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RGRLL Department Chair

Dr. Markus Muller


Administrative Support Coordinator II

Cerise Dragicevich


(562) 985-4318


Administrative Support Coordinator I

Kim Glick


(562) 985-4317



María Carreira

PhD, University of Illinois/Urbana

Alicia del Campo

PhD, UC Irvine

Bonnie Gasior

PhD, Purdue University

Undergraduate Advisor

Claire Emilie Martin,

PhD, Yale University

Undergraduate Advisor

Leslie Nord

PhD, Yale University

Rita Palacios

PhD, University of Toronto

Alexander Rainof

PhD, University of Michigan 

RGRLL Language Coordinator

Markus Muller

PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

MINOR in Spanish (Code RGR_UM05):

Students are required to complete a minimum of eighteen (18) units of which fifteen (15) must be upper-division. Spanish 300) (6 units) is required of all students. If your secondary education was done in a Spanish-speaking country, please see an advisor.


COURSE WORK required for:


Heritage Speakers


Lower Division Units: AP Exam with a score of 4 or 5 or Spanish 250 or equivalent


Upper Division Units:

Spanish 300 for heritage speakers (code 139)

The remaining 9 units can be taken from the program’s 300-400 level course offerings.


Non-Native Speakers

Lower Division Units:

AP Exam with a score of 4 or 5

or Spanish 201B or equivalent


Upper Division Units: Code 138)

Spanish 300 for non-native speakers


The remaining 9 units can be taken from the program’s 300-400 level course offerings.



For information regarding the Master of Arts degree in Spanish, please see the Graduate Advisor.


For information regarding the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Spanish, see the Single Subject Credential Advisor, Dr. Jean-Jacques Jura:

Advisor Contact Information:

Dr. Bonnie Gasior

Dr. Claire Martin








 spain courtyard


Romance, German, Russian

Languages & Literatures

California State University,

Long Beach

The program offers courses leading to the B.A. degree in Spanish, the Minor in Spanish and the Concentration in Bilingual Spanish and English for the B.A. in Liberal Studies, the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Spanish, and the minor and certificate programs in Latin American Studies in addition to several other programs and degrees.

The requirements for the B.A. Degree in Spanish include a Basic Core of 21 units (required of all degree students) and an additional 18 upper division units. In addition, students must also complete two years of university-level study of a second foreign language, or

demonstrate the equivalent level of proficiency in another language. This requirement can be

fulfilled at a junior college, accredited university or by an equivalency exam.

The following requirements for the B.A. also satisfy the requirements for the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Spanish, as long as the courses are taught in Spanish. It is highly recommended that students interested in the Single Subject Credential consult with the undergraduate advisors:

Dr. Bonnie Gasior –

Dr. Claire Martin –

 BASIC CORE (21 upper-division units, required of all Spanish majors)

300 Advanced Grammar & Composition

(*P 201B, 250, or equivalent)

310 Intro to Literary Analysis (*P 300)

330 Literary Masterpieces: Spain (*P 310)

341 Literary Masterpieces: Spanish America (*P 310)

423 Intro to Spanish Linguistics

(*P 300 or instructor’s consent)

430 Spanish Civilization (*P upper-division in Spanish) OR 445 Latin American Civilization

(*P upper division in Spanish)


*P (Prerequisite)

** Spanish 300 has sections for non-native speakers and sections for heritage speakers. Students should note the difference in code numbers (138 & 139 respectively) in the schedule of classes.

ELECTIVES (18 units of student’s choice)

314 Oral Communication

335A/B Business Spanish I and II

322 Bilingual Teacher

350 Hispanic Short Narrative

351 Survey of Hispanic Theater

400 Don Quijote and the Critics

420 History of the Spanish Language

426 Morphology and Syntax

427 Contrastive Analysis

428 Spanish Cinema

429 Studies in 19th and 20th Century Spanish Poetry

430 Spanish Civilization

438 Studies in Golden Age Literature

439 Modern Spanish Narrative spain corridor

441 Studies in 19th and 20th Century Spanish American Narrative

442 Nation Building and Women’s Writing in 19th Century Spanish America

443 Studies in 19th and 20th Century Spanish American Poetry

444 19th Spanish America and the

National Family Romance

445 Latin American Civilization

446 Studies in Spanish Culture [Repeatable]

447 The Invention of Spain

448 Romanticism and Realism

449 Dictatorship to Democracy

450 Studies in Colonial Spanish American Literature

455 Cinema of the Americas

460 Studies in Spanish American Culture [Repeatable]

461 Introduction to Translation and Interpretation

(*P 300 with a grade of B or better)

462 Written and Sight Translation I: English/Spanish

463 Written and Sight Translation: Spanish/English

464 Consecutive Interpretation I

465 Consecutive Interpretation II

466 Simultaneous Interpretation English/Spanish

467 Simultaneous Interpretation Spanish/English

490 Special Topics [Repeatable]

491 Nobel Poets and Others

492 Studies Hispanic Theater

493 Special Topics
494 Internship in Spanish

499 Independent Study


RGR 100A Uptown, Downtown: The City as Text (*Fall 2013)

RGR 346I European Cinema of Communism, Fascism and Resistance

RGR 400I Crime & Punishment

RGR 424 Second Language Acquisition

RGR 425 Romance Linguistics

RGR 450I 1492 to present

RGR 470 Technology in the FL classroom



Phone: 562-985-4317

Fax: 562-985-4259 


Phone: 562-985-4317

Fax: 562-985-4259 

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