New Year's Eve Principal mtv/Geico

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New Year's Eve                           Principal                     MTV/Geico

Totally Patriots Theme Song New England Patriots/NFL

Two Years                                        Supporting                  HoD Productions

TRL Guest Segment                        Host                           MTV

Evan Williams Honey (3 spots) Supporting                 Prime Pictures

Equestria Girls (4 spots) Hand Model Hasbro

People in Boxes                               Supporting                  Independent Film

Le Parker Meridien                          Lead                           Forevity Productions

Steel Train “Bullet” Featured                     Isaac Ravishankara, dir.


The Jinx: The Life & Deaths...Durst Kathie Durst v/o HBO/Andrew Jarecki

Underdogs (Soundtrack)                 Title Track Vocals Sam Hollander/JT Harding

Totally Patriots Female Vocals New England Patriots/NFL

Taboo: Old Enough                         Young Female v/o      National Geographic

Blondie McGhee: At Your Service Audiobook Ashley Eneriz, Author

xThrift: Thrift Shop App Multiple Spots Peter Harvey

Cathy Character Songs & v/o TinyGrads


Fiddler On The Roof                        Shprintze          Troika/Sammy Dallas Bayes

    (w/Topol & w/Harvey Fierstein & w/Theo Bikel)



Fiddler 50th Anniversary Gala          Performer                   Town Hall/Gary John LaRosa

    w/Sheldon Harnick, Chita Rivera, Joshua Bell, etc

Delirium’s Daughters (world premiere) Celia Theatre Row/Kathleen Butler

The Kid Who Would Be Pope          Young Females   NYMF Reading/Gabriel Barre

Hello, Dolly! w/Sally Struthers         Ermengarde               Ogunquit Playhouse (regional)

The Price of Admission                     Lea                       The Triad/Multiple Readings

Silence!                                             Rhonda                      At Hand Theatre Company

The McCreary’s                                Daughter                    BMI Workshop 



Acting: AMAW (nyc & los angeles); Atlantic Acting School; Carolyn Mignini

On-Camera: Jonathan Strauss; Doug Keston

Vocal: Katy Pfaffl; Eddie Schnecker; Andrea Green; Voice Over: Roger Becker

Dialect: Mara Gannon; Voice & Diction: Linklater & Fitzmaurice work

Vocal Range: F below middle C to high C; pop/folk/country

Workshops/Classes: Kim Miscia; Justin Huff; Abbie Brady-Dalton; Jessica Kelly

2014 Encores! Off-Center Artist’s Board: selected and led by Jeanine Tesori

Songwriting (pop/folk/country); Guitar (basic); Dialects (French, British, Southern, NJ); Vedic Meditation; Dog Rescue volunteer/advocate; former cheerleader (10+ yrs); painting/DIY.

Download 39.45 Kb.

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