Supranational Organizations Project

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Supranational Organizations Project

Your group has been assigned to research information on a supranational organization. Answer the following questions about your organization. You will then teach your peers about your organization in class. You may create handouts, lecture, or put together a Power Point presentation. You must also turn in an MLA Bibliography page that lists all of the sources you used for this project. Have fun!

Questions to answer:

1. When did this organization become official?

2. Were there any predecessors to this organization?

3. How many states are members to this organization?

4. List 5 major member states.

5. What is the purpose of this organization?

6. How is this organization structured?

7. How do you join this organization?

8. What are the benefits of this organization?

9 What are the downfalls of this organization?

10. Why would a state want to join this organization?


Year Official

# of Member States

5 Major Members

(include Pol, Mil, or Eco)



EU (European Union)

1993; 1958 Europ. Community


GB, Fr, Germ, Sp, It

Eco: to develop a single market thru a standardized system of laws; free movement of goods, services, and capital

Travel freely for EU citizen; Euro zone countries; no tariffs

Economies are intertwined

NAFTA (N. American Free Trade Agreement)



Can, Mex, US

Eco: eliminate barriers to trade

Removes tariffs, increases trade, reduces inflation,

Lose of US jobs, suppresses wage, Mex farmers out of business

ASEAN (Assoc. of SE Asian Nations)



Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand

Eco: regional peace; social, economic & cultural growth

Mutual respect for ind, sovereignty, national id of all nations; shared objectives

Not democratic, only managed through top leaders; too localized; geography distance from rest of world

WTO (World Trade Organization)



US, UK, China, Pakistan, Israel, Sp, India

Eco: Facilitate trade among all members; no discrimination in trade; handles trade disputes

More open trade for members, lower tariffs; promote peace; inc. standard of living; encourages good gov’t

Trade disputes among members; hurt LDCs

ADPA (African Diamond Producers Assoc)



Angola, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, DRC Congo

Eco: work together to increase profit in diamond market

perform better in world economy; contributes to prosperity of member nations populations

Unstable regions; produced in conflicted areas

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)



UK, Germ, Sp, Fr, US,

Military: defend countries; keep peace, save lives

Military support; provide food; mutual defense; 70% of world’s defense spending is from NATO member countries

Lrg number of countries to approve action; cannot initiate military action; could led to large alliance wars

AU (African Union) preceded by Org. of African Unity



Algeria, Niger, Chad, Egypt

Eco & Pol: promote political & socio-economic growth of continent; achieve peace & security; promote democracy & human rights

Help to achieve growth of economies and political stability of member nations

Ineffective in stopping major problems

OAS (Organization of American States)



US, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mex

Human rights, security developments

Settle disagreements and disputes

Inequality of members

OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Producing Countries)



Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Venezuela

Eco: control oil supply on world market for advantageous prices; unify policies on petroleum exports

Political influence; control prices of oil

Limited by oil producing capabilities, and decrease in influence of oil; small oil producers cannot compete against OPEC

list of organizations





African Diamond Producers Association – ADPA


African Union – AU


adapted from Miss Newell’s Human Geography

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