Summer Program Arts Fest Teaching in Alignment with the Girls Leadership Mission

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Summer Program Arts Fest

Teaching in Alignment with the Girls Leadership Missiongl_letterhead_11
The Summer Program Arts Fest projects allow girls to recognize, honor, and communicate their authentic voice through creative mediums. We seek Arts Fest projects in all formats including visual art, voice, music, dance, theater, meditation and more.
Girls Leadership operates a residential summer program for middle and high school girls. Unlike traditional girls’ leadership programs, which teach girls “external” skills like public speaking or interviewing, Girls Leadership specializes in building the internal skills necessary for leadership: emotional intelligence, assertive self-expression, and healthy relationships.

Our Mission

We equip girls with the skill to exercise the power of their voice.

We ask our Teaching Artists to build a structure and frame of their project that reflects, communicates and engages this mission in the learning process by answering these questions:

  1. What opportunities are available for girls to explore who they are within the curriculum?

  2. How are girls discussing and exploring what they believe through the arc of this project?

  3. Where are different learning styles/multiple intelligences built into the teaching approach in order for each girl to explore expression?

  4. What type of scaffolding is in place in order to support continued learning, resourcing and inspiration moving forward during and after the Arts Fest experience?

  5. How are girls feeling as if they are moving toward making change with the new knowledge and practice of this project?

Suggested Project Based Youth Development Approach:

  1. Build safety with the group dynamic through learning names and getting to know each girl.

  2. Start and end each session with a brief check in and check out to reflect, assess for learning and progress and establish a supportive environment.

  3. Ensure there are appropriate and scaffolded opportunities for choice.

  4. Cultivate meaningful involvement for each individual.

  5. Provide intentional opportunities for leadership development.

  6. Encourage collaboration and cooperative learning.

  7. Define and acknowledge when and how skill building is happening.

Download 6.43 Kb.

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