Mid-term exam schedule january 2017 Mon., Jan. 23 – 8: 30am

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Mon. , Jan. 23 – 8:30am Mon., Jan. 23 – 11:30am

All Religion 9, 10, 11 All English 9S, 9H, 9R

APUS History, History 11R
Tues., Jan. 24 – 8:30 Tues., Jan. 24 – Noon

Global Regents English Regents – Eng. 11H, 11R

Physics Regents AP English Lit 11

All Global 9S, 9R All English 12R

AP Euro, Global 10R All English 10S, 10H, 10R

All Social Studies IV
Wed., Jan. 25 – 8:30am Wed., Jan. 25 – Noon

Chemistry Regents AlgII/Trig Regents (old version)

Living Environment Regents All Spanish 9, 10, 11

Latin 9S, French 1/2 All Italian 9, 10, 11

French 2/3

All Religion 12R
Thurs., Jan. 26 – 8:30am Thurs., Jan. 26 – Noon

Geometry Regents (CC) Algebra I (CC) Regents

US History Regents Calculus BC, AB, R

Math 9G, 9A, 9R Adv. Algebra, Apps in Algebra

Math 10H, 10R Math 11H, 11R
Fri., Jan. 27 – 8:30am Fri., Jan. 27 – Noon

AlgebraII (Common Core) Human Anatomy, AP Computer

AP Biology, AP Chemistry Bio 9S, 9R

Physics 11S, 11R Chemistry 10S, 10R

Earth Science 11R
In Class Exams: All Foreign Language IV, C#, CAD, Psychology, Law,

Studio Art, Computer 9, 10, 11, Art, Health, English 12H,

AP English Language



  1. It is the responsibility of each student to know the DATE, TIME AND ROOM FOR EACH OF HIS EXAMS and to report to the test at the PROPER TIME.

  1. THE STARTING TIME for each test is as noted on the posted EXAM SCHEDULE. Students must be in their assigned room 15 minutes before the start of the exam and should be in the building 30 minutes in advance.

  1. ABSENCE: The only acceptable excuse is illness attested to by a DOCTOR'S NOTE. If a student is ill, a parent/guardian must telephone the school in the morning. The Doctor's note must be brought to the Main Office. The student should return to school prepared to take the (school) test that day OR/ THE FIRST AVAILABLE TIME IN HIS SCHEDULE. UNEXCUSED ABSENCE = ZERO!

  1. On days when a student is NOT scheduled for an exam, he need not report to school. When in school and not in a test, students must be in the cafeteria, link area, any designated supervised study area, or in an office where business is being transacted. Students may not roam the corridors while exams are in session.

The Deli Bar in the Cafeteria will be open in between tests from 9:00am-12noon for your convenience.
5. The regular FARRELL DRESS CODE is in effect for the entire exam period.

  1. SCHOOL CLOSING: If it necessary to close school during an exam period you will receive an email (so please check that we have an email address that you check regularly) and it will be announced on WCBS NEWSRADIO 880 AM. In the event that school is called off on any of the exam days, students will follow the printed schedule of the day on which school opens and the missed school exam will be made up after the last scheduled exam of the testing period.

  1. CHEATING_POLICY:_cheating'>CHEATING POLICY: cheating of any kind will not be tolerated at Farrell. That includes any use of unfair means to pass an exam, such as giving aid or receiving aid from another person or source. Students are clearly instructed by the exam proctor and/or over the P.A. to remove all books, notes, or other aids from their sight and out of reach during the exam.

  1. LEAVING AN EXAM EARLY: For school exams a student must remain for at least 1 1/2 hours out of a maximum of two hours. For a Regents Exam 2 hours must elapse out of a maximum of three hours for a student to leave.

  1. CELL PHONE POLICY: At NO TIME DURING THE TESTING PERIOD should a student have a cell phone – OR ‘ANY’ ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT -- in his possession. Violators will be considered CHEATING and will be subject to disciplinary action, which could include a ZERO FOR THE EXAM.

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