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Welcome to
Offutt AFB!




Airman & Family Readiness Center

106 Peacekeeper Drive Ste. 2N3

Offutt AFB, NE 68113

Phone: (402)294-4329

Congratulations on your assignment to Offutt Air Force Base, home of the “Fightin’ Fifty-Fifth” Wing! On behalf of the Airman & Family Readiness Center’s Director, Mrs. Billie Gaines, I would like to extend to you and your family a very warm welcome to our installation. We are excited that you are joining our Team Offutt and eager to serve with you and your family.
Prepare yourself for a very exciting and demanding assignment! Be ready to apply your operational experience, military knowledge and leadership skills to enhance our mission. Since the start of Operations ENDURING FREEDOM, IRAQI FREEDOM and NEW DAWN, the men and women at Offutt AFB have continuously committed to the fight and readiness for worldwide deployment. It is our No. 1 priority and readiness includes Airmen and their families.
In support of our mission readiness is our first-class military community. Offutt’s excellence is no secret to communities Air Force wide. The base is ranked among the top Air Force installations and known for its outstanding base support and services.
In addition to the excellent services found on the base, we have strong community partnerships with off-base medical facilities and area school systems. Offutt is committed to fulfilling the Air Force’s Community Covenant – by doing so we are working to make this installation the one you will remember throughout your military career.
Please use the information in this guide as an introduction to our units, resources, services and local recreational activities. Also check out our website: www.offuttafrc.com or visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Offutt.AFRC for all the latest information you will need.
I am certain that if you take advantage of all that Offutt Air Force Base and the surrounding communities have to offer, your time here will be incredibly rewarding. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Kevin E. Dowell


Team Lead, Community Readiness Consultant

Airman & Family Readiness Center

The Sun Never Sets on the Fightin’ Fifty-Fifth

The forwarding address for your mail is:

Your Rank and Name

110 Airman Cir Ste 99999

Offutt AFB NE 68113-2070.

(Avoid the words “General Delivery” in the address. If it’s used, there is a chance the mail will be misdirected to the downtown Omaha post office.)

Childcare For PCS program
This program helps families who are PCSing/Retiring. Participants can receive up to 20 hours of child care (per child) at the base a family is departing from and the base where the family is arriving (PCS only), if both bases offer the program. Must be used within 60 days or departure/arrival. Open to all ranks as long as there is adequate childcare availability. Child care provided by Family Child Care providers (in home). Contact the local Airman and Family Readiness Center for more information. (bring copy of orders)

Planning a Move --- Relocation Assistance for Offutt Air Force Base
Welcome to Offutt Air Force Base, home of the “Fightin’ Fifty-Fifth” Wing and host of organizations with unique and dynamic missions, including U.S. Strategic Command and the 557th Weather Wing. Offutt’s great heritage dates back to 1896 when the first troops began to arrive at the newly constructed Fort Crook, named in honor of Civil War hero Maj. Gen. George Crook. In 1918, the 61st Balloon Company became the first air unit to command the post and in 1924, Fort Crook’s flying field became Offutt Field in honor of 1st Lt. Jarvis J. Offutt, Omaha’s first World War I air casualty. In 1947, Offutt Field transferred to the new Department of the Air Force and became Offutt Air Force Base. Less than a year later, Offutt gained international prominence and a place in history by becoming the host base for the Strategic Air Command headquarters. With a deep-rooted history, today’s Offutt missions play an integral role in modern warfare and homeland defense.
Getting Ready to Relocate as a Military Family
Members of the Armed Forces and their families know that Permanent Change of Station (PCS) is a fact of military life, but it can be a challenge to leave one place and settle into another for service members and their families. Relocation is one of the most stressful aspects of military life. Fortunately, the military recognizes this and does quite a bit to help families get assistance for service-related moves, including referrals for programs that may not be available through the Armed Forces. Your Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) will be your key source of information regarding the local area and the moving process. Check out the Center’s web site under the Relocation Assistance Program at www.offuttafrc.com. If you need individualized assistance, contact the Center at (402) 294-4329 to schedule a personalized consultation with one of our Relocation professionals. We’ll help you with the steps that you can take and connect you with the resources available to help you make the necessary plans for a successful move.
First steps and resources
Gaining a sense of control over your move can help ease the stress. Whether this is your first move or your fifteenth, it's a good idea to:

  • Create a "Command Center" for your move. This is a central location for the details -- including "to-do" lists -- that relate to your move. This is also the place to keep all of your important documents (orders, medical records, Powers of Attorney, wills, birth certificates, passports, last statements for accounts if they aren't electronic). A large accordion-pleated binder works well for this. Even if you're keeping lists and other documents on your computer, be sure to make hard copies for your command center.

  • Prioritize. Rather than trying to do it all at once, make an "A" list, a "B" list, and a "C" list, depending on what needs to be done first. This can help you focus on the "deal-breakers" -- what's most important to get done.

  • Once you have orders in hand, contact your installation's Transportation Office to find out what is needed to set up the move. If the service member is deployed, the spouse will need a Power of Attorney to take care of the details. Be sure to access the "It's Your Move" pamphlet and other helpful official information about moving at www.move.mil

  • Visit your current installation’s A&FRC for the purpose of getting relocation information to help you with the move.

  • Contact the Homes.mil a housing referral network. Housing On-line Military Enterprise System is a public-facing IT system for community rental listings. This system is an OSD approved system and is supported by Enterprise Military Housing (eMH).

  • You can find out about the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) at the DoD site at http://defensetravel.dod.mil.

  • Connect with friends who have lived on your new installation or are living there now. They'll be able to answer many of your questions from a first-hand perspective. Ask friends at your current installation for names of people they know at your new location. Hopefully, your sponsor will be able to answer most of your questions. A good sponsor with a positive attitude makes a tremendous difference.

  • Find out about the new community. To get information on your next base, visit the MILITARY INSTALLATIONS website at Military One Source or take the direct link to www.militaryinstallations.dod.mil ,enter the desired installation and hit the “Go” button. The page contains resources for everyone who is relocating from one military duty station to another, as well as those working or living at or near a military installation. Installation information includes phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses of key personnel, as well as local community facts and organizational contacts.

  • You can also use the these additional community resources: Access the Web site for the Chamber of Commerce that serves your new town or area. See if your new town has a Web site by using the town and state as search terms. Go to the Citysearch site at www.citysearch.com for more information about your new community, including locations of the nearest ballparks and recreation areas.

  • Prepare a list of important phone numbers and addresses to keep with you as you move and when you arrive at your new location. Be sure to include: The phone number and address of the nearest hospital (Note: You can find this through www.citysearch.com., your town's Web site, or through you’re A&FRC.)

Helping your children/teenagers
No matter what age your children are, there are steps you can take to help them with the transition. Keep in mind that from the very beginning -- when you first get PCS orders -- it's important to:

  • Acknowledge your children's feelings. Make sure they know that it's OK to feel anxious about the move. Even though you'll be busy, it's important to make time to sit and talk about what the move will mean for everyone.

  • Be a role model with a positive attitude. Try to convey to your child that, even though moving can be hard, it's also an adventure. Although it's important to acknowledge the stresses of moving, it's also important to focus on the good things about relocating: expanding your community of friends and learning about new places.

Helping younger children

  • Give your child pictures of the new installation and surrounding area. Young children benefit from having a concrete idea of where they will be. Try to find photographs of your new community --- the installation, library, school, and recreation areas -- print them out, and give your child a folder to keep them in.

  • Try to keep routines intact. Even though you'll be extremely busy organizing the details of the move, it's important to keep in mind that children are comforted by the routines of daily life. By continuing to have your usual Friday-night popcorn, bedtime reading, Saturday walk to the library --- or whatever rituals you enjoy together --- you will reassure your child that many of the important things in life stay the same, even when you're getting ready to move.

  • Help a younger child make an address book with pictures, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. An older child or teenager will appreciate an address book, too. Knowing that they will be able to stay in touch with old friends easily can help make the move feel less stressful.

  • Visit online resources with your child that is specifically written for military children. MilitaryStudent.org at www.militaryonesource.mil/family-and-relationships offers a "Kid's Guide to Moving" for 6- to-12 years old.

Helping teenagers

Relocating can be especially stressful for teenagers, whose emotional states are often in some sort of turmoil even without the knowledge of a coming move. It's important to make sure your teenager is included in the decisions he/she can be included in from the start. It's also important to make sure your teenager understands the details of the move. "Helping Your Teenager Cope with Relocation," available on the Military OneSource Web site, offers strategies for parents relocating with teenagers.

  • Encourage your teenager to attend relocation briefings. Some installations may have relocation workshops for children and teens. Check your installation's relocation office or A&FRC to see what's available.

  • Tell your teenager about the move as soon as possible. You may be tempted to delay breaking the news, but it's best to tell your teenager right away. Knowing about the move well ahead of time will give your teenager time to prepare emotionally and to start planning.

  • Suggest that your teenager visit online resources for teenagers in military families, including Military Youth on the Move, at www.militaryonesource.mil/education-and-employment and www.militaryonesource.mil/family-and-relationships

If your child has special needs
If your child has special needs, you will have some extra steps to take as you get ready to move. Be sure to:

  • Contact the coordinator or advisor for your service branch. This is your Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) coordinator (for the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps), and your Special Needs Advisor (Army).

  • Connect to the Department of Defense's Military One Source Special Needs/EFMP module. Go to www.militaryonesource.mil and click on "Families & Relationships," then on "Special Needs/EFMP."

  • Talk with a Military OneSource consultant at 1-800-342-9647 about special-needs concerns. The program can help you with a wide range of issues, including finding respite care and advocates within the school system at your new location, state contact information. It can also help you find medical professionals, and give you contact information for national networks and coalitions that provide support and information for families with special-needs children.

Taking care of yourself
In order to navigate the adventure (and the boxes) ahead, you need to take all the steps you can to take care of yourself. Be sure to:

  • Ask for help. There are many resources available to help you, including other families on your installation. People will be happy to give you a hand by watching your children as you pack or even helping with some of the nitty-gritty details. Every military family knows the challenges of making a move and the importance of support from friends.

  • Make a point of spending time with friends and co-workers before you leave. Although you may feel as though you can't squeeze one more thing into your schedule, it's important to connect in person before you go.

  • Make time every day for some exercise. This can simply be a twenty-minute walk. Exercise, even for this amount of time, can be a great mind-clearer and stress-reducer.

  • Be sure to drink lots of water. It can be easy to become dehydrated when you're preoccupied with the details of a move. Try to keep water bottles at several locations in your home as you plan and pack.

  • Eat well! You may be so busy that you forget to eat meals --- which can lead to tiredness and lack of energy. Think about making a supply of sandwiches a day ahead and keeping them in the fridge along with some chopped up fruit and vegetables. Energy bars can come in handy, too --- you can keep one in your pocket or bag for emergencies.

  • Watch your back! You and other family members are likely to be lifting boxes on both ends of your move. It's important to understand the basics about keeping your back healthy in spite of lifting. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons public information site at orthoinfo.aaos.org. provides detailed information about safe lifting.

Other resources

  • Military One Source: www.militaryonesource.mil/on-and-off-base-living/moving This site includes two helpful tools for planning a move. Search Military INSTALLATIONS for information about programs and services for over 250 military installations and communities. Create a customized plan and calendar using Plan My Move. This tool also includes checklists, contact lists, and other resources to help with a smooth transition.

  • Your installation's support services: Depending on your service branch, your Fleet and Family Support Center, Marine Corps Community Services, Airman and Family Readiness Center, or Army Community Service Center can provide you with information and relocation support.

Your Pet and Relocation

Tips and resources for making a PCS move with your pet.
When it comes to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves, your pet is your responsibility. You will need to meet requirements -- and pay any fees -- for documentation, immunization, and pet entry at your next duty station, but your relocation office and Airman & Family Readiness Center can help you find the information you need for your move. At overseas locations our military travel office can help you make reservations for air transport. If you are moving overseas, your sponsor can also help you make arrangements for shipment of your pet. If you decide to move your pet, the following information can make the transition to a new home safer and easier.
Before you leave
It's best to start planning as soon as you receive orders. If you will be sending your pet by air, contact a carrier early to make sure that there's space available for animals on the date and time you want. Try to book a direct flight so your pet won't spend a lot of time waiting in a cargo hold. Keep in mind that some commercial airlines don't allow pets during summer and winter months when temperatures can be extreme.
The following tips can help you get your pet ready to move:

  • Take your pet to the veterinarian three months before the move, if possible. This visit will give you time to address any health problems that your veterinarian may discover during the exam. Make sure all vaccinations are current and that your pet is healthy. Be sure to take the following steps:

    • Get a copy of your pet's veterinary records to take with you and ask your veterinarian if he or she can recommend a vet in your new community.

    • Ask your veterinarian for a rabies certificate. The certificate must be issued at least 30 days before departure. Make sure your dog's or cat's rabies tag is affixed to its collar.

    • Make an appointment to get your pet's health certificate. The health certificate must be issued within 10 days of departure.

    • Ask if your pet should be sedated during the move, especially if it will be traveling by airplane. Your veterinarian can give you enough medication to try it out before moving day to see how your pet reacts.

    • If your pet is on any medication, be sure to have an ample supply for the move. This way you can be sure not to run out of medication before you have a chance to visit a new vet.

  • Become informed about animal laws and regulations at your next location. Most states require pets to have an interstate health certificate. Hawaii and some foreign countries have quarantine periods. Certain countries prohibit dog breeds that are considered aggressive.

  • If your pet will require kenneling when you arrive at your new duty station, make arrangements well in advance. Coordinate the schedule with your sponsor.

  • Try to keep your pet's routine as regular as possible. Your pet may sense something is going on and become nervous in the days leading up to the move, especially if familiar objects are packed away. Sticking to regular walks, play times, and feeding times will help keep your pet calm and reassured.

  • Keep your pet at a friend's house or at a kennel on moving day. If that's not possible, put your pet in a quiet, safe place such as the bathroom with the door closed. This will reduce the risk that your pet will become frightened and run away, or hide in a box about to be put on the truck.

  • If your pet will be staying with you in a hotel or temporary military quarters, call ahead to make sure the facility accepts pets.

  • Provide identification for your pet. Mark the outside of the carrier with your name, destination address, and a phone number where you can be contacted. Make sure your pet's tag has the same contact information. Also, attach copies of the health, rabies, and import certificates (when required). And remember to include your pet's name so that attendants can talk to it.

  • Record your pet's size, weight, and identifying markings, and take color photographs of it. Keep these with you during the move in case you become separated.

  • Carry a copy of your pet's documents with you, including vaccination certificates, health certificates, and import certificates when required.

  • Mark your animal carrier with the words "Live Animal." Make sure the carrier is well ventilated and large enough to allow your pet to stand up and move around.

  • Feed your pet four to six hours before the trip. If you are traveling with a dog, give it plenty of exercise before leaving.

  • Make sure pet carriers or cages are secure and won't tip over during travel.

  • Keep some favorite toys or a blanket with your pet. Being able to smell some of its favorite, familiar things may help reduce stress. It can also be a good idea to put a T-shirt or other piece of clothing recently worn by you or another of your pet's owners in the animal carrier.

  • Have supplies on hand for cleanups. Bring paper towels, a sponge, or pre-moistened towels. For dogs, be sure to bring a "pooper scooper" and plastic bags for disposing of waste. For cats, have a litter box handy.

  • If you have exotic or unusual pets, ask your local pet store or your veterinarian for more detailed moving instructions.

Moving your pet by air
Air Mobility Command (AMC): DoD regulations allow pet owners traveling in PCS status leaving most overseas locations to book two pets per family (dogs and cats only) with them on AMC flights. Waivers are required for more than two pets. AMC does not impose seasonal restrictions on pet travel. AMC's rules for pet travel are very specific. For example, owners must provide a hard-shell U.S. approved International Air Transport Association (IATA) kennel. Contact your military travel office for information, or go the AMC Web site at www.amc.af.mil/amctravel/index.asp , under the Travel Information and Documents, download the AMC Pet Brochure.
Commercial airliner
Requirements vary by carrier. Some airlines allow small dogs or cats to accompany owners in the passenger cabin, as long as they are in a carrier that fits under the seat. Airlines may impose additional charges for pets in the passenger cabin. Be aware that airlines usually won't allow animals to travel in the cargo hold when it's too hot or cold outside. In most cases your veterinarian can give authorization that your pet is healthy enough to fly at slightly higher or lower temperatures. Check with your veterinarian and the airlines.
Moving your pet by car
If your pet will be riding in the car with you, be sure to have proof of rabies vaccination and a current health certificate available when crossing state or international borders.
Here are some ways to help your animal feel more comfortable in the car:

  • Groom your pet before the trip with a bath, combing, and nail trimming.

  • Be sure to bring along some favorite toys and dishes.

  • If you need to feed your pet during the trip, take along water and bland food from your old home. Different food and water can give your pet an upset stomach. Try to arrange your travel and feeding times so that your pet isn't traveling on a full stomach.

  • Keep your animal contained or leashed at all times. Keep your dog on a leash when bringing it outside to relieve itself during the trip. Pets can become confused in strange places and may run off.

  • Avoid temperature extremes for all pets. Don't leave pets alone in the car for more than a few minutes. Use a sturdy, insulated carrier to help regulate the temperature when you're traveling. If you're traveling with a bird, keep the cage covered but well ventilated.

  • Provide plenty of fresh water. Small caged animals, such as gerbils and hamsters, can become dehydrated easily. Make sure your small animals have water at all times. For dogs and cats, provide fresh water at each stop, if traveling by car.

After you arrive
As soon as you and your family are in your new home, start getting your pet back into its routine. Regular meal times, exercise, and play times will help your pet feel more at home. Also, try the following:

  • Confine pets to a single room while unpacking and setting up your new home. Cats especially may become nervous in new surroundings and will feel more secure if kept in a room with their food and water dishes, bedding, and litter box.

  • Give your pet something familiar from your old home. An old blanket, a T-shirt of yours, or anything else that carries the scent of your former home will help your pet feel more secure.

  • Keep your cat indoors until you are settled in. If you have an outdoor cat, give it at least several weeks to become used to its new surroundings before letting it outside.

  • Walk your dog around your new home and neighborhood. Allow your dog to become familiar with its new territory.

  • Make an appointment with your pet's new veterinarian. Your vet will be a good source of information about local pet laws and will be able to tell you where to find the closest 24-hour emergency pet clinic.

Other resources

  • Military One Source --- www.militaryonesource.mil: The relocation section of this site offers pet-packing checklists and travel tips, as well as links to pet-friendly lodging worldwide. This easy-to-navigate site offers helpful tips and links to other resources for moving with your family and pets.

  • American Veterinary Medical Association --- www.avma.org: This site contains a library of information covering a variety of animal health topics, available in a brochure or text format.

Whether it's the first or fifteenth time you are serving as a sponsor, you're not going to have all the answers. Here are some places to go for help:

Bldg 44

(402) 294-3671

5096 Kennedy Drive

(Located in Capehart Housing Complex)

(402) 294-2203
Information on child care vacancies, policies & Family Day Care providers
(402) 294-9017
Bldg 49

(402) 294-3020


Federal Employment Information

Ehrling-Bergquist Clinic

(402) 294-7888
Services for family members with special medical/educational needs

Bldg 323C, Room 206

(402) 294-4329
Relocation Assistance

Employment Information

Personal Financial Planning

Air Force Aid Society


Bldg 323C

(402) 294-3300

Military and Travel Pay
(402) 991-9840
On-Base & Off-Base Housing Information
Bldg 302A,

(402) 294-3732

Powers of Attorney

Review Leases

Household Claims, (402) 294-2351
Bldg 49,

(402) 294-2374

ID Cards, DEERS, Inprocessing
Whiteman Hall, Bldg 324

(402) 294-3911

Temporary Forwarding Address

Dorm Residents Post Boxes

Law Enforcement Desk

(402) 294-6110/6119
Visitor Control Center

(402) 294-7551

(402) 294-4719
Patriot Club, (402) 294-2268

Equipment Rental, (402) 294-2167

FamCamp, (402) 294-2108

Castle Hall, Bldg 525

(402) 294-6879/6880
Sell or donate unwanted items
Bldg 5085
(402) 294-5152

Youth Sponsorship Program
Bldg 323C

(402) 294-4292

Inbound HHG Shipments

(800) 771-1819

St Louis POV VPC

(Pontoon Beach, IL)



Additional Resources:

American Red Cross: (402) 294-5032

Base Post Office: (402) 294-3523

Base Information: (402) 294-1110


Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) (402) 294-4329

Provides emergency financial
assistance to active duty and
retired military members and
their families.

American Red Cross (402) 294-5032

Emergency Services 1-800-696-3873
Food pantries

Bellevue Human Resource Office (402) 293-3138
Food Stamps

Douglas County (402) 595-2666

Sarpy County (402) 595-3400
GOCA (Greater Omaha Community Action) (402) 291-6065

Utility, rent, food assistance; Commodity Supplemental Food
WIC (Women, Infants and Children) (402) 451-3130

Supplemental food for women who
are pregnant, breast feeding, or
recently had a baby and for infants
and children under 5 years

WIC Office on Base (Bldg 323C) (402) 294-3036


Housing Office

3116 Lockbourne Drive (within Capehart Housing Area)

Monday-Thursday, 0700-1645, Friday 0730-1615

(402) 294-6242 / DSN 271-6242

FAX 294-9763

The majority of apartment rentals include only one and two bedrooms, although some 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom units are available but expensive. Pets may limit the option for off-base housing. Places that accept pets may require an additional damage deposit or pet fee.
The Housing Office can provide a list of apartments to meet an individual’s needs -- the number of bedrooms, cost, deposits and whether or not pets are allowed. A word of caution here: if too much time elapses between the list and arrival of newcomer, it cannot be guaranteed that a particular unit will still be available and/or that rental costs have not changed.
Apartments are listed in the Yellow Pages of the phone books as well as the apartment magazines that are available at the Housing Office, the entrance to the BX and Commissary and grocery stores downtown.
Multiple other apartment listing and magazine resources are also available on the Internet.


Aldersgate United Methodist Church

3617 Greene Ave

Bellevue NE 68147
(402) 734-2400
Adat HaTikvah Tzion (Messianic Jewish)

14808 Q St

Omaha, NE 68134 (402) 592-2404
Avery Presbyterian Church

1910 Avery Rd E

Bellevue NE 68005
(402) 733-1104
Offutt AFB Chapel

55 WG/HC

301 Lincoln Hwy (402) 294-6244

Offutt AFB, NE 68113

Bellevue Christian Center

1400 Harvell Dr

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 291-0616

Bellevue Christian Church

2409 Jackson St

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 291-0717

Bellevue Community Church

8601 S 36th St

Bellevue NE 68147

(402) 733-0136

Bethel Christian Ministries (Pentecostal)

3702 Giles Road

Bellevue NE 68147

(402) 734-3112

Bethel El Synagogue (Jewish)

14506 California St

Omaha, NE 68154 (402) 492-8550
Calvary Christian Church (Non- denominational)

10100 Cedar Island Rd

Bellevue NE 68123

(402) 293-1700

Chandler Acres Baptist Church (SBC)

7505 Chandler Acres Dr

Bellevue NE 68147

(402) 733-1274

Christ the King Lutheran Church (ELCA)

7308 S 42d St

Bellevue NE 68147

(402) 733-3294

Church of Christ - Bellevue

2311 Madison St

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 291-3585

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

2210 Harlan Dr

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 291-9061

Church of the Holy Spirit


1305 Thomas Dr

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 291-7732
First Baptist Church - Bellevue (SBC)

206 E. 23d Ave

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 292-0193

First Presbyterian Church

1220 Bellevue Blvd

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 291-1104

Free Methodist Church

1908 Lloyd St

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 291-4701

Golden Hills Seventh-Day Adventist Church

3005 Golden Blvd

Bellevue NE 68123

(402) 291-7493

Heartland Baptist Church

312 W 20th Ave

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 291-4588

Immanuel Lutheran Church (ELCA)

104 Galvin Rd N

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 291-8868

Jehovah’s Witnesses East

9811 S. 36th St.

Bellevue NE 68123

(402) 731-0892
Living Word Church-of-the-Living God (Pentecostal)

2415 Lincoln Rd

Bellevue, NE 68005 (402) 291-9292
Midlands Bible Baptist Church

2407 Chandler Rd E

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 731-5932

Mount Carmel Baptist Church

2706 Victoria Ave

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 292-2088

New Life Baptist Church (ABC)

801 Kayleen Dr

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 291-5320

New Testament Fellowship

2206 Franklin St.

Bellevue, NE 68005 (402) 292-7694
Pilgrim Lutheran Church (LCMS)

2311 Fairview Rd

Bellevue NE 68123

(402) 291-2848

Pleasantview Berean Church

7608 S 25th St

Bellevue NE 68147

(402) 733-7099

St Bernadette Catholic Church

7600 S 42d St

Bellevue NE 68147

(402) 731-4694

St James United Methodist

1501 Franklin St

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 291-3881

St Mary’s Catholic Church

2302 Crawford St

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 291-1350

St Matthew Catholic Church

12210 S. 36th St

Bellevue NE 68123

(402) 292-7418
South Side Assembly of God

4815 Harrison St

Bellevue NE 68157

(402) 733-6583

Thanksgiving! Lutheran (ELCA)

36th St & Hwy 370

Bellevue NE 68123

(402) 292-2695

Commercial Lodging
The following are Contract hotels in the local area that have an agreement with the base to take overflow from on-base billeting. If/When referred by the Billeting Office, these hotels agree to a maximum charge of $83.00. plus tax.(Value Place-Fees vary) All accept pets, except where noted, but pet fees may apply.


Sandlewood Suites

109202 S.15th St

Bellevue NE 68123 402-932-8144

Best Western White House Inn

Kennedy Freeway, East on Cornhusker Rd

305 Ft Crook Rd N

Bellevue NE 68005 402-293-1600

Microtel Inn &Suites

3008 Samson Way

Bellevue NE 68123 402-292-0191


Hampton Inn Central

3404 Samson Way

Bellevue NE 68123 402-292-1608

Holiday Inn Express

10804 S. 15th St

Bellevue NE 68123


Value Place (fees vary)

2703 Samson Way

Bellevue NE 68123 402-991-5050

Dogs Inc Stay & Play Paddington Station

8806 South 36th St 206 Cunningham Rd

Bellevue NE 68147 Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 614-3004 (402) 292-4547

Located north of base Located ¼ mile South of the base lake
Merry Meadow Farm

12104 Capehart Rd

Papillion NE 68128

(402) 339-0340

Located 11 miles west of base

For more information, go on line under Truck-Rent & Lease for your designated area.

Budget Truck Rental (1-800-4ATRUCK)

(402) 455-1332

Avery Rents, 418 Galvin Rd N

(402) 734-5339

Budget, 1755 E. Locust

(402) 348-0455

Penske Truck Rental (1-800-GOPENSKE)


707 Fort Crook Rd

(402) 733-9254
1001 Corn husker Rd

(402) 293-7033


9401 J St

(402) 339-4200

Ryder Truck Rental (1-800-297-9337)

6801 L St.

(402) 331-0366


Budget Rent A Car

12670 Q St

(402) 896-5161

Hertz Rental

4501 Abbott Dr

(402) 422-6870
Budget Rent A Car

4114 S 90th

(402) 331-0890

U-Haul Co (1-800-GOUHAUL)


Bellevue Rental, 204 N. Galvin Rd N

(402) 733-3380
Dino’s Storage, 1001 Cornhusker Rd

(402) 731-4536


Hitch’s Plus, 11400 S. 72nd St

(402) 597-3322

(Hwy 370 & 72nd St)


8716 L St

(402) 592-2230


Public Schools:
Bellevue Public School District

1600 Hwy 370

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 293-4000


Omaha Public Schools

3215 Cuming Street

Omaha NE 68131

(402) 557-2222

(The following Omaha Public Schools are located within Bellevue city limits: Bryan High School, Bryan Junior High School, Chandler View Elementary, Gilder Elementary and Pawnee Elementary.)
Papillion-LaVista School District

420 S Washington St

Papillion NE 68046

(402) 537-9998


(The following Papillion/LaVista Public Schools are located within Bellevue city limits: Golden Hills Elementary and Anderson Grove Elementary.)
Plattsmouth Community Schools

1912 east Hwy 34

Plattsmouth NE 68048

(402) 296-3361


Private Schools:
Cornerstone Christian School (K-12)

3704 370th Plaza (36th St & Hwy 370)

Bellevue NE 68123

(402) 292-1030

http://conerstone christianschool.org
Daniel J. Gross Catholic High School


7700 S 43d Street

Bellevue NE 68147

(402) 734-2000

St Bernadette Catholic School (K-8)

7600 42d St

Omaha NE 68147

(402) 731-3033
St Columbkille Catholic School (K-8)

224 E. 5th St

Papillion NE 68046

(402) 339-8706


St Mary’s Catholic School (K-8)

903 W Mission Ave

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 291-1694

St Matthew the Evangelist Catholic School (K-8)

12210 S 36th St

Bellevue NE 68147

(402) 291-2030


Colleges and Universities:

Base Education Office

Bldg C

(402) 294-5716

Five institutes of higher learning have

satellite offices co-located.
Bellevue University

1000 Galvin Road S

Bellevue NE 68005

(402) 293-2000 or 800-756-7920

Clarkson College

101 S 42d St

Omaha NE 68131-2739

(402) 552-3100 or 800-647-5500

College of Saint Mary

7000 Mercy Road

Omaha NE 68106-2377

(402) 339-2405 or 800-926-5534

Creighton University

2500 California Plaza

Omaha NE 68178

(402) 280-2700 or 800-282-5835

Grace University

1311 South 9th Street

Omaha, NE 68108-3629

(402) 449-2800 or 800-383-1422

Metropolitan Community College

P.O. Box 3777

Omaha NE 68103-0777

(402) 457-2400 or 800-228-9553

University of Nebraska Medical Center

42nd and Emile

Omaha NE 68198

(402) 559-4000 or 800-922-0000

University of Nebraska at Omaha

6001 Dodge Street

Omaha NE 68182

(402) 554-2800 or 800-858-8648

(NE/IA only)


Metro Area Transit (MAT)

2222 Cuming St

Omaha NE 68102

(402) 341-0800
The Transit Information Center is located in the Park Fair Mall in downtown Omaha at 16th and Douglas. Hours are 0600-1900, Monday-Saturday. Maps, schedules, one-rider tickets and assistance are available at the center. Call MAT for the nearest ticket outlet and current fares.
Exact fare is required on MAT buses. A transfer must be purchased when riding more than one bus to reach a destination. A transfer must be paid for when depositing the fare.
A MAT System Map can be found @MetroTransit.com. MAT Service to Offutt and Bellevue is very limited.

Operations Dispatch

(402) 294-4375
The shuttle runs Monday through Friday except on holidays & weekends from 0600-0900 on a 45-minute schedule then from 0645-1700 on a 30-minute schedule utilizing 12 stops across the base and Ehrling-Bergquist Clinic. The shuttle continues to run on 55th Wing productivity/down days but only between 0600-0815, 1100-1300, & 1500–1730. During periods of increased FPCONS, delays more than +/- 5 minutes should be expected, especially between 0600 and 0830 hrs. During Phase I mobility and Phase II ATSO exercises, the route will run as mission permits during the following hours only, and may be stopped with little or no notice: 0600-0900, 1100-1300, 1500–1730.

Area Attractions -- includes many Historic Sites and Museums

The Old Market is a restored National Historic District with shops, galleries, theatres, and restaurants.

The General Crook House is the restored Italianate quarters of General George Crook at historic Fort Omaha featuring 1880’s period furnishings, documented wallpaper, archives and Victorian Garden.
Historic sites in Bellevue include the First Presbyterian Church on Franklin Street, the Log Cabin on Hancock Street, the Fontenelle Bank building on Main Street and the Omaha and Southern Railroad Depot on 24th Avenue and Clay Street.
The Strategic Air and Space Museum traces the history of the Strategic Air Command with military memorabilia and rare photographs and film footage. Aircraft and missile exhibits are on the grounds. The museum is located at exit 426 off I-80.
Sarpy County Historical Museum contains early and mid-1800s period rooms highlighting Native Americans, fur traders and early pioneers.
Other attractions include:
Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium and Nature Center. The aquarium is located in Schramm Park State Recreation Area on the banks of the Platte River and features more than 50 species of native Nebraska fish, nature trails, outdoor ponds and wildlife movies.
Boys Town, founded in 1917 by Father Edward Flanagan, is a National Historic Landmark which features tours of Father Flanagan’s Shrine and Historic House, Hall of History, Bible and Rose Gardens, Dowd Catholic & Chambers Protestant Chapels.
DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge, located along the Missouri River Valley flyway, is a haven for migrating ducks and geese. There are nature trails, a visitor center and areas where visitors can watch geese during migration.
The Mallory Kountze Planetarium is located on the first floor of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Durham Science Center.
Omaha Children’s Museum provides a place for children to learn, explore, and create in the worlds of science, the arts and the humanities. Self-directed exhibits stimulate imagination, creativity, exploration and discovery.
Henry Doorly Zoo includes the Lied Jungle, an indoor tropical rain forest, the Kingdom of the Seas Aquarium, over 4,500 exotic animals, IMAX theater, and the Desert Dome.

Cultural Attractions

The Holland Performing Arts Center is host to the finest in local, national, and international performing artists and specializes in events requiring a more acoustical environment, including performances by the Omaha Symphony. The Holland Center, opened in 2005, was designed with three principle priorities in mind: to build a concert hall with exceptional acoustical abilities; to construct a facility that draws the community into the arts; and to achieve a "building of distinction" that will last for generations. They have succeeded: “Omaha now has one of the country’s best-sounding new concert halls.” – Dallas Morning News.

Omaha's celebrated Orpheum Theater is home of the finest in local and national performing arts. The 2,600 seat proscenium theater was originally built in 1927 as a vaudeville house. Today, the Orpheum hosts programs best served by a more theatrical setting, including the Broadway In Omaha series and Opera Omaha.
Bellevue Little Theatre, a renovated movie house from the 1940s, is a fitting locale for award-winning local community theatre.
Joslyn Art Museum, Nebraska’s only fine arts museum with an encyclopedic collection, features works from antiquity to the present. The museum presents special exhibits and a variety of music programs.
Omaha Community Playhouse is one of the nation’s largest community theatres with two state-of-the-art performing spaces and its own professional touring company. Ten plays are offered annually including A Christmas Carol.

Recreation Opportunities

Cunningham and Standing Bear Lakes are popular for sailing, fishing, and boating. Motor boating and sail boating are allowed on Carter Lake and the Missouri River. Branched Oak Lake, northwest of Lincoln, is a good fishing spot and site of weekend sailing races during the summer. Hitchcock Park offers year-round ice skating.

Area state recreation sites include Two Rivers near Venice, Louisville Lake near Louisville, Schramm Park near Gretna, Platte River southwest of Omaha, Eugene Mahoney State Park on the Platte River, Fort Atkinson State Historical Park near Fort Calhoun, and Shelling Wildlife Area near Plattsmouth.
There are many parks throughout the Omaha area that offer playground areas, ball fields, soccer, football, horseshoe, basketball, tennis, swimming, fishing, boating, picnic facilities, and golf courses. There are hiking and biking trails.
Fontenelle Forest Nature Center has miles of trails winding among 1,300 acres of wooded hills, lush green hollows and former river channels that are now marshes.


Shadow Lake Towne Center, 72nd & Hwy 370. Major stores include JC Penney’s, Best Buy, Borders, Bed, Bath & Beyond & Dick’s Sporting Goods, Old Navy and Pier 1.

Westroads Mall, I-680 & W Dodge. Major stores include JC Penney’s, Younkers, & Von Maur.
Oakview Mall,144th & W Center. Major stores include JC Penney’s, Sears, Dillard’s & Younkers.
Nebraska Crossing Outlets, I-80 Exit 432, Council Bluffs.
Village Pointe168th & W Dodge. Major stores are Pier 1 Imports, & Scheel’s Sporting Goods.
There are many, many shopping opportunities within the Omaha-Bellevue metropolitan area including several Super Wal-Marts, Super Targets, Shopko, Kohl’s, Best Buy, & Nebraska Furniture Mart to name just a few.


The Omaha Storm Chasers, Class AAA farm club of the Kansas City Royals, plays at Werner Park Stadium from April to September.

The Omaha Beef of the United Indoor Football League plays at the Ralston Arena from March to July.
The Omaha Lancers of the US Hockey League plays at the Ralston Arena from September to March.
The Omaha Heart-Legends Football League(LFL) is a women’s full contact tackle American football league. Plays at the Ralston Arena, season starts in April
Several colleges’ sports programs include nationally ranked football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, and/or baseball teams at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, and Creighton University.
NCAA Baseball College World Series – winners of the eight regional tournaments come to Rosenblatt Stadium each June to determine the NCAA championship.

Local Events of Interest

Offutt AFB Open House and Air Show is held bi- annually in late July or August. The air show is the largest single celebration in the metro area.

Arrows to Aerospace is held annually in Bellevue the weekend before the Air Show. This event features a wide variety of events for people of all ages including a carnival, street dances, sporting events and a grand parade.
River City (Omaha’s nickname) Roundup and Rodeo is a 4-day event in late September.
Multiple county fairs and the Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln run in mid to late summer.

This Internet list includes private firms which are in no way connected with the Department of the Air Force. Opinions expressed on their home pages are their own and are not to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Air Force. The appearance of advertisements does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of the Air Force of the products or services advertised.


Offutt AFB home page.


Airman & Family Readiness home page.


US Strategic Command home page.

Community Information:

Produced by Channel 6 in Omaha. Provides information on sports, entertainment, community, economy and general news.


Produced by Channel 7 in Omaha. Provides information on sports, entertainment, community, economy and general news.


The Omaha Chamber of Commerce also offers maps and valuable information.


Nebraska Travel and Tourism


Bellevue Leader

Civilian Employment:

Contains a large listing of job openings in the Omaha area.


Nebraska Workforce Development lists job openings from general to technical skills.

Rentals and Real Estate:

On-line guide to locating an apartment


Military online-home-finding rental service


The Real Estate Book


Link to houses and apartments for rent

Relocation Assistance:

Maps and travel directions


The US Postal Service site for changing your mail service, purchasing stamps, and other mail information


An extensive relocation resource. Included are real estate, careers, education, mortgages, and more. (Local service providers comparison is obviously advertiser influenced.)


Nebraska Health and Human Services provides a great map of Nebraska and information on certificates & documents, credentialing/ licensure, and welfare reform.


US West Yellow Pages


Yellowbook USA Yellow Pages




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Offutt Airman & Family Readiness Center



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