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Balkan Investment Consulting Agency (BICA LTD) is a private company that provides consulting, operational, and brokerage services to clients doing business in Bulgaria and any nearby CEE countries. Having experience in Ukraine, Serbia and Macedonia, we effectively attract private equity finance and perform any related consulting activities for projects in the commercial real estate, renewable energy (emphasis on photovoltaic projects), and a variety of manufacturing and service companies.


The headquarters of the company is centrally located in Sofia, Bulgaria, providing top quality environment and operational support to all of our consultants and affiliates.  We also have an office in Prishtina, Kosovo that further contributes to our activities.


Our mission is to be comfortably useful. This means that any client, investor or partner will get a peace of mind that he is understood and serviced in a convenient manner, without unnecessary words or slogans. We strongly discourage any display of ideology and welcome sensible and focused business actions.


  • Consulting services – BICA helps investors with market and feasibility analyses and financial models that validate investment plans and outline the best approach to investments. The above mentioned services include macro market research and analysis reports, feasibility studies, customized to correspond to the clients’ exact needs, and investment models.

  • Finding financeBICA assists distressed owners in quickly exiting their assets. Our services include evaluation and assessment of the asset resulting in a formal evaluation report, development of relevant marketing materials (teasers, sales feasibility studies, financial calculations, etc.), segmentation of potential clients and investors, and direct sales / promotion to the target group of potential investors.

  • Contractor management services BICA provides management of contractors (workforce solutions) in the telecom, energy, and defense sectors where BICA is representing several major contractor management agencies from UK, Switzerland and USA. We ensure local work compliance and operational management for foreigners working in Bulgaria, and also send our own employees supporting telecom and defense projects all over the world (emphasis on Europe).

  • Media analysis services – BICA provides media analysis to companies, regardless of their industry or size. We include publications about a company’s products and services, competitors and stakeholders, or any data that directly or indirectly affects its current and future activities (customer complaints, legal claims, etc.). Rather than using specialized software for keyword searches, we place a great importance on the human factor. Our team critically selects and analyses information, relevant to our clients’ needs, and periodically reports it.


BICA is a proud member of local and world professional organizations, relevant to our business such as the American Chamber of Commerce and the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria. We also partner with the Russian Chamber of Commerce in Europe, the American-Dutch Business Club, Global Real Estate Consultants (GREC), etc.

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