Silver Exam – Compulsory for all who have yet to obtain Silver Level or higher

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Silver Exam – Compulsory for all who have yet to obtain Silver Level or higher.
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  1. If you had clients who wanted to combine Aruba with Anguilla which routing could you use with which airline(s)?

  1. Name the Hotels that make up the Elegant Hotels Group.

  1. What number would you call to obtain more information on Couples Resorts?

  1. How many newly refurbished guest rooms are there at the Almond Beach Club & Spa?

  1. Name the 2 All-Inclusive Resorts in Grand Cayman.

  1. Where on the web would you find more information for families flying with British Airways?

  1. If a client wanted to combine a stay in Dominica and Guyana which tour operator(s) would you consider?

  1. Name the 3 hotels that make up the Gems of Barbados.

  1. How many hotels and resorts are featured by Complete Caribbean?

  1. Sol Melia have recently opened an all Inclusive Resort what is it called?

  1. How many rooms and suites will you find at Superclubs Breezes Bahamas?

  1. What is the website for La Source Resort?

  1. How many swimming areas are offered by Atlantis Bahamas?

  1. What is the telephone number for agency sales at Fred Olsen Cruises?

  1. How many acres make up The Mastic Trail in the Cayman Islands?

  1. What is the sister hotel to the Amaryllis Beach Resort?

  1. What beer is served on board Air Jamaica Flights?

  1. Describe an unusual type of Wedding you can find in the Cayman Islands.

  1. What do the Grenada Tourist Board call their Training Programme?

  1. How many Resorts make up the Divi Caribbean family?

  1. Which of the Superclubs resorts offer the great feature of a circus school?

  1. How many Hotels in the Caribbean are represented in the UK by Essential Detail?

  1. What sports facilities are there at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman?

  1. Rex Resorts can be found on which islands?

  1. Name the Elite Island Resorts.

  1. Superclubs Breezes Resort Punta Cana is located on which beach?

  1. Which Sandals Resort is considered the “World’s Most Glamorous All Inclusive”?

  1. Dreams come true” at which Resorts in Jamaica?

  1. What is the name of the yacht that guests can use at Anse Chastanet?

  1. What 2 new destinations are being served by Virgin Atlantic from July 2005?

  1. Ocean Club Resorts can be found where?

  1. Name the zoo in St Lucia.

  1. Where can you find “The Playful Side of Paradise”?

  1. For details on fishing in the Bahamas what web-site should you visit?

  1. List the golf courses offered by Sandals & Beaches Resorts in Jamaica.

  1. Which website can you use to research organising weddings in St Lucia?

  1. What 3 C’s do Curacao use to describe the Island?

  1. How many items are included in the Almond Resorts Free Wedding Package?

  1. Name the 2 Superclubs Breezes Resorts in Cuba.

  1. How many types of water-sports can you enjoy in Antigua & Barbuda?

  1. Name the restaurants at the Sea Breeze Beach Hotel.

  1. What is the legroom in the new economy cabin offered by bmi?

  1. Funway Holidays offer flights to the Caribbean with which airlines?

  1. Which Dive School is based on the beach at the Flamboyant Hotel?

  1. What e-mail address can you use to find out more information about the Hedonism Resorts?

  1. How many dive sites are there around the Cayman Islands?

  1. Which two sites do Puerto Rico use in their advertising to promote the island?

  1. How many Sandals & Beaches resorts offer Signature and Boutique Spas?

  1. Name the three Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean.

  1. How many Caribbean destinations are served by Caribbean Star?

  1. If a client is looking for somewhere affordable and welcoming to stay in St Lucia which website can you use for research?

  1. Which hotel is classed the “World’s First Boutique Hotel for Couples”?

  1. How many acres of tropical gardens surround Superclubs Breezes Puerto Plata Resort?

  1. What size photograph is included in the Sandals WeddingMoon™ Package?

  1. How many kids clubs are offered by Club St Lucia by Splash?

  1. Name the sunken freighter that lies off the south coast of St Lucia.

  1. What e-mail address do you need to use to get a complimentary copy of the Jolly Beach Resort Antigua Training Module?

  1. Where in St Lucia can you visit to find out more about the Heritage and Culture?

  1. Which islands share the same international dialling code?

  1. TIA stands for which airline?

  1. If you were asked to organise a holiday that combined duty-free shopping with gambling where would you recommend?

  1. The Butterfly Beach Hotel is ideal for what types of clients?

  1. How long is the beach at Superclubs Breezes Resort in Curacao?

  1. In which publication will you find over 1,300 detailed hotel listings? Visit for assistance.

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