September 2013 Android Nexus 7 Tablet User Agreement

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September 2013
Android Nexus 7 Tablet User Agreement

Indiana University Foundation

AMPATH Consortium

Moi University School of Medicine

Google has donated Nexus 7 Android tablets to the IU-AMPATH Android Program for use by the AMPATH clinicians, clinical officers, medical students, and nurses working in AMPATH clinics in western Kenya. The Android tablets will be loaned on a 1 year basis to four major groups: a) Medical students, b) Clinicians (by site), c) Disclosure Counselors, d) FHWs (NCD and CDM).

The tablets contain helpful medical Applications and continuing medical education components that will make clinical work and access to education materials easier in resource limited settings. The education content will be organized according to teams that utilize the information and can be accessed by_______(steps). Each device will have an electronic personal log on feature that will track which Apps and content materials are utilized on a person by person basis.

Physical Device Management

The tablet device ,which you are using, belongs to the IU-AMPATH Android program. The tablet is not designed for personal media use.

Tablets for the groups a), b)……will be shared with several different people. When the tablet is in your personal possession, please note that you are responsible for the safety and care of the tablet.
If there is a functioning issue with the tablet, each team a) Medical Students, b) Clinicians (by site), c) Disclosure Counselors, d)FHWs (NCD and CDM), has one administrative contact for IT issues related to the tablet.
IT personnel include:




All issues related to functioning of the tablet or physical wear and tear of the tablet should be directed toward your team’s IT personnel. If a tablet is lost, stolen, or physically broken due to user error, you are responsible for repayment for the tablet of 350USD. Payment decisions for a device will be at the IT personnel’s discretion.

Personal Information Agreement

The Nexus 7 tablets will be loaned to AMPATH personnel for 1 full calendar year. When the calendar year has come to a close, the tablet will be returned to the IU-AMPATH Android program, with all personal content and media cleared from the device. If you have issues clearing the device of personal and non-AMPATH related content, please contact your IT personnel to help you delete your personal items.

Content Utilization and Usability

The tablets will have an electronic monitoring system that will track the use of Apps and content materials according to each user’s log on information. Please keep your log on information private. This monitoring system will help the IU-AMPATH Android Program understand what tools were useful on the tablet for people working in AMPATH clinics.

By signing this form, I am agreeing to the following: (Please initial)

_____I understand that the Nexus 7 tablet belongs to the IU-AMPATH Android Program.
___ I understand that if a device in my possession is lost, stolen, or broken, it is my responsibility to pay 350USD to replace the device.
___ I understand that my log on will be kept private and my activity with the device will be monitored by the IU-AMPATH Android program
___ I understand that by using this device, I will complete the usability surveys, quarterly.
___ I understand that the device should be cleared of any personal media content when returning the device to the IU-AMPATH Android program.

I, thereby agree to the statements above_____________________________________, ____________

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