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1. …………… is the process of caring for the hand and finger nails.

a. manicure b. pedicure c. styling.

2. Nail buffer is used for …………. the nail before applying nail polish.

a. clipping b. filling c. smoothening.

3. Long nails can harbor …………

a. disease germs b. dirt’s c. waste product.

4. ……………… appears as thickened areas of skin around the heel.

a. corns b. calluses c. athlete’s foot

5. ………… are articles of clothing worn on the foot.

a. footwear b. shoes c. sandal.

6. The athlete’s foot can be treated by:

a. wearing appropriate shoes b. keeping the feet clean and dry c. treating the feet.

7. Which of the following is not a skin disease?

a. cuts b. ringworm c. eczema.

8. The tool for filling and shaping the nails is …………..

a. nail polish b. nail board c. emery board.

9. Keeping the natural balance of the body aligned is called ……….

a. rest b. posture c. exercise.

10. Poor posture can cause some organ to be …………….

a. swollen in part b. throw out of natural position c. keep fit.

11. Which of the following builds the muscles?

a. strengthening exercises b. aerobic exercises c. stretching exercises.

12. A physical or mental dependence on continued use of a drug is called ………….

a. medication b. addiction c. therapy.

13. An overall state of wellbeing is called …………..

a. health b. sleep c. rest.

14. Fatigue is ………..

a. work b. routine c. tiredness

15. Which of the following affords the body a complete rest?

a. Relaxation b. Sleep c. Food

16. The process of separating dirty articles according to colours, or fabrics is called …………………

a. Mending b. Sorting c. Rinsing

17. which of the following is not a reason for wearing cloths?

a. Protection b. culture c. Height

18. All the items that we wear with our clothes are called?

a. Accessories b. Harts c. Handbags

19. one of the following point is not an important point to consider when selecting clothes.

a. Occasion b. Friend c. Weather

20. Too much exercise or an over-work of oneself leads to

a. Rest b. Sleep c. Fatigue.


INSTRUCTION: Answer question one and any other three questions.

1a. What is manicuring? 1 mark

b. Mention six tools for manicuring and their uses 6 marks

c. What is footwear? 1 mark

d. Mention four uses of footwear 2 marks

2a. What is posture? 1 mark

b. Mention six importance of good posture 3 marks

c. List four types of posture 2 marks

d. State four disadvantages of the use of drugs in exercise and sports 4 marks

3a. State six importance of exercise 3 marks.

b. What is fatigue? 1 mark

c. List four causes of fatigue 2 marks

4a. Mention four ways of treating fatigue 2marks

b. List five importance of rest and sleep 5 marks

c. What is clothing? 1 mark

d. State four reasons why we wear clothes 2 marks

5a. State six things your personal clothing tells about you 3 marks

b. State five steps in laundering personal clothing articles 5 marks

c. Explain the term clothing accessories 1 mark

d. List four examples of clothing accessories 2 marks

6a. State five points to consider in the choice of cosmetics. 5 marks

b. Mention three importance of cosmetics. 3marks

c. What is the difference between cosmetics and deodorants. 2 marks.

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