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National Football League (NFL)

American Football Conference (AFC)
AFC East
New England Patriots, near Boston, Massachusetts

Buffalo Bills, Buffalo, New York

Miami Dolphins, Miami, Florida

New York Jets, near Trenton, New Jersey

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore, Maryland

Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati, Ohio

Cleveland Browns, Cleveland, Ohio

Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

AFC South
Houston Texans, Houston, Texas

Indianapolis Colts, Indianapolis, Indiana

Jacksonville Jaguars, Jacksonville, Florida

Tennessee Titans, Nashville, Tennessee

AFC West
Denver Broncos, Denver, Colorado

Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City, Missouri

Oakland Raiders, East of San Francisco, California

San Diego Chargers, San Diego, California

National Football Conference (NFC)
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys, near Dallas, Texas

New York Giants, near Newark, New Jersey

Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Washington Redskins, Washington DC

NFC North
Chicago Bears, Chicago, Illinois

Detroit Lions, Detroit, Michigan

Green Bay Packers, North of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Minnesota Vikings, Minneapolis, Minnesota

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta, Georgia

Carolina Panthers, Charlotte, North Carolina

New Orleans Saints, New Orleans, Louisiana

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa, Florida

NFC West
Arizona Cardinals, Near Phoenix, Arizona

San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco, California

Seattle Seahawks, Seattle, Washington

Los Angeles Rams, St, Los Angeles, California

Name: _______________________

Period: ________

Seat #:_____


Directions: You will be making a map of the NFL teams in America. In order to earn an A please follow the directions as closely as possible. There will be an open-note quiz on this map on Friday. I will collect this map for a grade on Friday after you have finished the quiz.
For the NFL Map you will be using the side of the map that DOES NOT have mountains drawn on it.
1. Please write your name, the period, and your seat number on the top right corner of your map (the side of the map without the mountains drawn on it).
2. Please label the top of your map: “A Map of the National Football League”
3. Start by labeling the fifty states. You may use a pencil or a pen. Look on page 65 in your atlas for help. Make sure you write the name of each state within the state borders. Also, don’t forget about Alaska and Hawaii.
4. Put a star and Label the National capital Washington, D.C.
5. After you have completed all of the states start labeling the NFL teams.
6. Put a red dot in the correct location for each AFC team. After you put a red dot write in red the name of the AFC team.
7. Put a blue dot in the correct location for each NFC team. After you put a blue dot write in blue the name of the NFC team.
8. In the rectangle on bottom right corner of you map make a key. Label key at the top of the rectangle and then draw one blue dot and one red dot inside the rectangle. Label the blue dot NFC TEAMS and label the red dot AFC TEAMS.
9. After you have all of the states and the NFL teams labeled you should be done with this side of the map. Please keep your map until Friday. You may use this map on the open-note quiz on Friday.

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