Sixties bands / surf instrumental

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CENTURIANS “ SUrfer’s Pajama Party” LP Del-Fi 1995 – EUR 25.00

CHALLENGERS “25 Greatest Instrumental Hits” 2LP GNP crescendo rds. Gatefold! EUR 38.00

CHUCK BERRY “New Juke Box Hits” LP Chess 1984 Mint – EUR 28.00

DARTS “Hollywood Drag” LP Del-Fi 1995 – EUR 25.00

DE-FENDERS “Drag-Beat” LP Del-Fi 1995 –EUR 25.00

FIREBALLS “same” LP Sundazed 1996 EUR 15.00

HYDRAULIC RAISINS “Wailin’ In West Covina!!” LP Dionysus /Bacchus 1998 – EUR 13.00

JAN & DEAN “The Jan & Dean Sound” LP Sundazed 1996 – EUR 15.00

LIVELY ONES “Surf Drums” LP Del-Fi 1995 – EUR 25.00

ROYAL FLAIRS “Rare recordings 1965/66” LP Unlimited Productions 1988

RONNY & THE DAYTONAS “G.T.O.” ( the Best Of) LP Sundazed Color Vinyl 1997 – EUR 15.00

RONNY & THE DAYTONAS “Sandy” LP Sundazed/Beatrocket 2000 – EUR 15.00

SURF TEENS “Surf Mania” LP Dionysus – 1998 – EUR 25.00

TEENBEATS “Surf Bound” Norton 1991 – EUR 12.00

VENTURES (Fabulous) “Same” Dolton (Original 60’s pressing) VG/EX EUR 35.00

“WAIL ON THE BEACH”LP Satan 80s pressing Mint EUR 35.00

“SURF CREATURE” Vol. 3 LP Romulan (Starfires,trademarks,Fender IV Attila & The Huns…) EUR 30.00

“STRUMMIN’MENTAL” Vol 2 LP Link rds, 198? First pressing! Rare and cool comp! 1957/&% primal instro r’n’roll. EUR 35.00

SIXTIES/ 70’s BANDS (some Original 60’s pressing too!)

Each record is guaranteed MINT / Sealed / new.

13Th FLOOR ELEVATORS “ Demos Everywhere” LP 1st LP demos + Live in New Orleans,1966. EUR 20.00

ADOLESCENTS “Same” LP Color vinyl. Frontier. Eur 14.00

ALEXIS KORNER’S “Blues Incorporated “At The cavern” LP Oriole. Mid 80’s reissue of classic 1963 album. EUR 35.00

AMERICAN BREED LP Dot rds./Dunwich/ricordi 1967. Italian Pressing MINT stereo version! Cool pic sleeve! M/M- EUR 50.00

ARONDINES “Introducing…” LP get Hip,1999. Complete singles collection by the “69”’ fame US combo! EUR 12.00

BARRIER “first,last and always” 10” Penniman,Sp,2001. Cool 4 tracks mini LPfor this fab 1967freakbeat UK combo! – EUR 16.00

BEATNIKS “Outside Chance” 10” (Misty Lane,2002) cool Brazilian garage-Beaters complete singles collectio! W/Insert,liners color pix,rarities…last copies! EUR 10.00

BLOUSONS NOIRS “same” Early 60’s French r’rn’r/twist combo. Born Bad rds. EUR 12.00

BO DIDDLEY “His Greatest sides” Vol. 1 LP CHess.Sugar hill pressing 1983. EUR 28.00

BOOKER T & THE MG’s “and Now!” Sundazed 180 grams LP .Re of cool 1966 Stax LP. EUR 18.00

BOJAX “Don’t Look back…it’s..” 10” Misty Lane rds,2004. Complete recs by fab US garage band on BFTG vol.8- insert,pics,etc.. Last copies! EUR 10.00

BOX TOPS “Greatest hits” LP Rhino 1982. EUR 28.00

BOX TOPS “Cry Like a baby” LP Bell Sealed mint original copy! EUR 35.00

BOW STREET RUNNERS “same” Sundazed LP 1996. Reissue of cool and rare 1970 LP. EUR 16.00

BRAVOS,LOS “Bravo” LP Tiffany Italian Pressing! VG++/EX heavy Cardboard pic sleeve! EUR 40.00

BREAKTHRU “Adventures Highway” LP +7” – Circle 2007 – EUR 20.00

BUCKINGHAMS “Time & Chages” Original 1967 Columbia/CBS presssing. Covers presents a small hole on the upper corner side.Very cool pic sleeve. Mint/EX—EUR 40.00

BUMP “Same” reissue of rare 1970 LP on Pioneer rds. EUR 25.00

CANNIBAL & THE HEADHUNTERS “Lando f 1000 Dances” LP Baccus,US.2002. Cool 1965 LA beat! Eur 15.00

CHARLES LLOYD QUARTET “Love-In” LP 4Men with Beards rds, US,2002. EUR 15.00

CLASH “Give’em enough Rope” LP 180 gramsreissue. Sealed. Epic. EUR 16.00

COLORS “Teenage Furniture” LP Rave Up rds. US 80’s Punk. EUR 13.00

COPS AND ROBBERS “same” LP Distortions rds USA 60’s R’n’B ‘65/66 .oop/rare – EUR 28.00

COUNT FIVE “Dynamite Accidents” LP Line,Ger. 1982. Rare sealed album featuring “you must believe me” on side 1 + 6 other tracks from the CV debut album on side B. Cool pics on the back sleeve! EUR 40.00

CIRCLE “Looking Back” LP Detour UK 2000. UK Mod’79 act. EUR 12.00

CYRCLE “Red rubber ball” LP Columbia Classic 60’s pop(litepsych) NYC combo. – EUR 15.00

DAYBREAKERS “Psychedelic Siren” LP Unlimited productions USA 1985 pr. Rare complete recs by Iowa great Garage PSych band who cut the 1967 Psychedelic siren! Mint New! – EUR 50.00.

DAYTON SIDEWINDERS “Let’s Go Down to Funksville” LP Funkadelphia rds. EUR 16.00

DEAD BOYS “All this and More” LP color vinyl LP Bomp! 14.00

DEEP “ Psychedelic Moods” LP Cicadelic,1987! First pressing! Mint! Classic psych! EUR 40.00

DELFINES,LOS “EStamos Seguros” LP . Reissue of 1970 LP on Breeder Backtrack. EUR 16.00

DMZ “Relics” LP color vinyl. Voxx /Bomp 1981 – EUR 15.00

DOVERS “ We’re not just anybody!” 10” LP Misty Lane rds. Rare o.o.p. collection of US garage Folk psych masters! – EUR 22.00

DROOGS “Stone Cold World” LP Making Waves rds. 1985. Rare.

DRY HEAVES “Shoot yourself!” LP (aka US lost punk Nugget vol.14) – RAVE UP rds – EUR 13.00

ELECTRONICOS,LOS 10” Electro-Harmonix,2005. Reissue of rare Columbianalbum. EUR 16.00

EYES OF THE BEACON STREET UNION “same” LP MGM. 80’s reissue. – EUR 25.00

E-TYPES “Live at the rainbow ballroom 1966” LP Beatrocket ’98. EUR 16.00

EMPERORS “Karate” LP Funkadelphia –EUR 17.00

FABULOUS KNICKERBOCKERS “Lies” (orig 1965) LP Line ,Germany 198? - EUR 30.00

FIRE ESCAPE “Psychotic Reaction” LP Sunbeam 180 grams. Cool re of rare S.F.rancisco act’ album filled with many covers of the garage era originally by Music Machine,Seeds,? & The Mysterians.. EUR 18,00

FLAMIN’ GROOVIES “ Rockfield Sessions” LP AIM 1989. EUR 28.00

FRACTION “Moon Blood” LP ltd ed. Radioactive rds.180 grams vinyl. US 70’s Cali band. EUR 16.00

FREE “Same” LP russian Pressing of the 1969 Island album incl. “The Worm”. Gatefold. EUR 18.00

GALAXIES “Hey!” 10” Misty Lane rds,2002. Re of rare 1968 Brazilian combo.Garage/psych/pop,incle 2 Love covers! EUR 10.00

GENERAL FOODZ “Sick Of The World” LP (aka US lost Punk Nugget vol. 16) RAVE UP rds – EUR 13.00

GRAPEFRUIT “Around grapefruit” LP . Fab reissue of UK freak beat/popsike classic! – EUR 20.00

GRIMM,LOS “Viaje en la alfombra magica” 10” Electro harmonix. Maximum freak beat from Spain 1965/69! EUR 16.00

GROUP $OALL “By My Side” 10” (Misty Lane rds, 1999 ltd ed/700 copies) Nederbeat gem! very last! – EUR 10.00

GUILLOTEENS “For My Own” LP (Misty Lane,2003) complete Singles collection Of Elvis Fave mid 60’s garage/pop act! Cool insert ith story,liners,pics…UNIQUE mint new copy! EUR 30.00

JACKIE FOUNTAINS “same” LP feathered Apple,Sw. 2003 – Cool Swedish act,complete recs! Liners,pics… EUR 15.00

JINX “Greatest Hits!” 10” Norton 2000. 4 obscure tracks from the vault of 1965 memphis Garges,incl. Members of future Big Star and Box tops! EUR 10,00

JIMI HENDRIX featuring CURTIS KNIGHT “Before The Deluge” LP Emi,Ita, 1973. EUR 20.00

JIMI HENDRIX “At his Best” Vol. 2 Sagapan LP Original, 1972. VG/Mint. Nice Yellow pic. Sleeve. Incl. Down Mean Blues + 5 tracks. Liners by mike Ephron. EUR 30.00

JOHN LEE HOOKER “House Of The Blues” LP 1965 Chess USA. Reissue/French 80’s pressing – EUR 28.00

JOHN MAYALL “the Blues Alone” LP Ace Of Clubs. 70’s pressing of 1967 LP. Liners by John Peel,pics.. Mint. EUR 35.00

NOSY PARKER “ same” LP Breeder Backtrack. re of 1975 folk pysch album. EUR 16.00

GENTS “We gotta Get Out of This place” LP Best of Beat / R’n’B combo. RPC recs. Rare EUR 15.00

GHOST “Foro ne Second” LP Bam Caruso,UK. Re of rare UK psych 1970 album. Mint. EUR 35.00

GRAHAM BOND ORGANISATION “same” 1964. Rare Charly rds 1980 pressing. EUR 45.00

GREAT SCOTS “The Great Scots Lost Album!” LP Sundazed – 1997 – EUR 15.00

GREAT SCOTS “Arrive!” LP Beatrocket 180 grams vinyl – EUR 16.00

GREGOR MACKENZIE & THE MISANTHROPES “Torture that girl” LP Rave UP 2007. US ‘78 Punk. EUR 13.00

HEARTBREAKERS “What goes around” LP. Live 1975 – Bomp! EUR 14.00

HYPSTRZ “Hypstrization!” LP 180 grams. Bomp! Ltd ed. – EUR 15.00

HUMBLE PIE “The Crust of” LP Emi,Ita,197? Heavy Vinyl pressing, color picsleeve. EUR 35.00

IGGY AND THE STOOGES “Rough Power” 180 grams LP ltd ed. Bomp! – EUR 15.00

IKE TURNER “His Woman,Her Man” vol. 1 LP2002 Funky Delicacies previously unreleased material from 1970! EUR 18.00

INCREDIBLE STRING BAND “Same”. 180 grams vinyl LP Sundazed, US,2003. A Folk rock classic! EUR 15.00

YARDBIRDS “Featuring Eric Clapton” LP Charly 1982,Yugo Pressing! Rare pressing of 1964 tracks w/liners by Chris Welch. Mint. Eur 22.00

YOUNG BEATS “The Exiciting Soun Of” LP Break-A-Way 2004.. Hot Colombian group from 1966. Incl. Tracks by the related Time Machine. EUR 14.00

YOUNG-HOLT UNLIMITED “Oh Girl LP 4Menwith Beards, USA 2002. 180 grams reissue of cool 1972 Jazz-groove-instrumental LP. EUR 15.00

YOUNG RASCALS “Same” 1966 Atlantic rds. – 1986 reissue. EUR 25.00

YOUNG RASCALS “Groovin’” LP Rhino 1988 pressing – EUR 28.00

YOUNG TRADITION “same” Transatlantic rds. 1989 Demon pressing. Of UK Folk 60’s group. EUR 25.00

KNIGHTS “ I don’t Need You” LP DC,Ger, 1999. Lance records’s own Knights complete recs with liners and pics. EUR 15.00

KINKS “Face To Face” LP PRT rds Yugoslavia 1989. Pressing. EUR 20.00

KINKS “Kinda kinks” LP 180grams (Earmark,It,2003) EUR 15.00

KNICKERBOKERS “Stay With Us” . Line 1981 pressing. The one track mind album! EUR 25.00

LA SETTA “Hey!” LP Destination X rds,Italy 199? – Italy’s Pretty Things? Complete R’n’B recordings by this obscure combo. Comes in White Cardboard sleeve. Rare! Eur 35.00

LETTERS “Here comes that feeling again…”Detour 2002. ’79 Mod band. EUR 10.00


LOVE “Four Sail” LP Sundazed 180 grams vinyl,2004. –EUR 16.00

LOVED ONES “Magic Box” LP Complete recordings + 3 live ’67 trks. Raven rds 1985. Rare! –EUR 40.00

MAGIC MIXTURE “This is the Magic Mixture” 2LP Sunbeam 2008 –EUR 20.00

MIGHTY BABY “Egyptian Tomb” LP Psycho. Re of rare UK psych album. Mint. EUR 30.00

MILLIE “Melting pot” LP Spirit of’69 Rds,Germany.

MOJO MEN “Dance With Me” LP EVA rds. 198?s French pressing. Rare – EUR 40.00

MOTIONS “Sensation”LP Simogram. Original Dutch pressing 1971. New! EUR 25.00

NAME “What’s in a name?” LP Detour, UK,2002. Studio & live for this UK ’79 Mod revival act. EUR 10.00

NOMADS “From Zero Down” crypt, 1985, original pressing,new. Great Garage Punk ’66.Their complete recs. EUR 40.00

NORTHCOTT,TOM “The Best Of” 1964/71. Neptoon rds,canada,199?. 16 cuts. EUR 12.00

NORMIE ROWE & THE PLAYBOYS “Shakin’All Over” LP Raven (OZ) 1986. Rare 22 tr. Beat classics 1965/69! – EUR 30.00

ORANGE PEELS “same” LP Eur 15,00

PAJAMA SLAVE DANCERS “Surfin’Sex Machine” LP – (aka UK hardcore Vol.1) Mindless (Rave Up) rds – EUR 10.00

PHIL AND THE FRANTICS (aka Rough Diamonds vol.4) LP Voxx 1985. The “I must Run” Garage Classic band circa ’66. Complete recs. EUR 30.00

PHILAMORE LINCOLN “The North Wind blew South” LP . EUR 16.00

PRIVATE DICKS “Homelife” 1979/80 recordings – UK Punk. Rave UP rds- - EUR 13.00

RATIONALS “Temptation ‘bout to get me” (live at the Grane Ballroom, Nov. 27, 1968) 10” LP Total Energy 1995 – EUR 12.00

RAMONES “Road to ruin” LP ltd ed. 180 grams from analog master. Sire/Rhino. – EUR 16.00

RAVENGERS “Good Time Girls and Naughty Boys” Detour LP 1998. Mod ’79ers. EUR 10.00

REIGN GHOST “Same” Reissue of rare canadianPsych,orig on Allied rds. EUR 25.00

RENATO E SEUS BLUE CAPS “Same” Beverly rds. Rare Brazilian r’n’r combo 1963 – EUR 22.00

RINGERS “Let Them Be known” LP Break-A-Way. Best of/singles collection. US garage band’66. EUR 14.00

RONNIE VON “La Maquina Voladora” LP Discos Renovacao. Cool Brazilian Psych. EUR 18.00

RONNIE VON “ A misteriosa luta do reino de parassempre…” LP Discos Renovacao,Brazil. Eur 16.00

SIXPENCE,THEE “Step By Step” LP Akarma. Heavy cardboard sleeve. Cool Garage-Psych collection of pre Strawberry Alarm Clock act. EUR 18.00

SYNDICATE OF SOUND “Little Girl” LP Bell. Nice Mono reissue on hard cardboard of this cali garage Classic! – EUR 28.00

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT “Gloria” LP Sundazed 1998. 180 grams vinyl. EUR 18.00

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT “Raw and Alive at Cellar,1966” Sundazed LP 1992. EUR 20.00

SMALL FACES “20 Greatest Hits” LP Bigtime (Ger,8?) very cool best of comp of the SM greatest tracks! Rare pic sleeve! EUR 20.00

SONNY FLAHARTY & THE MARK V “Hey,conductor” LP Bachus/Dionysus – US 60’s garage band. EUR 15.00

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP “Their First LP” 1986 Island rds. reissue of Fontana debut LP. M- 28.00

SPINNING WHEELS “Same” LP Corduroy rds. rare OZ R’n’B Beat act circa 1964. EUR 18.00

SPRINGFIELD PARK “ A Stroll Through…” 10” Exalibur/Clear Spot. Rare UK psych from 1968. EUR 16.00

STANDELLS “The Live Ones!” 10” Sundazed. Live in Michigan,1966. Six previously unreleased recordsings! EUR 16,00

STILLROVEN “Cast Thy Burden Upon” LP Sundazed,1996. Minneapolis premier Garage Punk ’66 act. EUR 16.00

STOOGES “same” Sundazed 2002 – EUR 16.00

STOOGES “Funhouse” Sundazed LP 2002. EUR 16.00

SUPREMES “New Ways but Love stays” LP Tamla Motown. Orig. German pressing. EUR 20.00

THEM “same” 1969-70 LP orig. On Happy Tiger rds. Reissue Sweet Dandelion Rds. –EUR 17.00

THEM “Belfast Gypsies” 1978 UK Rare Pressing of 1966 recordings. EUR 30.00

TIMOTHEY LEARY & ASHRA TEMPLE “7 Up” LP. KK/Pop import Rare. –EUR 25.00

TINA PEEL “Pajama Party!” LP MIsty Lane. Pre-Fuzztones Protrudi’s act 1976/80. – EUR 15.00

ULTIMATE SPINACH “Behold & See” LP MGM Greek Pressing on Polygram. EUR 22.00

ULTIMATE SPINACH “Same” MGM LP gatefold . Greek Pressing on Polygram. EUR 22.00

VAMPIRES “A shot Of rhythm’n’ Soul” 10” Break-A-Way,Ger. 4 previously unreleased soulish tracks by obscure german band that later formed The Evolution (prog band on whawha rds). EUR 13.00

VOGUES “Five O’Clock World” C&C rds. Original pressing (mint!) . EUR 12.00

WES MONTGOMERY “ A day in the life” LP A&M 1967. Original. Italian pressing180 grams vinyl. w/Herbie Hancock,Ron Carter etc…stereo mono. Ex-/M EUR 30.00

WIG “The Jade Room” LPTexasArchive,1983,USA. Rare live recordings of these two Texas Punk –Psych acts,1966 at the infamous Jade Room venue. Mint. EUR 45.00

WHO “The Story Of The Who” 2LP . 1978 Yugoslavian pressing. EUR 20.00

WILDE KNIGHTS “Beaver Patrol”LP (aka Rough Diamonds vol. 7) Voxx,USA 1984. EUR 28.00

ZEROS “Don’t Push me around” LP – 180 grams. Bomp” –EUR 14.00
“ACID DREAMS” LP Vol. 3 Gutter rds,USA.1998. Hot Psych-Punk comp w/ Belmonts,Skunks,A little Bit Of Sound,Flower Power,Stained Glass,New arrivals… LP EUR 16.00

“ALWAYS IN THEWRONG PLACE” vol. 1 LP Heart Sore rds. Soul Ballads 1962/69. EUR 14.00

“A MAN’s GOTTA BE A MAN!” LP Soma rds Story Vol. 3 Beatrocket 180 grams vinyl. EUR 16.00

“AROUND AND AROUND” LP 15 Floorshakers beat cuts! Wild Beat/Dsx rds. W/ I Sanniti,5 Gentlemen,Huracanes,Beatmnen,Telstars,Salvajes,Sunlights,Polanie… EUR 20.00

“BADGER BEAT CHRONICLES” (Wisconsin Garage Punk Greats a Go Go!) Misty Lane LP 180 grams, 2000. Fab comp w/ultrarare Wisconsin Garage Punk,Folk Beat bands like Crucibles,Quarrymen,Komons,Private Property Of Digil, Faros,Talismen,tomorrow’s Children… Detailed liner notes, loads of pictures! Last copies ever (Sealed!). Eur 10,00

“BANDS ON LANCE” LP DC rds,Ger,1999. US garage bands on Lance records: new Mexico greats: Cellar Dwellers,Lincoln st. Exit, Kreeg,Sheltons.. liners & pics. EUR 15.00

“BATTLE OF THE BANDS” Live! Vol. 1 The Sting Rays vs. The Outcasts.LP Cicadelic rds,USA 1984. Very rare garage comp! Mint. EUR 50,00

“BATTLE OF THE BANDS” Live! Vol. 2 the Apollos,live 1966! LP Cicadelic rds,USA 1985. Very rare garage comp! Mint. EUR 50,00

“BATTLE OF THE BANDS” Live! Vol. 3 “The Outcasts live - Standing Room Only “.LP Cicadelic rds,USA 1985. Very rare garage comp! Mint. EUR 50,00

“BEAT MET EEN ZACHTE G” 10” Op Art, Comp of Brabant bands:Chums,Pandora’s Box,Fairy Tale, Go Go’s… EUR 15.00

“BEAT PARADE” Vol. 2 LP Strasse Beat rds. Insert. Cool German Beat comp! – EUR 18.00

“BEST OF METROBEAT” LP. Sundazed 1990. Rare and oop comp of Minneapolis garage bands w/Underbeats,trashmen,jokers Wild etc.. EUR 25.00

“BIG LIZARD STOMP!” LP vol. 2 Colored Wax! Rare planet X comp of rapane Garage groups incl. Golden Cups,Spiders,Jaguars,Mops,Carnabeats,Beavers…italian pressing. EUR 35.00

“BIPPP” “French Synth-Wave 1979-85” LP Born Bad, Fr. 2006. EUR 15,00

“BLUE DEMON’S MEXICAN R’N’ROLL FAVORITES” LP. Numero Uno records. Rare 80’s comp ! w/ los Ovins, Monstruos, Locos Del ritmo, Rockin’Devils, Psicodelicos, Freddys, Apson… cool liners, pix… a must have! EUR 40.00

“BORED TEENAGERS” Vol. 3 LP Detour 16 great Brit Punk originals ‘77/’82. EUR 14.00

“BRIGHT LIGHTS,BIG CITY!” LP LP Soma rds Story Vol. 2 Beatrocket 180 grams vinyl. EUR 16.00

“BRING FLOWERS TO U.S.” LP (misty Lane, 2001) ltd ed/500. Laste sealed/mint copy of cool US popsike comp w/: Gurus,Puff,Bumps,Deep Six,Barracuda,new Yorkers,London Phogg,Higher Elevation,Sunshine Trolley,mountain of youth… liners,pix. EUR 25.00

“COME FLY WITH US…” LP Psychodeli Rds. 18 Rare US gems. Society,Reign,Delrays,Wailers,D.Spade & co. Spike Drivers… EUR 15.00

“CICADELIC SIXTIES” Vol. 2 Out Of order. Cool and rare Comp on Cicadelic rds,198?. W/: Innsmen,Jagged Edge,Dovers,Swamp rats,Rationals,Tidal Waves,Outside-In… EUR 50.00

“DEMENTION OF SOUND” LP British Beat/R&B 1964-65. Clique,Sorrows,Primitives,Mark Four,Exiles,Syndicats,Untamed… LP EUR 18.00

“DESPERATE R’n’Roll” Vol. 13 LP –Classic r’rn’r series.Last copy! – EUR 18.00

“DEVIL’S CHILDREN “ – 14 Australian 60’s Beat & Punk rarities. LP feat. Flies,Purple Hearts,Nomads,Morloch,Birds.. Lance rds – EUR 18.00

“ELECTRIC SUGARCUBE FLASHBACKS” LP Vol. 4 AIP Classic UK freak beat/Psych comp w/: pandamonium,Fleur De Lys,Factory,Herbal Mixture,Big Boy Pete DC5… EUR 20.00

“EL SOUL ES UNA DROGA” Vol. 1 LP Guerssen. Rare cool Spanish Soul comp w/Bravos,Los Pops,Buenos,Iberos,Grimm.. EUR 30.00

“EL SOUL ES UNA DROGA” Vol. 2 LP Guerssen. Rare cool Spanish Soul comp w/Shelly y nueva generacion,Kifers,Impala,Yerba mate,Vampires….. EUR 30.00

“EL SOUL ES UNA DROGA” Vol. 4 LP Guerssen. Rare cool Spanish Soul comp w/Gatos negros,Jovens,Posters,Presidents,Angeles,Los Go-Go.. EUR 30.00

“ENDLESS JORUNEY” Vol. 2 LP Psycho. Rare Psych comp w/: Paisleys,C.A. Quintet,Kak,Faine Jade, Mint,Help… ltd ed/1000 . EUR 40.00

“EPITAPH FOR A LEGEND” LP International Artists 2 LPoriginally released in 1980. This is the 1989 pressing. Rare Texas Punk Psych comp. Decal rds. – EUR 40.00

“EVERY GROOVY DAY!” LP (misty Lane,2000) Rare oop US popsike-garage comp! W/: Roman Rebellion,countdown V,Togas,Private propert Of Digil,Pedestrians,Cult,Critters,Roy junior,Cords, Attila & the Huns,Poor… liners and pix,insert. Last NEW copy! EUR 30.00

“EXITOS A GO-GO” LP (aka planetary Pebbles vol.2) AIP. Mexican garage beat combos: Sicodelicos,Canarios,Hitters,Shakers,Walkers,Los In… EUR 18.00

“FUZZ,FLAYKES & SHAKES” Vol. 2 LP Bacchus 1999. Second great volume in this series incl. Fab US Garage & Folk Punk obscure tracks. Soul Inc. Amoeba,Last Chapter,Graven Image,Other Four etc.. liners and pics. EUR 15.00

“GAMMA KNEE KAPPA” – LP – Frat Rock Vol. 1 – Satan rds – EUR 13.00

“GATHERING OF THE TRIBE # 3”Fraction,Savages… ltd ed/500 copies EUR 45.00

“GO!/SCOPE labels” vol. 2 . LP Canetoad rds 1986 . Rare Australian 60s Beat comp w/ Bonny & Laurie,Last Straws, Young Once, Billy adams,Rondells,Chosen few.. EUR 35.00

“JUNGLE EXOTICA” LP Stryp (Crypt…) Simply a classic! EUR 15.00

“JUGOBEAT EXPLOSION” Vol. 3 LP Red Beat rds. Rare comp of Surf and Instro cuts from Jugoslavia w/: Indexi,Elipse,Crveni Koralji,Iskre,Crni Biseri… nice pix! EUR 35.00

“HOOTCHIE COOTCHIE” LP Original 60’s buttshakers vol. 1 Wiggle Rds (france 1999)Boogaloo & Soul comp! EUR 18.00

“HOT NIPS” Vol. 2 LP Japanese Garage/Beat comp w/ Spiders,Blue Comets,savage,Gullivers, Lancers.. Dolemite rds. Oop/rare. Eur 30.00

“IT’S A HARD LIFE” LP Lance rds, 14 mid 60s garage band greats.,insert. EUR 12.00

“IT’S A KAVE-IN” LP 16 prime Kuts from the Stone Age..Great OZ garage Punk comp w/ peter & silhouettes,Gemini 5,Chants R&B,,Tol-Puddle-Martyrs,Lincolns,frantics…amazin Comic cover and wild sounds guaranteed! Liners etc.. KAvern 7 Rds, OZ 198? EUR 30.00

“JEUGDZONDEN” LP Very Rare Nederbeat comp!!! Incl: Ted jones & Driftin’Five,Ivo & the Furies,Adjeef,Sparklings…liners (in dutch!) pic.. ltd ed. copy 276/300? EUR 60.00

“JUDDY IN THE SKY WITH NAZIS” Vol 1 LP Reep rds. Cool trnasworld garage beat comp w/:Los Walkers,Ox,Gen rosso,Huracanes,Atlantis,Selvagens.. Insert. EUR 17.00

“YESTERDAY’S DAWN” LP Fossil rds. 1965/68 garage-sikers : Avanties,Vectors,Crystal Sect,Allusions,Jades,Buddhas,Skip ellis… EUR 17.00

“KILLER CUTS!” LP Guerssen rds,Spa,199? 14 mid-60’s garage-Folk Punkers :Escapades,Uncalled For,Finestuff,Hoi Polloi, Jimmy C and the Chelsea 5… EUR 25.00

“LAND OF 1000 DANCES”- LP- Finnish Beat Comp w/: Renegades,The Islanders,Scaffolds,houndogs… Beat Road rds – EUR 17.00

“LAS VEGAS GRIND” vol. 5 Strip rds. Classic Sleazy comp! – EUR 13.00

“LEGEND CITY” LP Bacchus,US,2001.. Ferocious mid 60’s gems from Phoenix’s Viv-Debra studios,1965/67.

“LIVE AT BIG DADDY’S DISCOTEQUE 1966” LP raven 1986. Rare 60’s OZ Beat comp w/: the Others,Harts,Third Party,Chosen Few and more.. Rare! EUR 35.00

“LIVING IN THE PAST” LP misty Lane. 60’s Rare oop Nederbeat comp!W/Short 66,Dukes,Maskers,Sandy Coast,Cavaliers,J.Kendall/Herals etc.. last copies” EUR 15.00

“LOVE,STRINGS AND BOSSA!” LP ( Boss-A-Tone, 2001) Classic Italian Bossa comp w/marc 4,Al korvin,Bruno battisti D’Amario,Piero Piccioni…perfect soundtrack for your bossa nights.. EUR 20.00

“MIGHTY MELLOW” 2LP. Partners in Crime rds. A Folk-Funk Psychedelic experience. EUR 20.00

“MOD MEETING” vol 4 LP 16 exciting UK mod & Soul beaters 1965/68. EUR 16.00

“MOD MEETING” vol 5 LP 16 exciting UK mod & Soul beaters 1965/68. EUR 16.00

“MOOD MOSAIC” VOl. 8. 2LP - Partners in crime rds.1999. EUR 20.00

“MFSB” (MuthaFuckinsonofabitch) - Feat. Interpretations,Hidden Cost,Alliance,Cupit… LP Funkadelphia – EUR 17.00

“PSYCHEDELIC SUPER PIOTK” (o.s.t.) Polanie,Crickets,Gentlemen,Olympic,Illes etc. EUR 14.00

“PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWN” vol. 1 LP First LP pressing (french) of the rare 1979 EP comps. A must have comp for all garage/Psych heads! W/:Calico Wall,Sound Sandwich,Daybreakers,Evil I,Sixpence,Squires,Jury,Starfires,We the People… EUR 40.00

“PSYCHEDELIC VOYAGE” LP ltd ed/400! Rare comp w/Shames,Smoke,Voice,Poppy family,Beloved Ones,Pirates,Vanilla Fudge.. Mint! EUR 35.00

“POP-SIKE PIPE DREAMS” 2LP (aka Rubble 2) ltd ed/1000 of classic freak/psych comp w/:Wimple Winch,Pretty Things,Talismen,Bo Street runners,Idle Race,Sons Of Fred… EUR 20.00

“PROJECT BLUE” Vol 4 LP dsx rds. 60’s s lost garage gems from Honk Kong!!! Rare. EUR 28.00

“SENATOR JONES FUNKY FUNKY NEW ORLEANS” LP Funky Delicacies rare 1972/76. comp of rare N.Orleans funk labels. EUR 14.00

“SWING FOR A CRIME” LP .Cool and rare beatnik comp GMG/Venus in furs. France 198? – EUR 25.00

“THE HIPSTER” 2LP Jazee Jous in Crime comp with: 15 fab loungy/jazzy tracks. EUR 18.00

“STASERA SHAKE!” LP Boss-A-Tone. Rare oop fantastic Floor Shakin’Comp of late 60’s beat/r’n’b treasures: Rogers,Maurizio,Diego Pepe,Evy,Scooters,Lara St.Paul,Maurizio masla.. very last copies ever! EUR 20.00

“TEXAS FLASHBACKS “Vol. 1 Dallas2 LP Texas Archive rds,1986. Very rare mint comp! w/Changing Times,Living endmenerals.. EUR 50.00

“TEXAS PUNK GROUPS FROM THE SIXTIES” LP US/France 1982. Very rare and cool comp w/ Undertakers,Cynics Blue Things,Mouse & the Traps,Outcasts,Chessmen, Them. Lines and pics. EUR 50.00

“THREE O’CLOCK MERRIAN WEBSTER TIM” LP 14 Psych sounds from the Lemon Fog and The Nomads. Cicadelic LP 198?. EUR 40.00

“TOO MUCH GOIN’ON!” LP Candy . O.O.P.! 16 jerk,bird,Twist,Monkey etc.. crazy dancin’tracks”- rare orig pressing. EUR 20.00

“TOP TEEN BANDS” vol. 2 Deacons,Undernbeats,Rave-Ons,Novas,Satisfactions… EUR 15.00

“TOP TEEN BANDS” vol . 3 LP Bud-Jet. Reissue of rare 60’s comp w/ cool midwest garage bands: Accents,Novas,Underbeats,Avanties,Only Ones,Deacons… EUR 15.00

“TOUGHER THAN STAINS” LP 16 Mid-60’s Punkers!!!feat. topsy Turbys,Ardells,Golden catalinas, Half pint and the Fifths,Peck’s Bad Boys.. London Fog rds – EUR 30.00

“TUCSON SOUND 1960-68” LP bacchus,US.. Classic Garage Folk comp from the 80’s. feat Stumps,Sotweed factor,Dearly Beloved etc.. a must! EUR 20.00

“TWIST-A-RAMA” LP norton. Crude 1965 Garage from the Mohawk Valley. – EUR 14.00

“VICTIMS OF CIRCUMSTANCES” Vol. 2 LP Showcase rds,Fr. w/ Oxfords,teardrops,Interns,Sunsets… rare. EUR 28.00

“WATCH YOUR STEP” The Beat Era Vol. 1 LP Sequel 1990. Clique,Searchers,Sorrows,Boys,rockin’Berries,Tony Jackson,Brand.. EUR 30.00

“WAVY GRAVY” LP Beware rds. UK 198? – Horror/crazy r’n’r comp. EUR 25.00

“WE ARE THE MODS” Vol. 1 LP Classic 1979 Mod comp w/ Small world,Jam,Mods,Chords,Small hours.. EUR 18.00

“WHEN THE TIME RUN OUT” LP Rev. Moon rds,Italy 199? Minnesota vs. Michigan bands 1967/67. Quite rare. EUR 35.00

“WHO WILL BUY THESE WONDERFUL EVILS?” LP vol. 2. Dolores rds. 2005. Cool comp of Swedish freak beat! Cheers,Vat 66,Evil eyes,Bella & Me,Mascots,Kings… EUR 20.00

“WIZZZ!” Vol. 2 LP Born Bad rds. Psychorama Francais 1966/70. EUR 16.00

“WHAT’S SHAKIN’” Featuring LOVIN’ SPOONFUL (P.Butterfield,Eric Clapton,Al kooper..)

Sundazed 2003. – EUR 16.00

“WILD IN THE STREETS” LP 1968 Movie Soundtrack reissue – Tower – EUR 18.00

“WILD WILD WORLD OF MONDO MOVIES MUSIC” LP Big Beat 1990. Rare comp with b-movies soundtracks i.e.: hell’s Angels,Rat Pfink,Brain eaters,Plan 9,She Devils.. EUR 30.00

“WINNING SIDES “ Vol. 2 LP Hip Shake rds. 17 60’s Punkers from USA! – EUR 15.00

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