7 Intelligences Word Smart: verbal intelligence

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7 Intelligences

  • Word Smart: verbal intelligence

  • Number Smart: logical intelligence

  • Picture Smart: spatial intelligence

  • Body Smart: physical intelligence

  • Sound and Rhythm Smart: musical, rhythmic intelligence

  • People Smart: the relationship intelligence

  • Self-Smart: the intelligence of self

People Smart:


the ability to know oneself and to act based on this self-knowledge. This includes having an accurate picture of oneself—an awareness of one's inner moods, intentions, motivations, temperaments, and desires.

Sound and Rhythm smart:

being sensitive to rhythm, pitch, melody, and timbre of music. In other words, people who have highly developed music smarts tend to love music and rhythmic sounds. They interact with their environment through sound and vibration.

Body Smart:

is the ability to use the body to express emotion, to play a game, to communicate with others using "body language"

Picture Smart:

the ability to perceive and depict the visual-spatial world accurately. ... They think in pictures and images and are very aware of objects, shapes, colors, patterns, and textures.

Number Smart:
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