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SHAWKI Afif Rustom


Obtaining a position that would utilize my knowledge and expertise in the fields of Administration, Assistant IT Manager, Supervision, Art Teacher, (2D/3D) Animator & Multimedia Effects (websites).



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Lebanon – Saida

Mobile : 0096171018737

E-Mail :

2009 – 2011 Najd National Schools Riyadh, kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Educational Technology Department Administration -

3D Animator & Multimedia Effects
1- Animating & Designing 2D/3D Interactive Multimedia Lessons for the entire

School via 3Ds Max 9, 3Ds Max 11, 3D Space Publisher, Anime Studio Pro 6,

Swish Pinnacle Studio & Autodesk Motion Builder 2010 , Flash, Corel DRAW

" الدراسات الاجتماعية والوطنية "

Adobe Photoshop CS4, Multimedia Builder 4.9, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 14 PLUS

2- Converting a complete History Book into 2D/3D

Interactive Multimedia Lessons (Intermediary Section)

2007 – 2009 Najd National Schools Riyadh, kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Elementary Section – English & French Department

Supporting in Designing & Executing Interactive Multimedia Lessons
1- Scanning educational books for English Dep. (30 books - 230 pages per book)

2- Scanning educational books for French Departments (Elementary, Intermediary

& Secondary Sections - 40 books - 230 pages per book)

3- Creating & demonstrating Interactive Multimedia Lessons via Smart Boards

4- Flash training sessions for English Department (Computer lab. - 3 days)

5- Video Taping students' projects (Burned on C.DS. and distributed to parents)

6- Snapshots for students' activities and projects (Year Book)

7- Designing covers for compact disks and supporting resources prepared

by teachers with the help of Ulead Cool,3D Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop CS2.

2006 – 2007 Najd National Schools Riyadh, kingdom of Saudi Arabia Graphic Department - Assistant Designer

1- Video Taping students' activities & School Photographer (Saba Najd Newsletter)

2- Scanning Year Books for digital archiving - (30 books - 200 pages per book)

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3- Designing & executing Business Cards.

Lebanon – Saida

Mobile : 0096171018737

E-Mail :

2004 - 2005 Element K Middle East UAE, Dubai Internet City

Office Administrator

Issuing e-mails, archiving documents, creating backup data, taking care of customer appointments, scanning, downloading internet researches, printing, designing administrative forms, dealing with feedbacks and reports.

2002 - 2004 Najd National Schools Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Administration – Computer & Graphic Department

Assistant IT Manager

  • Executing Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional , Server ( LAN ) & supporting in Centralizing Administration such as, directory services, configuring TCP/IP, terminal services (RDP) , backing up , restoring data , internet connection sharing ,booting remote installation services (RIS) , deploying active directory & DNS.

  • Issuing & reviewing Grades Reports as well as entering data under “The program of knowledge on Computer “Certified by The Ministry of Education.

  • Computer Maintenance (software & hardware). Such as deploying O.S., scanning image copies, partition, e-mailing, configuring & downloading internet.

  • Designing and Converting Educational Lessons into C.DS. Via Power Point 2002, Flash MX, Ulead Cool 3D, Corel Draw 10 & Adobe Photoshop 6.0.

  • Executing 3D Virtual Walking Projects & School Photographer

  • 3D Model Maker – 3D Animator (3DS. Max 6)

2000 – 2002 Najd National Schools Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Elementary Section

Assistant Manager

  • Analyzing and solving students’ misbehavior cases in cooperation with the Guidance Office & Supervisors.

  • Responsible for the issuance of weekly students plans, permissions and absent reports.

  • Designing Administrative Forms with the help of MS Office 2000 & Adobe Photoshop.

  • Part time - Data entry in the Computer Department.

  • Responsible for training a Chess team every Thursday.

  • Checking up & reviewing grades in the control rooms during exams periods.

1995-1997 Ghazawi Company Saida, Lebanon

Sign Maker

In charge of customer appointments, taking specifications of sign designs, making pricing decisions, printing with cutter machine and taking care of customer needs with the help of MS OFFICE 97

Used softwares such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Picture it in creating sign designs.

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  1. Al-hasoob Center (Training & Consultant) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Successfully completing a training graphic courses:

3Ds Max 6.0, AutoCAD 2004, Adobe Photoshop 6.0

Flash MX 6.0 & Corel Draw 10.
2002 - 2003 Orbits Institute for Computer Sciences (IT) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Successfully completing the Microsoft Approved courses ( MCSA )

  1. 2152 : Microsoft Windows 2000 Networking and Operating System Essential

  2. 2152 : Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and server

  3. 2153 : Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Networking Infrastructure

  4. 2126 : Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment

2000 Computer Club Institute (Training & Consultant) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“The Program of Knowledge on computer Certified by

The Ministry of Education

1992-1996 The University of the State of New York Beirut, Lebanon

Bachelor of Science – Liberal Arts ”

Studied at Lebanese American UniversityL.A.U."

1987-1989 Evangelical Institute for Girls & Boys Saida, Lebanon

Diploma, General Commerce”

1989 Compulando Center (Training & Consultant) Saida, Lebanon

MS Office “ Words97 – Excel 97 – Dos

Windows 98 – Internet - Accounting –Typing ( E / A )


Reading, Chess, Computers, 3D Cartoons, Drawing, Basketball, Swimming, and Fishing.


Skilled in softwares dealing with Graphics, Animation (2D/3D) & Multimedia Effects such as:

Quark, Autodesk Motion Builder 2010, Microsoft Photo Premium 10,Flash,Swish

Web Easy Millennium, Anime Studio Pro 6, 3Ds MAX 11, Win XP 2002 ,Vista, Windows 7

Adobe Photoshop CS4, Multimedia Builder 4.9, AutoPlay Media Studio 7.0.

Lebanon – Saida

Mobile : 0096171018737

E-Mail :

Languages Fluency in Arabic and English.

Personal Information Single, Male, Muslim, Lebanese National, Born 8 / 3 / 1971.

References Available upon request.

status Saudi Driving License.

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