Season continues to build upon our many accomplishments as we return for the 6

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Boheme Opera is in the midst of great changes. After 26 years of programmatic planning, enriching more than a generation of audiences and creating artist and professional opportunities, Boheme is thinking out of the box. Over the past two years, an expansion of outreach has spread awareness and notoriety of our company. This season, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts showed its support of this expansion with a 10% increase in funding.
Our 27th season continues to build upon our many accomplishments as we return for the 6th year to The College of New Jersey’s Kendall Main Stage Theatre for two productions: a semi-staging of Die Fledermaus on Nov 22 and a new full staging of Carmen on April 8 & 10 .

A fourth annual holiday event at Grounds For Sculpture’s East Gallery on Dec 4 – Boheme Christmas Card – will feature popular carols and winter memories. Throughout the season, Boheme will continue to bring its popular outreach events to venues in the Central Jersey and Bucks County Regions.

The future of Boheme Opera is bright, and you can be an integral part of its rebirth. Please give as generously as you can, while we continue to share our amazing art form with you. Read about our new appeal options.

Thank you!


Fabulous Opera Theater on the Main Stage!

Die Fledermaus

Sunday, November 22, 2015 at 3:00pm

New semi-staging!

Kendall Main Stage Theatre

The College of New Jersey


Kristin K. Vogel as Rosalinde

James Price as Eisenstein

Erica Cochran as Adele

Ray Chenez as Orlofsky

Edward Bogusz as Frosch

The Boheme Opera Orchestra & Chorus

Director – Howard Zogott

Conductor – Joseph Pucciatti

Friday, April 8, 2016 at 8:00pm

Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 3:00pm

New fully-staged production!

Kendall Main Stage Theatre


Julia Mintzer as Carmen

Patrick Miller as Don Jose

Constantinos Yiannoudes as Escamillo

Lyssandra Stephenson as Micaela

The Boheme Opera Orchestra & Chorus

Director – Jamibeth Margolis

Conductor – Joseph Pucciatti

English Supertitles
Pre-Curtain Talks One Hour Prior

Special Needs On-Campus Shuttle
TICKETS NOW ON SALE! - online 24/7

Box office hours M-F, 5:00pm-9:00pm

(609) 771-2775
Boheme Build Appeal 2015

Affiliation (optional)___________________________________




The gift of our human output continues to be your incentive at this year’s Essentials and Bridgers levels of giving. All contributors will be listed in our playbill.

Two additions to our annual appeal have replaced our Advocates level – Boheme Horizon Club and Boheme Aria Circle. These two levels have the potential to help our company achieve greater artistic and staff capacity, while further growing our quality and reputation.

Yet another giving opportunity is provided by one of our sponsors. Investors Bank has created the unique Care2Share Affinity Program, an easy way for you to regularly contribute to Boheme Opera.

Incentives associated with the Boheme Horizon Club, the Boheme Aria Circle and the Investors Bank Care2Share Affinity Program are on the center panel.

Circle or indicate your level of giving, detach and return this brief form with your check or money order payable to Boheme Opera NJ in the enclosed return envelope. Also take a moment for our survey on back.
ESSENTIALS: $35/$45/$60 Other $____________

BRIDGERS: $75/$100/$125 Other $_____________

HORIZON CLUB: $150/$250 Other $_____________

ARIA CIRCLE: $500/$750 Other $_____________
I prefer to use my credit card (circle) V MC AM DISC

Card #_________________________________________________________

Amount of Check/Charge: $__________ ○ Anonymous

I am a retiree ○ Enclosed employer’s matching form

Send Investors Bank Care2Share Program info.
1) How do you most often learn about Boheme Opera events?
Direct mail ○ Email ○ Social Media

Newspaper ○ Posters ○ Word of Mouth

2) How long have you been attending Boheme Opera programs?
1-5 years ○ 6-10 years ○ 11-15 years

Over 15 years ○ I am a new Boheme fan

3) What is your favorite opera?
4) Boheme has become popular as an ambassador of opera in the region. Would you introduce us to an adult community, club, center, library or organization with which you are associated, where we could make a presentation?
Potential Outreach Venue___________________________________________________
Venue Contact Name_________________________________
Venue Contact Phone_________________________________
Venue Contact Email__________________________________
Thank you for your time and participation!







  • Primary listing in Carmen playbill

  • Invitation to select rehearsals

  • Invitation to company Sitzprobe rehearsal for Carmen – April 2

  • Invitation for 2 to Annual Gala

  • Receipt of email announcements and company updates



  • Designated listing in Carmen playbill

  • Invitation to select rehearsals

  • Invitation to company Sitzprobe rehearsal for Carmen – April 2

  • Receipt of email announcements and company updates

  • Special links to Investors Bank and Boheme Opera NJ

Care2Share Affinity Program
Almost all of us are passionate about the work of a charitable cause or community organization. Many charitable entities represent the arts. Boheme Opera NJ is a non-profit 501c3 that has been accepted into the Investors Bank Care2Share Affinity Program.
When you bank at Investors, you can link any personal checking or savings account to Boheme. Investors then calculates and sends quarterly contributions to Boheme based upon the average monthly balances you maintain in your linked accounts.
When you link your eligible account(s) to Boheme, it receives from Investors Bank .25% on the average monthly balance of your checking account or .15% on the average monthly balance of your savings account. If you have checked off the last item on our Build Appeal 2015 form, we will send you a one-page signup to get started.
Please tell everyone you know about Care2Share, because the more accounts linked to Boheme, the more substantial the donations it receives. This is free and does not affect any of the features or benefits that come with your accounts.
You can enroll the following Investors personal accounts into the Care2Share Program:

  • Investors Checking Accounts

  • Investors Savings Accounts (includes Statement, Passbook, Money Markets & CDs)

  • Investors IRAs

We thank you in advance for considering this unique

and easy option for supporting Boheme Opera NJ. It means so much to you and to us alike!

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