Standard ss8H7 a and b Plessy V. Ferguson

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Questions to Videos on Plessy v. Ferguson, Atlanta Race Riot of 1906, and Leo Frank Case

(Standard SS8H7 a and b)
Plessy v. Ferguson:

  1. Blacks in 1895 decided to test the new Jim Crow Laws on ______________ that people rode on.

  1. Homer Plessy believed that his rights were protected under the _______

3. Plessy v. Ferguson introduced the phrase “_________________ ______ ________________” to the American vocabulary, and created ___________ separate Americas.
4. In the song in the video, if you are Black, _________ __________!!

  1. Plessy v. Ferguson also led to a wave of ___________________ ___________________ against blacks throughout the nation.

Atlanta Race Riot of 1906:

  1. Whites feared blacks around 1900 because they were competing for


  1. Even if blacks were well educated, whites believed that blacks were _________________ to them.

  1. Hox Smith and the Atlanta newspapers falsely accused black men of

attacking _________________ ______________.

  1. ______________ people were killed and ________________ more injured due to the riots in Atlanta.

5. The race riots of 1906 and the 1990s were caused by deep ____________ __________________ in our nation that are not resolved.

Leo Frank Case:
1. Under the plan called the ___________ ___________________, political leaders in Georgia thought Northern industries will greatly benefit the state and citizens of Georgia.
2. There was _________________ difference that factory workers earned in comparison to working on farms. Eventually, those who moved to the cities from the country ended up living in ______________ ______________.

  1. Leo Frank, a __________, was falsely accused of murdering a 13 year old girl in the factory he managed.

  1. Frank, as well as all northern industrial men, were treated as ___________________________ and blamed for most of the problems Georgians faced with new industrialization and urbanization.

  1. Governor _______________ ________________ changed Leo Frank’s sentence but it cost him his political career.

  1. As a result, a mob kidnapped Frank from prison and ________________ him in Marietta, Georgia.

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