Spring 2014 From one of our more frigid winters in recent years to the heaviest rainfall in April, the weather of late has been one for the record books

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Spring 2014
From one of our more frigid winters in recent years to the heaviest rainfall in April, the weather of late has been one for the record books. With more sunshine and warmer temperatures finally arriving, our community’s appearance has brightened considerably with its cherry, dogwood, and red-bud trees in bloom—not to overlook the azaleas and other shrubs and flowers.
Spring Community Clean-up May 17: Why not plan now to get outdoors to tidy up your garden, property, or our community? The annual spring clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, May 17. Please mark your calendars and join your neighbors at the playground at 9:30 a.m. A number of projects are contemplated, including staining the community storage shed. One alternative to volunteering for a group project on this day is to do some “spring cleaning” on your own property. A number of front gardens would benefit from weeding, pruning overgrown shrubs, removing dead annual plants and broken planters, and applying mulch for ground cover. Some back patios are also overdue for a good cleanup to remove unsightly clutter. As always, please do not dispose garden debris, dead plants, clippings, or other refuse in the wooded borders surrounding our footpath and common property! Help preserve the trail’s natural appearance for all to enjoy
Memorial Day Fundraiser Party with Live Music May 26! As part of our annual community party, dance the afternoon away with your neighbors and friends this Memorial Day!  Laura Peterson (#7996) and her cover band, Banana Phone, will be playing hits by the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Kool and the Gang, Journey, Madonna, AC/DC, Weezer, No Doubt, Katy Perry, and many more. In recognition of Memorial Day, the band will also be collecting cash donations for Final Salute, a charity which provides homeless women veterans with safe and suitable housing. Learn more at: http://www.finalsaluteinc.org. We hope to see you there Monday, May 26, 2:30 pm until 5:30 pm, in front of the playground. See you there!
Annual Architectural Inspection. Members of our Board of Directors will soon conduct the annual architectural inspection of our community’s units and property. Homeowners will be notified by letter of any required repairs. We all share a common interest in ensuring all of our units are well-maintained in accordance with the covenants for our homeowners association. These covenants state, in part, “Each owner is responsible for keeping his or her lot well-maintained and in a clean, orderly condition, including but not limited to the maintenance, repair and replacement of all structures, improvements, landscaping and personal property located on the lot … .” Our homes are now approximately 40 years old, so the need for more “loving care” is only natural. Please take some time to inspect your home’s exterior and surrounding property and make any needed repairs or improvements. Areas typically in need of attention include: loose bricks and masonry on front steps, exterior painting for walls, trim, doors, windows, and decks; chimney cap and roofing repairs, porch railings and banisters, privacy fences between units, front and rear gardens, and patios.
Please Obey Posted Speed Limit of 10 mph. Despite new reminders in the form of three signs installed in December, too many residents, visitors, and delivery vehicles ignore the posted speed limit of 10 mph. The danger of an accident is more acute at the entrance to our community, especially when children are walking in the road to the bus stop. Please throttle back while driving in the community and, if your child walks to the bus stop, explain the importance of walking on the sidewalk. Speed bumps will be installed on our road later this year in response to continuing concerns with this safety issue.
Tree Inspection. Gordon Peterson will accompany an arborist from Northern Virginia Tree Experts on the annual safety inspection of the trees bordering our housing units on common ground and along the footpath. Please inform him (gpeters621@aol.com) if you are aware of any trees posing a potential safety risk (e.g., large dead limbs, diseased trunk, trees leaning toward property at a precarious angle, etc.).

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