Schedule of Due Dates

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Student Schedule of Due Dates for Writing Analysis and Persuasion

April 26 to September 12, 2021


Student Due Dates

Deadlines are by midnight of the due date. Students can use the due day to complete their work.

Friday, April 23-Sunday, April 25

Students receive materials from CTY by this date.

Monday, April 26

Course Begins

Wednesday, April 28

Students reply to Welcome Message

Monday, May 10

Lesson 1 due

Thursday, May 13

Lesson 1A: subculture observation report due

Monday, May 24

Lesson 2 due

Monday, June 7

Lesson 3 due

Monday, June 21

Lesson 4 due

Monday, July 5

Lesson 5 due

Monday, July 19

Lesson 6 due

Monday, August 2

Lesson 7 due

Monday, August 16

Lesson 8 due

Monday, August 30

Lesson 9 due

Sunday, September 12

Lesson 10 due
No work can be accepted after this date!

Post your essay in the classroom (Lesson 10 – Final Writing Assignment)

Several weeks after the course ends, students receive
* Certificate of Participation

* Detailed, one-page final evaluation of progress

* Course description

* Advice about credit and placement

Download 23.9 Kb.

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