Stephen M. Johnson

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Stephen M. Johnson

22 Monmouth Ave

Edison, NJ 08820-3546


Objective Programming: Java, Visual C++, C++, Perl, CGI Programming, JavaScript, Web Administration. Want to enhance my OO development skills.

Skills Programming: Visual C++ (MDI, SDI, MSDN, MFC, Zapp), Java, Perl, CGI Web programming, HTML, Unix Shell, Awk, C, JavaScript.

Unix Administration: HP-UX Administration (NIS, Automounter, 9.04 to 10.20 Upgrade), Web Administration (Apache, Netscape Commerce Server), Sun/Solaris Administration, Samba Administration.

Certification Nov 2001: Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform (SCJP2 310-025)

Work Experience

Lucent Technologies Visual C++ Programmer 2000 – July 2001

  • Visual C++ development (MSDN, MFC, Zapp).

  • Met all of my programming due dates, enabling Lucent to meet Customer contract obligations.

Lucent Technologies Unix System Administrator 1995 - 2000

  • Designed, coded, implemented a Web-based Perl-CGI application that allowed users to request logins and other services from the Computer Center.

  • Installed, configured, and administered Apache and Netscape Commerce Web servers.

  • Co-lead of a Unix Administration team that provided support for 40-50 Unix Servers, and 2000 users.

  • Planned and coordinated the upgrade of three HP-UX servers from HP-UX 9.04 to 10.20, without disruption to the Unix users on the machines.

  • HP System performance tuning using Glance, sar, top, vmstat, netstat.

  • Designed and implemented a HP Diskmap utility that generated Filesystem and Operating System configuration reports nightly.

  • Designed and implemented a rules-based Unix .profile, capable of supporting multiple environments (i.e., HP, Solaris).

  • Designed and implemented an “Early Morning Machine Check” application that performed a standard set of tests (filesystem, log, network, processes) on all computer center Unix machines.

  • Installed and administered Documenters Work Bench (DWB), HP OpenView, Informix, Purify, Framemaker, Baseworx, Softbench, Netscape, HP Disk Mirroring, HP Disk Array, sendmail, DK Host, Omniback, Connect Direct, Unison.

Lucent Technologies Unix System Administrator 1987 - 1995

  • Unix Administration on UTS, Vax and SunOS machines.

  • Designed, coded (C, Awk, Shell) and implemented a computer center billing application, which allowed the computer center to bill users for computer resource use.

Lucent Technologies VM/370, OS/MVT, Programmer 1970 - 1987

  • VM/370 system programming (assembler) and support, including sysgen, performance monitoring, customer support, and system administration for VMBACKUP, VSAM, ISAM.

  • Programming in Cobol, OS/MVT Utilities and JCL. Designed, coded (assembler) and tested SMF exits (IEFUJV, IEFACTRT) that performed OS job security and usage accounting.


Lucent Corporate Education 1998 - Present

Visual C++ Programming, Advanced Perl Programming w. CGI, C++ Programming, Web Administration, Java Programming, Java Foundation Classes, Java Networking, Java Beans, JavaScript Programming, C++ Workshop.


New York University MS, Operations Research 1974

Drexel University BS, Mathematics 1970
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