiments were carried out secretly in 1913, 1943 and 1983 to try and correct this, but all failed, and nobody seems to know what our future is on this planet.
We see a similar scenario to Atlantis being played out in our world today. We are very close to where we were at the time of the destruction of Atlantis by predominantly men, again destabilising the male-female energies on the planet. Any idea what happened next, after Atlantis, to save the planet?

Before Atlantis sunk, the Priest-King Arlich Vomalites arrived in Egypt with several ascended masters; he then changed his name. What did he change his name to? Thoth. The Egyptian Book of Life credits his birth to over 50,000 years ago.

One of the first things to do was to build a new energy grid around the Earth that all humans connect to. There are 3 energetic parts to the grid: the male, located in Egypt; the female in the Yucatán in Mexico and the child, or neutral part, located in Tibet. It was the male part that was out of balance and to remedy this, Thoth with the help of one other, built the great Pyramid in Egypt about 10,500 BC. ‘All in a day’s work’, you could say. Well, I believe it only took a very short time, and by a handful of men. When you can change the density of stone to be light as a feather, it makes construction a lot easier and quicker! The grid connected to over 83,000 places on Earth, including all the sacred sites that exist in the world and were built since. So much is interconnected on this planet.
Having built the great Pyramid, Atlantis sank shortly after, in about 20 hours, as the poles shifted, resulting in everyone on the planet with the exception of the ascended masters losing all their memories, so it was a case of starting civilisations all over again. Thoth and others organised the rescue of the rest of the Naakal Mystery School, including Ay and Tiye, using the spaceship under the Sphinx and took them to a room far below the great Pyramid that holds 10,000 people and is made with red, black and white stones. Remember those colours? From here they went into the underground city. Others took the spaceship and went to Lake Titicaca and the Himalayas. Many pyramids were built in these places to stabilise the energies.
They also established the Hall of Records which as it implies, holds the records of the history of the planet, deep below the Great Pyramid. This includes details of when they will be found again. Thoth also includes some of the history in his book about The Emerald Tablets3. In the 1990s, the Egyptians discovered the entrance through one of the paws of the Sphinx that Edgar Cayce predicted, and went down to have a look. They did not return. There is an invisible death ray that stops anybody going there, and to this date, only one man, J. J. Hurtak, has got through it using sacred sounds. The Emerald Tablets, incidentally, were originally taken to South America and the Mayans placed them in their main temple to the Sun God. There are twelve in all, permanently engraved in the Atlantean language on different levels of understanding, and respond to attuned thought waves of the reader.

Thoth and his group had a fair degree of success in working with the Atlanteans to construct temples of initiation and soul evolution along the banks of the Nile. Of the several thousand Atlanteans who made this area their home, a significant percentage took part in the ascension activities and initiations in the Great Pyramid.

The "science of Thoth," became the buzz-words in Egypt, and were was written on papyrus scrolls and included religious rituals, medicine, geometry, astronomy, music and the laws of everyday life and justice which came from the "Eight Books of Thoth" and these were handed down to the Greeks who called them the "Eight Books of Hermes". The number 8 is associated with Thoth and he was called "Master of the city of 8” as well as the Moon god. He also wrote The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean that you can get now.
According to which historian you would like to believe, Thoth wrote 36,525 or 42 books, the latter referring 42 papyrus rolls containing all the world’s wisdom, including the laws of Egypt; everything known about occult and esoteric magic. Some rolls were of mathematical problems; 10 were religious, consulted for all rituals and festival celebrations from generation to generation; 10 others discussed priestly obligations and regulations; and skilled astronomers of every temple had to memorize the 4 texts of astrology and astronomy included in these rolls. Other books concerned philosophy and medical treatises. These works resided in temple libraries, and later probably the Library of Alexander. Nobody knows how many exist anymore.
The process of progress is through vibrations – the means by which one’s mind creates thoughts compatible with the Cosmic Mind as well as the means by which the Cosmic Mind (or God) brings into being and sustains Creation. His intention was to urge people ever upward toward higher learning so as to be able to understand the deeper meanings of their lives; internalize or embody its truth; and articulate and share that wisdom authentically from an enlightened place. And that’s exactly what Theosophy is all about.
Because Thoth gave this knowledge to the Egyptians, their civilisation was fully up and running from almost the start. The sacred books were kept in the sanctuaries of the Egyptian temples and were read only by the highest religious and Royal authorities. Later, the Greeks, in their contact with a declining Egypt, were prompted to speak of science in general as belonging to Thoth, or Hermes, and it is true that Thoth was also the main founder of the Greek civilisation. So now you know of the reason why Thoth was “thrice-born”, with his three so-called incarnations.
The Sufis also recognize Hermes as the foundation of their knowledge.
Thoth is shown here (picture of Thoth shown) introducing writing to the world, probably the most influential act that has ever occurred on this planet in this cycle. It made more changes in our evolution and consciousness than any other single act in our known history. Originally writing was in Egyptian hieroglyphics. 'Hieroglyphics' means holy writings because words were holy and not used how they are today in any old manner. The problem was, how to convey holy words into holy writing, and this is what Thoth achieved and we have forgotten. It was not just a matter of physical writing; there is an extra dimension to writing. Have you noticed it yet?
He did not actually have the head of a bird or reptile as you see in the picture. The creature depicted as such was a Draco-Andromedan hybrid who came along much later and corrupted the teachings of Thoth.

So what happened to Ay and Tiye? Yes, this is really what she looked like (picture of Ay shown) – being many thousands of years old by then. Why are they important? What they did is a huge story because Christianity came out of them – literally, and was connected to the Western Esoteric Tradition. These two were the source, the starting point, of Christianity. That was about 1500 BC when the preparations started for the coming of Yeshua.

And Ay and Tiye are still around today, probably the most respected ascended masters on the planet because of what they have done for human consciousness. Thoth, too, was around until recently, as I mentioned earlier. He has been seen – literally – and spoken to many people he appeared to. He married Shesat in Egypt, and they had a son Tat, and together the group became known as the Tat Brotherhood, who are connected to the ascended masters, particularly Ay and Tiye. This Brotherhood migrated to Masada in Israel and formed the Essene Brotherhood. Mary, the mother of Yeshua, was one of them, and she was immortal before Yeshua became immortal.
After helping to get the civilisation on its feet in Egypt, Thoth went to South America around 3100 BC to help out there. Maybe coincidentally, according to the Mesoamerican long-count calendar, in 3114 BC the Olmecs came to the Yucatan to start a civilisation. So you can see how interconnected everything is.
Well, that’s a half-hour very-potted history of Thoth, and I’ve left out most of his connections with these ancient civilisations because there is so much that he did. However, I trust you have found it interesting though. Thank you.


  1. The Hidden History of the Human Race, by Michael A. Cremo

  2. The Camino, by Shirley MacLaine

  3. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-The-Atlantean. Translation & interpretation by Doreal.

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