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Resumé of Reid A. Woodbury Jr.

Resumé of

Reid A. Woodbury Jr.
5826 Donna Ave.
Tarzana CA 91356 USA

voice/cell: 818-749-6065


Work Experience

2014 – present Take-Two Interactive New York, New York

• Contractor for assisting with installation of new data center.
• Contractor to build central DB to consolidate data for multiple virtualization, network, and other datacenter management tools. Created accessors to VCenter, Big-IP, Spacewalk, and others.

2010 – 2014 DWCDirect Camarillo, California

• Software Architect, OOD
Linux Systems Administrator
• Designed, built, and installed entire SOA server system including:
· bare metal OS install using Debian with DotDeb;
· defining and implementing security policy;
· Apache, MySQL, and MongoDB configuration;
· code management first with SVN then with GIT;
· data replication with master-master MySQL replication with remote server and Amazon S3, rsync, and asynchronous file duplication on file upload;
· coded with PHP and Zend Framework in MVC style with data encoding available in XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, and REST;
· configured, compiled, and installed Melissa Data address validation software and it's PHP API libraries.

2007 – 2014 WorkCompCentral Camarillo, California

• Performed all parts, full-stack web programming and DevOps: HTML coding, Javascript (jQuery), PHP, MySQL, Linux, and OSX server administration.

• System Administration: Linux/UNIX and OSX servers, and OSX desktop. *Nix versions include (in order of experience) Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Fedora, and Alpine.

• Administered MySQL with replication and backups. Administered SVN and GIT repository. Administered office desktop backup system.

• Applied Machine Learning techniques to rank related news stories, legal documents, and course descriptions.

• Built workers' comp calculators including handling commutation of benefits and disability ratings. This includes an active interface (updates with each keystroke) with Javascript.

• Built data exchange system to send and retrieve workers' comp case information with government agencies (

2006 dts - Digital Theatre Systems Agoura Hills, California

Contractor for C++ programming and QA listening tests to assist in release of next version of audio encoding software product.

2005 – 2006 Guitar Center Thousand Oaks, California

Contractor for MySQL, PHP, JavaScript programmer; System Administrator Mac OS X

Lead programmer for in-house, browser based, catalog design program and other workflow assistance programs.

2000 – 2001 Alesis Studio Electronics Santa Monica, California

C++ Programmer/Senior Technician

Responsible for in-house programming, software and hardware testing, digital signal processing, and sharing audio industry expertise.

• Sole programmer for released Macintosh software “A6 Helper,” a musical synthesizer settings manager with a drag-and-drop GUI with MIDI (serial) communication to the instrument.

• Designed off-line audio sample rate converter based on convolution engine (FIR) for data decimation and interpolation.

1985 – 2006 Freelance Sound Designer, C Programmer Los Angeles, California

Sound editor and sound mixer for over 200 films and television episodes. Partial credit list available on the industry web site The Internet Movie Database at:

• Hired, trained, and managed assistants and other editors as needed. Tasks include many music recording and editing projects, and theatre sound designs.

• Developed the commercially released program called “Tracks!”. This translates the binary sound-editing document into a printable file suitable for reference on a sound mixing stage, an “editor’s track sheets”.

• Developed post-production auto-conform software. Program takes a video EDL (Edit Decision List text) and produces a binary file that can be opened and used by a popular sound editing program. It reduced the editor’s workload by 10–15%.

• Designed and/or modified several digital and analog audio electronic circuits to manage the shortfalls of off-the-shelf equipment. This includes signal switching and high quality analog to digital conversion. Also, modified or built many audio op-amp and digital control circuits. Developed strong background of high fidelity audio op-amp design.

1989 – 1991 Glendale Public School District Glendale, California

Substitute Teacher

Specialized in grades 7-12 teaching math, music, and theatre.

1981 – 1985 UMKC Conservatory of Music Recording Department KC, MO

Staff Sound Engineer

Performed concert & recital recording, tape duplication, editing, live and taped radio broadcasts; and outside client projects, including music demos, radio commercials, and audio for video productions.

• Guest lecturer for Acoustics for Musicians class at the Conservatory. Demonstrated use of classic Moog IIIp modular synthesizer, analog synthesis, and basic acoustics.

1982 – 1984 The Missouri Repertory Theatre (Equity) Kansas City, Missouri

Sound Technician

Performed sound equipment setup and sound effects playback. Assisted sound designer in preparing sound effects for productions.


• Author “An Interview with Tom Holman” of Lucasfilm Ltd. design team leader of the THX Sound System for Speaker Builder Magazine, Petersborough, NH (4/90 & 5/90).

• Author “M-S Speaker System” (1988) on speaker design based on MS stereo mic’ing technique (1984) published 1/89 also for Speaker Builder Magazine.

Reprints of both are available.


2002 – 2006 CSUN, California State University, Northridge Northridge, California

Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS).

• Thesis:

• Classes:
· Database Design (SQL)
· Embedded Programming
· Operating Systems
· Algorithms, multiple classes
· Graphic Systems (low-level algorithm design)
· Parallel & Distributed Systems
· Computer Architecture
· UNIX Programming

1989 – 2001 Glendale Community College Glendale, California

Various classes of Java, C and C++ programming, and UNIX shell scripting. Also, music performance and choral singing.

1983 – 1985 University of Missouri Kansas City, Engineering Department

Two years study toward BSEE.

1984 DeVry Institute of Technology Kansas City, Missouri

One semester study toward an electronics degree.

1979 – 1982 University of Missouri Kansas City, Conservatory of Music KC, MO

• Received Bachelor of Arts in Music (1982).

Additional classes in music theory, electronic music, audio recording, theatre, and conducting.

1977 – 1979 Missouri Western State College St. Joseph, Missouri

Music education. Additional study in electronics and theatre.

Guild Composition Competition (1984).

Special Interests

Knowledge of basic typesetting. Familiar with sound studio acoustics and architecture. Studied psychoacoustics and audio forensics. Studying machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence. Enjoys choir singing and music in general. Plays piano and studied several other instruments. Enjoys swimming, road cycling, and home fixit and improvement projects.


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