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Social Studies Study Guide

Chapter 5

  • Where did Europeans first settle in the Atlantic Coast and Appalachian Region?

  • Why is Roanoke called the “Lost Colony”?

  • What did early settlers along the Fall Line use to run machines?

  • How did most early settlers cross the Appalachian Mountains to reach present-day Kentucky and Tennessee?

  • In the past, why did many people in Appalachia make most of the things they needed?

  • How did the Tennessee Valley Authority help the Atlantic Coast and Appalachian region grow?

  • In which states is coal mining a major industry?

Know these terms: pass, resort, fall line, pioneer, reclaim, reservoir, wildlife refuge, and aluminum

Understand how to read a line graph, Do the Practice the skill items on page 179. Based on the graph, what prediction can you make about the population in 2050?
Complete a Venn diagram to compare and contrast information showing ways in which the Atlantic Coast States and Appalachian States are alike and different.

The ‘Atlantic Coast States’ section should have two facts, the ‘Appalachian States’ section should have two facts and the ‘Both’ section of the Venn diagram should have four facts listed.

Appalachian States

Possible answers for the Venn diagram are:

river ports, ocean ports, border the Atlantic Ocean, located in the east-central United States, Appalachian Mountains, marshes, part of the South region, Mississippi River system forms borders, tourism, hills and plateaus, Coastal Plain, Piedmont, early English settlers, agriculture (especially tobacco), government, and industries

Extra Credit:

In a one-paragraph essay, explain why many cities in the Atlantic Coast and Appalachian States have grown up along rivers.

The paragraph should include details about colonial days, the evolution of waterpower, and why modern cities continue to utilize rivers and how that affects population.

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