Summer Project 2008: Class of 2010 Her Story Project: P. E. A. C. E english 5-6 & U. S. History

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Summer Project 2008: Class of 2010

Her Story Project: P.E.A.C.E English 5-6 & U.S. History (Focus on Women)

Women who make a difference

1. Students will gain an understanding of the social, political, and economic contributions of

specific women in American history by conducting in depth research using magazines, scholarly journals, books and internet sources such as National Women’s History Project.

2. Students will present the information on their individual either by creating a poster, scrapbook,

or a PowerPoint.


  1. Choose an important female (author, activist, athlete, entrepreneur, historian, performer etc. etc.)

    1. Go to

    2. Click on Resource Center

    3. Click on Biography Center or any other option to browse through a brief description on various women with different topics and ethnic backgrounds.

    4. Choose one woman that you’re interested in pursing for research.

  2. Once your choice is finalized, your job is to illumine the minds of your classmates in terms of their accomplishments, their contributions, and their impact on the role of women society.

  3. Your goal is to create a project that will require research, reading, writing and presentation skills; you must be able to demonstrate a command of the subject matter at hand.

Step #1: Do preliminary research

  • You can use reliable internet sources, magazines, newspapers, different texts, documentaries etc.

    • NO Wikipedia

  • Gather information from 3-4 different sources; one source must be non-internet (i.e. magazines, books, newspapers, interviews, scholarly journals etc.)

Step #2: Read the materials gathered closely looking for the following information:

  • Main contents (Brief biography. What issues does she deal with? What is her focus?)

  • Major accomplishments /contributions.

  • Impact on society (provide concrete details to substantiate them i.e. textual support from primary sources, examples, data, visuals etc. )

    • Was it a social change (dealing with society/people)?

    • Was it a political change (civil rights, equality, Constitutional and legal issues)?

    • Was it economic (money, trade, investments, business)?

**Create a one page outline or graphic organizer that addresses all of this information.
**On a separate sheet, list all sources used following proper MLA format. Use the following web site if you are not sure how to format your sources:

(Both documents will be checked for a grade)
Step #3: Decide on a mode of presentation. Consider some of the following ideas. Make sure the project doesn’t consist of a mere list of her accomplishments / contributions. The project needs to be analytical, dynamic, and engaging. You will be presenting it for the class. Your presentation should be between 5-7 minutes.

Evaluation Criteria for all assignments:

*1. The PowerPoint, scrapbook, or poster must have the woman’s name and picture prominently


*2. All three assignments must include the woman’s major accomplishments/contributions

*3. All three assignments must include how your woman has impacted either politics, society, or

the economy.

*4. The information must be correctly cited (books must have page #’s next to information).

*5. The information must be accurate.

6. You must include at least one quote by your chosen woman.

7. You must use correct grammar and English conventions.

*8. The sources must be valid

*9. A works cited page is included and formatted correctly

10. Your pre-write or graphic organizer is included

(Will be graded on the day of the presentation)

11. The presentation is comprehensible (can understand it ) and well organized

12. The presentation is not longer than 7 minutes

13. Voices are loud enough to be heard

14. The information is not just read off of the slides, but taught

Rubric: Projects Category

All of the Elements = 30 pts.

Most of the Elements = 26 pts. (*need #’s: 1-5,8,9)

Some of the Elements = 22 pts.

Few of the Elements = 18 pts.

Unacceptable (not turned in on time and ready to present when scheduled) = 13 pts.
The PowerPoint, scrapbook, or poster is due the second week of school (either 9/11/08 or 9/12/08 depending on the Blue/Gold schedule). In addition to a hard copy of the power point slides, please email a digital copy of the Power Point to Mrs. Jain via school Loop or at In class presentation will be scheduled with the either your English or History teacher.
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