System interfaces

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System interfaces

The LMON system is supposed to be running on the Embest Devkit8000 hardware with an IHA addon board. The addon board among other things adds a touchscreen, RS232 interfaces and D/A and A/D converters.

The Devkit 8000 board is running the Ångström GPE linux distribution set up with ssh/scp, a serial USB connection, and a X11 graphical environment. On top of the X11 environment, Qt Everywhere Open Source 4.6.2 is used for implementing the GUI. The system boots from an SD card initially loaded with the ”goldenSdImage_v2_512.img” image. [\\\common\staff2stud\EIT-elektro og IKT\3. Semester\MUP1\DevKit8000 Golden Image\goldenSdImage_v2_512.tar.gz]. For installation of Qt libraries and toucscreen libraries, refer to []. The touchscreen is callibrated by executing ts_callibrate on the target.

Interfaces to human actors

The operator interacts with the system using the touchscreen. The technician will download new versions of the software using the serial USB connection and scp.

Interfaces to external system actors

The system interacts with the IPUMP system with commands as described in []

Interfaces to hardware actors

ECG signal, a continuous 12 bit analogue value 0-2 V is read from ADC0.

EDR signal, a continuous 12 bit analogue value 0-2 V is read from ADC1.

Pulse, a discrete 8 bit digital value is 0-250 beats/minute is read from the DAC0.

The system interacts with the IPUMP on Serial Port 2.

Download 3.74 Kb.

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