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Multi-Line Key Telephone Systems (KTS) for Voiceband Application






March 1, 1988






This 100-page document, the third in a series, covers key telephone equipment. The other two documents are the latest editions of EIA-464 and EIA-470-A. This Standard establishes performance and technical criteria for interfacing and connecting with the various elements of the public telephone network, and will be of value to producers and purchasers of key telephone equipment, and producers of auxiliary equipment intended for use with such systems. Key telephone systems which conform to the new Standard can reasonably be expected to provide quality service in most applications in the U.S. network. Thus, although the document is written around conventional key systems of the familiar "1A2" type, it will be invaluable as a guide to designers of new all-electronic and quasi-electronic key systems as well. Included in EIA-478 are criteria on transmission characteristics, loop supervision and signaling, and alerting signals. This standard was adopted and approved for DoD use on March 9, 1981.

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