Submitted by the iwg on eve informal document

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Submitted by the IWG on EVE

Informal document GRPE-73-24

73rd GRPE, 6-10 June 2016,

agenda item 10

Status report of Part A of the November 2014 mandate for the Electric Vehicles and the Environment Informal Working Group (EVE IWG)

Table of Contents

1Introduction 5

2Battery performance and durability 6

2.1Background 6

2.2Battery performance and durability and the EVE Mandate 6

2.2.1Background 6

2.2.2Motivation 7

2.2.3Assumptions 7

2.2.4Information and Sources 8

2.3Findings 8

2.3.1Points of Agreement 9

2.3.2Discussion Items 10

2.4Options for Proceeding 17

2.4.1Options 17

2.4.2Positions of the Major EVE Contributors 17

2.4.3Discussion of Options 19

2.5Recommendations 20

3Determining the powertrain performance 20

3.1Background 20

3.2Determining the powertrain performance and the EVE Mandate 20

3.2.1Current Situation 21

3.2.2Problem 21

3.2.3Motivation 21

3.2.4Goal 22

3.3Findings 22

3.3.1Points of Agreement 23

3.3.2Discussion Items 28

3.4Options for Proceeding 29

3.5Recommendations 30

4Method of stating energy consumption 30

4.1Background 30

4.2Method of stating energy consumption and the EVE Mandate 30

4.3Findings 31

4.3.1Method of Stating energy consumption 31

4.3.2Discussed Items 32

4.3.3Calculation with the Model Based on the Sample Data 34

4.3.4Other comments and discussions 35

4.4Options for Proceeding 36

4.5Recommendations 36

5Battery recycling/recyclability 37

5.1Background 37

5.2Battery recycling/recyclability and the EVE Mandate 37

5.3Findings 38

5.4Options for Proceeding 40

5.5Recommendations 41

6Conclusion 41

6.1Battery performance and durability 41

6.2Determining the powertrain performance 41

6.3Method of stating energy consumption 42

6.4Battery recycling/recyclability 42

List of Acronyms

AC.3 – Administrative Committee for the International Convention on the Harmonization of Frontier Controls of Goods, 1982

AER – All Electric Range

ANL – Argonne National Laboratory

BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle

CAN – Canada

CN – China

EU – Europe Union

EV – Electric Vehicle

EVE – Electric Vehicles and the Environment

FCV – Fuel Cell Vehicles

GHG – Green House Gas

GRPE – Working Party on Pollution and Energy (Groupe de travail de la pollution et de l’énergie)

GTR – Global Technical Regulation

HEV – Hybrid Electric Vehicle

ICE – Internal Combustion Engine

ISO – International Organization for Standardization

IWG – Informal Working Group

JARI – Japan Automobile Research Institute

JP – Japan

KATRI – Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute

KOR – Republic of Korea

L category vehicle– Motor vehicle with less than four wheels

M category vehicle - Power-driven vehicle with at least four wheels and used for the carriage of passengers

M1 – passenger car

N category vehicles – Power-driven vehicles with at least four wheels and used for the carriage of goods

N1 – pickup truck

NG – Natural Gas

NOVC-HEV – Not Off-Vehicle Charge HEV

NRMM – nonroad mobile machinery

NWIP – New Work Item Proposal

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

OICA – Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles

OVC HEV – Off-Vehicle Charge HEV

PEV – Pure Electric Vehicle

PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

pmr – Power to Mass Ratio

P-t-M – Power to Mass

REESS – Rechargeable Electric Energy Storage System

REX – Range Extended EV

RP – Recommended Practice

SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers

SOC – State of Charge

SP – System Power

SR – special resolution

TF – Task Force

UNECE – United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

UN-R85 – United Nations Regulation No. 85

WLTP –Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures

WP.29 – World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations

  1. Introduction

Section to be expanded based on comments from EVE IWG

The Executive Committee (AC.3) of the 1998 Agreement authorized the second mandate of the Electric Vehicles and the Environment Working Group at their November 2014 session. The full document is ECE/TRANS/WP.29/AC.3/401, and selected text from Part A of the EVE mandate is shown below, and follows up on work in the Electric Vehicle Regulatory Reference Guide (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2014/81)2, often referred to elsewhere in this document as simply “the Guide.”

Therefore, a new mandate for the IWG on EVE (separate from the IWG on EVS) is desired to conduct additional research to address the recommendations outlined in Chapter 5 of the Guide and EV power determination:

Issues to be addressed in Parts A and B:

    1. Battery performance and durability (recommendation 5.3, ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2014/81);

    2. Determining the powertrain performance (maximum power and torque) of EVs).

Issues to be addressed only in Part A (information-sharing only):

    1. Method of stating energy consumption (recommendation 5.2, ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2014/81);

    2. Battery recycling/recyclability (recommendation 5.4, ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2014/81).

(iii) June 2016:

    1. IWG on EVE presents a first draft on the status of Part A and proposed gtr request(s) for Part B to GRPE;

    2. IWG on EVE presents informal documents on the status of Part A and proposed gtr request(s) for Part B for review by AC.3.”

Based on the mandate given to the group by AC.3, work was undertaken on the four topics mentioned. The results of the group’s work and their subsequent recommendations are shown in the sections below.

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