Sra: Imagine It!, Themes, Taking a Stand, Ancient Civilizations Ecology, Great Expectations, Earth in Action, Art and Impact, Level 6

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SRA: Imagine It!, Themes, Taking a Stand, Ancient Civilizations Ecology, Great Expectations, Earth in Action, Art and Impact, Level 6



SRA: Imagine It!, Level 6

Program Authors

Carl Bereiter

Andy Biemiller

Joe Campione

Iva Carruthers

Doug Fuchs

Lynn Fuchs

Steve Graham

Karen Harris

Jan Hirshberg

Anne McKeough

Peter Pannell

Michael Pressley

Marsha Roit

Marlene Scardamalia

Marcy Stein

Gerald H. Treadway Jr.

Columbus, OH



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Program Authors

Carl Bereiter, Ph.D.

University of Toronto

Andy Biemiller, Ph.D.

University of Toronto

Joe Campione, Ph.D.

University of California, Berkeley

Iva Carruthers, Ph.D.

Northeastern Illinois University

Doug Fuchs, Ph.D.

Vanderbilt University

Lynn Fuchs, Ph.D.

Vanderbilt University

Steve Graham, Ed.D.

Vanderbilt University

Karen Harris, Ed.D.

Vanderbilt University

Jan Hirshberg, Ed.D.

Reading Specialist

Anne McKeough, Ph.D.

University of Toronto

Peter Pannell

Principal, Longfellow Elementary School, Pasadena, California

Michael Pressley, Ph.D.

Michigan State University

Marsha Roit, Ed.D.

National Reading Consultant

Marlene Scardamalia, Ph.D.

University of Toronto

Marcy Stein, Ph.D.

University of Washington, Tacoma

Gerald H. Treadway, Jr., Ed.D.

San Diego State University


Table of Contents

Unit 1: Taking a Stand

Unit Overview 18
Vocabulary Warm-Up


The Pretty Pennies Picket


Newbery Honor Book, New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year
Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon Maybe.
realistic fiction by Bette Greene illustrated by Colin Bootman

Meet the Author , Bette Greene

Meet the Illustrator , Colin Bootman


Theme Connections


Social Studies Inquiry "But I Chose to Remain" by Rosa Parks from
Rosa Parks: My Story autobiography by Rosa Parks and Jim Haskins

Vocabulary Warm-Up


biography by Nigel Hunter illustrated by Richard Hook


Meet the Author , Nigel Hunter

Meet the Illustrator, Richard Hook


Theme Connections


Science Inquiry The Big Deal about Salt

Vocabulary Warm-Up


My Brother Martin


A Sister Remembers Growing Up with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
CBC/NCSS Notable Social Studies Trade Book
biography by Christine King Farris illustrated by Chris Soentpiet

I Have a Dream from the speech by Martin Luther King Jr.


Meet the Author , Christine King Farris

Meet the Illustrator , Chris Soentpiet

Meet the Author , Martin Luther King Jr.


Theme Connections


Social Studies Inquiry Pericles

94 7
Vocabulary Warm-Up


Harvesting Hope The Story of Cesar Chavez
2003 Jane Addams Children's Book Award, Pura Belpre Honor Book
biography by Kathleen Krull illustrated by Yuyi Morales


Meet the Author, Kathleen Krull

Meet the Illustrator, Yuyi Morales


Theme Connections


Social Studies Inquiry
Citizens' Rights: Then and Now


Vocabulary Warm-Up


Passage to Freedom The Sugihara Story
IRA Teacher's Choice, ALA Notable Book
narrative nonfiction by Ken Mochizuki illustrated by Dom Lee


Meet the Author, Ken Mochizuki

Meet the Illustrator, Dom Lee


Theme Connections


Social Studies Inquiry Rights around the World


Martin Luther King Jr.
poem by Gwendolyn Brooks


First They Came for the Jews
poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller illustrated by Susan Keeter


Test Prep



Unit 2: Ancient Civilizations

Unit Overview

Vocabulary Warm-Up 144

The Island of Bulls
from Lost Cities
narrative nonfiction by Roy A. Gallant 146

Meet the Author, Roy A. Gallant 160

Theme Connections 161

Social Studies Inquiry Geography and Ancient Greece 162
Vocabulary Warm-Up 164

Escape from Pompeii
Award-winning illustrator
historical fiction written and illustrated by Christina Balit 166

Meet the Author and Illustrator, Christina Balit 176

Theme Connections 177

Science Inquiry Volcanoes and Matter 178

Vocabulary Warm-Up


The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone Key to Ancient Egypt
ALA Notable Book, CBC/NCSS Notable Social Studies Trade Book
narrative nonfiction by James Cross Giblin


Meet the Author, James Cross Giblin


Theme Connections


Science Inquiry The Keys to Space Travel

210 9
Vocabulary Warm-Up 212

The Emperor's Silent Army
Terracotta Warriors of Ancient China
Winner of the Orbis Pictus Nonfiction Award, 2003, Parent's Choice
Silver Honor Book
expository text by
Jane O'Connor 214

Meet the Author, Jane O'Connor 232

Theme Connections 233

Social Studies Inquiry
Suppressing Ideas in China:
What Would Confucius Say? 234
Vocabulary Warm-Up 236

Mesopotamia Iraq in Ancient Times
expository text by Peter Chrisp illustrated by James Edwards Meet the Author, Peter Chrisp 238

Meet the Illustrator, James Edwards 254

Theme Connections 255

Science Inquiry Metalworkers and Heat Transfer 256

poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley illustrated by Lane Yerkes 258

Great Wall of China
poem by J. Patrick Lewis 259

Test Prep 260


Unit 3: Ecology

Unit Overview

Vocabulary Warm-Up


Tree of Life The Incredible Biodiversity of Life on Earth
ASPCA Henry Bergh Children's Book Award, 2004, Skipping Stones Honor Award
expository text by Rochelle Strauss illustrated by Margot Thompson


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