Leadership Development Seminars and ecq-based Readings

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Leadership Development Seminars and ECQ-based Readings

  • The success or failure of any endeavor depends on leadership. Now, more than ever before, we need leaders in our organizations and in our world. Great leaders create and communicate a vision and move people into action to achieve it. They ignite our passion and inspire us to do our best.

  • Government leaders in the 21st century are experiencing change at a more rapid pace than previous generations. Rapid advances in technology have expanded the quantity of work we are capable of accomplishing, and also where it’s accomplished. We have a more highly educated workforce, yet face diminishing resources with an increased demand for productivity, and the essential services we provide to the American public. To be successful at navigating these challenges leaders must develop the essential skills to motivate their employees, effectively communicate with others, fine-tune critical thinking skills, and build and leverage partnerships. Future leaders must also be visionary; i.e., possess the ability to identify trends and the courage to be innovative. Being technically adept in your field will no longer be enough. In response to these demands on senior executives, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management identified five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) that all aspiring government leaders and executives must possess. These ECQs and Fundamental Competencies were developed by OPM after extensive research on the attributes of successful executives in both the private and public sector. The ECQs represent the best thinking of organizational psychologists, human resources professionals, and members of the federal Senior Executive Service.

How to use this catalog:

  • The “Leadership Development Seminars January 2013-2014 Edition” and Readings by ECQ is a comprehensive, (although not all-encompassing) list of training opportunities intended to assist all current and aspiring Federal leaders grow in the five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and Fundamental Competencies. The resources listed will facilitate your growth and development as both a Federal employee and as a person; and will be helpful to all levels of leadership in preparing an Individual, Leadership or Executive Development Plan.

  • This Catalog lists over 700 courses or degree programs offered by the OPM as well as 75 universities, colleges and private industry organizations throughout the continental United States and more than 680 leadership readings, by ECQ. Each listing includes a description of the course, and information on date, location, and cost. The specifics for each course were obtained from the faculty or staff of the institution offering the course. Before making final plans to register, please be sure to check their website or call the contact number provided to confirm all information. Please note, the listing of these courses does not constitute endorsement of their content by the Department of Energy or any agency of the Federal Government.

  • To make it easier for you to locate courses specific to your developmental needs, the table of contents is organized by ECQ and each course has been matched to an ECQ, though certain courses may fit the parameters for more than one ECQ. When you find a course in the table of contents that interests you, press CONTROL and CLICK on the title of the course which is a hyperlink that will take you to the course listing to view a full course description and the link to the course web page. We have also provided an extensive list of suggested readings for each ECQ in the suggested readings section. To view the complete list of readings, DOUBLE CLICK on the charts included under each ECQ section to view the list of suggested readings for each ECQ.

Career Planning:

We have also added a Career Planning section which provides information and helpful tools that will start you thinking about your career outlook and begin setting or refining career goals that will help you progress in your chosen career path or put you in a new career direction that you believe may be more challenging and rewarding. These tools will help you as you prepare your Individual Development Plan, identifying your specific career goals and how you’ll acquire the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to achieve them. Career planning and professional/leadership development is critical to finding out what makes you happy and setting a course that will bring you that happiness. So, we hope you take the time and opportunity to look through this section and begin thinking about your future.

Special thanks:We are in our fourth year of producing this catalog and could not be more pleased with the quality of support and efforts by the federal staff and university student volunteers listed below.
For the 2013 Edition, many thanks to project co-leads Gerri French and Renee Reynolds, who were very capably assisted by Joyce Chiang, Patti McMullen, Mapricionne McQueen and Jaafar Ouardi.
We also wish to remember and thank students who were instrumental in creating the earlier editions:

Kaitlin Greco, Nathan Horowitz, Russ Ryan and Mickey Jackson.

Please let us know of any recommendations for additional course providers or other leadership readings that should be included.

Additional segments needed?

With this edition we added segments for Career Planning (great work by the Dept. for Veterans Affairs) and templates for preparing Individual, Leadership or Executive Development Plans. In the future, we are planning to add information about resume building, ECQ preparation and getting ready for job interviews. What else would you recommend?

Please advise of any non-working links or links that take you to the wrong location.

If you are aware of other federal distribution lists that would be appropriate to use in making this catalog and future updates available to current or aspiring leaders, please send us a link and permission-to-use contact

information. We have also been requested to begin making this catalog available to interested State and County Government offices. Information about State/County distribution lists would also be appreciated.
Please send any recommendations or information about corrections to: david.rosenmarkle@hq.DOE.gov
David Rosenmarkle

SESCDP Program Manager

Executive Learning and Development

Learning and Development Program Management Division

United States Department of Energy

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