Seting up an ip sec vpn

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Seting up an IP Sec VPN

I want to set up an IP Sec VPN over the internet, between a VR042 VPN router and a windows-7 lap-top.

  • One aim is to view IP-WEB camera (DLink DCS 930L)

  • Also test how IPSec VPN can be used to reach local files, manage devices etc

These are how I set up the parameters

  1. Camera, DLink DCS 930L,

  2. RV042 VPN Router,

  3. ADSL Router,

  4. Dynamıc DNS (,

  5. VPN (on W7):

  1. Camera, DLink DCS 930L

Static IP: p.q.b.2


Primary/Secondary DNS: p.q.a.1

Port settings: 80

UPnP: Disable

UPnP Port forwarding: Disable

Bonjour: Disable

Dyndns: Disable

I also tried with

Server address:

user name: yyyy

password: zzzz

timeout: 576 hours

  1. RV042 VPN Router

WAN IP: p.q.a.2

Default Gateway: p.q.a.1

DNS: p.q.a.1

Stateful Packet Inspection: On

DoS: On

Block WAN request: Off

Block: Access to HTTP Proxy Servers

Access rule: 0 rules set

LAN: p.q.b.1


UPnP function: No

One-to-one NAT: Not enabled

Dynamic DNS

Password: xxxx

Host name:

IP Address: p.q.b.2

Status: Successfully updated with

Static routing:

Destination IP: p.q.a.0


Default Gateway: p.q.a.1

Interface: WAN1

Obtained -

Host with IP address selected

Not selected WebHop Redirect –URL forwarding service)

Not selected Offline HostName

IP address: x.y.z.t

System detected my dynamic WAN IP address as x.y.z.t

ADSL Router:

IP Address: p.q.a.1

Home network IP Address: p.q.a.0

LAN servers: What ıs LAN servers ?


Typical security: Inbound policy Reject, Remote admin settings will override the security inbound policy, Outbound Policy: reject

Block IP fragmentation: Selected

DNS Rebinding Protections

Activate DNS Relay Protection- Not selected

Act,vate Web Management protection: Selected

No access control

No port triggering set

No website restrictions

No advance filtering

Routing: LAN Bridge p.q.b.0 Netmask, Gateway p.q.a.2, metric=3,

No Dynamic DNS set up on ADSL router

Also tried with dyndns set up together with dyndns on VR042 at the same time

VPN Set up on LAP TOP

Host name or IP: Tried p.q.a.2 (VR042 WAN port towards the ADSL router)


Options: Display progress while connecting, Prompt for name and password, certificate etc, İnclude Windows domain name

PPP Settings: Enable LCP extensions


Type of VPN Automatic (tries both PPTP and L2TP)

Data encryption: Optional encryption, connect even if no encryption


Use Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) not selected

Allow these protocols:

EAP-MSCHAPV2 will be sued for IKEv2 VPN type

User name and password for dyndns account entered to connect to the VPN

When connecting to VPN

Connection verifies the User name and password,

Then tries PPTP and fails

Then tries L2TP and fails

Connecting to using WAN miniport (PPTP)’…then trıed connection using WAN miniport (L2TP)’…

or for local trial it tried to connect to p.q.a.2 using WAN miniport (PPTP)’… then tried using WAN miniport (L2TP)’…

Both cases gave the following error message:

Error 800 The remote connection was not made because the VPN tunnels failed. The VPN server might be unreachable. If this connection is attempting to use an L2TP/IPSec tunnel, the security parameters required for the IPSec negotiator might not be configured properly.


Client to gateway

Local security gateway type: dynamic IP + Domain name (FQDN) Authentication

Domain name:

Local security group Type: Subnet

IP Address: p.q.b.1


Remote client type: dynamic IP + Domain name (FQDN) Authentication

Domain name:

Keying mode: IKE with Pre-shared key

Phase 1 DH Group: Group 1-768 bit

Phase 1 Encryption: DES

Phase 1 Authentication: MD5

Phase 1 SA Life Time: 28800

Perfect Forward Secrecy: selected

Phase 2 DH Group: Group 1-768 bit

Phase 2 Encryption: DES

Phase 2 Authentication: MD5

Phase 2 SA Life time: 3600

Pre-shared key: xxxx

NAT Traversal: selected

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