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Sub: List of activities to be carried out by Retiree.
Name of the activity
Receive 6 month’s notice. If you are within Sr.DGM’s grade, you will get 6 months notice letter for your retirement from your HR department. If you are
AGM and above then you will get 6 month’s notice letter from HR/Corporate office. You may also get letter from your HR department in Bg. Cx that also you can receive for your records. Also if you have born on 1
st of month then you will be retiring in the previous month. Ex. If you have born on 1
January then you will be retiring in the previous month i.e., December. In case if you have born 2
nd or later then you will be retiring in the end of the month. Ex. If you have born 2
January then you will be retiring on 31
January. This is as per the government rules issued at the time of enhancement or retirement age increased from 58 to 60 years.
On receipt of 6 month’s notice letter give acknowledgement copy for having received 6 month’s notice letter from the HOD.
Concerned HR department will issue NDC ( No Due Certificate) to your
Departmental Head, therefore, kindly inform your HOD to send the NDC to
HR Department on the 1
st of the retiring month
Receive BERECHS (Bharat Electronics Retired Employees Contributory
Health Scheme) application form from concerned SBU HR (well in advance before 3 months) along with authorisation form to pay the one time non- refundable deposit from the final settlement of accounts.
The address furnished in your BERECHS form and the present address declared should be one & the same. Please ensure correct address is given by you. If spouse (Husband/Wife) is working then you have to pay the deposit amount for coverage at the time of retirement and inform your HR department after your spouse retirement and get the medical coverage and medical prescription booklet which contains your spouse photo.
Check whether filled-in BERECHS form is forwarded to HR/Central along with a covering letter by concerned SBU HR.
Receive Medical prescription book for yourself and spouse(at the time of retirement function).
Apply for service certificate to your HR Department and receive Service
Certificate from your HR on last day of working.
Apply for Certificate to get certified on your (DOB) date of birth and address to enable you to apply for Senior citizen ID badge from the Government for various facilities applicable to Sr. citizens.
Complete EPMS in SAP (applicable to executives only)
After your retirement, your HR may contact for various purposes therefore, for future correspondence please furnish your latest address, Bank Account
No. and Mobile No etc to the concerned SBU HR.
Collect latest copy of AMA medial dependents form for your reference as it may be required for Kalyana Mantapa booking, etc., for your dependents
(if applicable).
Please return back Medical ID badges issued to your dependents to the concerned SBU HR (on the last day of your working).

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