Ap computer Science Principles – Classroom Expectations 2015 2016 teacher: Mr. Page

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AP Computer Science Principles – Classroom Expectations
2015 - 2016

Email: cpage@acpsd.net

REMIND: Text af3f7g to 81010
This sheet should be kept as the first page in student’s notebook!
Introduction: I am your AP CSP teacher for the 2015-2016 school year. I have worked as a math teacher since 2002. I am certified and licensed as a highly effective, highly qualified mathematics and business educator. I am an Army veteran and an Alum of Rider University and Wilmington University.


This course is supported by the Mobile Computer Science Principles Project (Mobile CSP), an NSF-funded effort to provide a broad and rigorous introduction to computer science based on App Inventor, a mobile programming language for Android devices. The course is based on the College Board's emerging Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles curriculum framework for introductory computer science.

In this course you will learn computer science by building socially useful mobile apps. In addition to programming and computer science principles, the course is project-based and emphasizes writing, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Instructional: Class work and homework are formative assessments “practice” and as such will only be 20% of your grade. Lessons are designed in alignment with course curriculum and state standards. The projects, quizzes and tests are the summative assessments which, as it sounds, sum up the students work allowing for the students to show their comprehension and retention of the materials covered and will make up 30% for quizzes and 50% for tests and projects. This course will be mostly project based with occasional quizzes and tests. Daily homework and classwork is measured through their daily work through Mobile CSP.
I have always believed that like the old adage “you can lead a horse to water”, you can make a child attend school but you can’t make them learn. I know that for as long as they do not want to learn they will be closed off from learning. Not only is it my task to educate them in mathematics but also with your help I need to encourage them to want to learn. I try to remove the pressures of learning by giving them a safe and friendly environment where they can somewhat be themselves as long as they respect each other. I pride myself of being approachable and fair.

GRADING POLICY: Quarterly Grades (according to the school guidelines)
Test (Project):……………………… 50%

Quiz: ……………………………….. 30%

Classwork/Homework:…………… 20%

AP Test ->

Classroom Expectations: Students are expected to adhere to all districts, school and classroom policies and procedures at all times. 
Classroom policies.

  • attend classes as scheduled and be on time to class;

  • have all the required materials at all times;

  • take notes in class, and be prepared to ask and to answer questions about topics covered;

  • Participate in all class activities, and turn in all assignments, classwork, homework when due.

  • Study for quizzes, tests. The dates will be listed on assignment sheet, on the board in the classroom, and on the school website. Additional daily assessments, quizzes may be given from basic concepts.

  • Follow up on class absences. It is the student’s responsibility to ask about missing work and make arrangements to take tests, quizzes in a timely manner. (Students are required to be aware of our school’s make-up policy for missed work.)

  • Respect everyone’s right to learn, be courteous, and do not interrupt any class activity;

  • All trash is to be thrown away before leaving the classroom.

  • All supplies borrowed are to be returned to their proper place.

  • Talking must be kept to a low hum as to not become an annoyance to classmates or other classrooms and must not distract the student or other students away from the task. There will be no talking allowed during summative assessments.

  • All purses and bags are to be placed on the floor in front of or below your desk. No purses or bags are to be kept in the laps or on top of the desks. NO EXCEPTIONS! They are often used to hide their cell phones while they send and receive messages.

  • Bullying in any manner will not be tolerated. It is good to keep with the old sayings that “if you have nothing good to say about someone say nothing at all” and “keep your hands and feet to yourselves”.

  • Students are to never touch anything on or around my desk or go behind my desk at any time.

  • Items in cabinets are off limits unless given permission

  • No food, candy, gum or drink allowed anywhere near the computers EVER! (Gum is permitted at the desks until it becomes a problem, throw it away when finished!)

  • Proper respect for others is required at all times. I do not tolerate disrespect or insubordination, violators of this rule will be subject to disciplinary action or loss of privileges.

  • Restroom breaks are only given at the end of class or after I am finished lecturing. I will not give out bathroom passes while I am speaking to the class unless an absolute emergency. Students who abuse the restroom privilege will be referred to the office. Please try to make it to the restroom between classes and during lunch. Only one student out at a time, keep it short! Any lengthy amount of time will result in a referral for skipping. Student must sign in and out of the class on the in/out book located by the door.

  • Do not touch the computers in the back of the classroom at any time without my consent.

Failure to follow the above expectations will result in disciplinary actions.

Supplies and Materials Needed: You will need to bring paper/notebook, graphing paper and pencil or black/blue pen to class every day. You will need to keep a 3 ring notebook or binder containing proof of all class work that is kept the entire marking period. You will need a composition book for your daily journal. Keep your assessments and checked assignments as proof just in case, you never know.
Dear Parent/Guardian,

The most efficient method of contact is via e-mail if you have questions or concerns (cpage@acpsd.net). I am available for help outside regular class hours during Power Hour (pass required!) unless clubs/meetings/duty/etc. Members of Mu Alpha Theta, our math honor society, will be offering tutoring sessions (time and location to be announced soon). I am looking forward to a wonderful year of working together!

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