Technical education quality improvement programme

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Phase II Sub Component 1.1




Date: 01/02/2016 Time: 10.00 am

Venue: Conference Hall, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam



Phone: 0481-2505963 Fax: 0481-2506153

Prof. (Dr) S Mohan, Professor, IIT, Chennai, the Chairman presided over the meeting.

The following members of the BoG attended the meeting:

Prof. (Dr.) R.V.G Menon, Member

Mr.M Sherif , Additional Secretary, Higher Education Dept.

Prof. Vidyasagar, Joint Director, DTE

Mr.James Joseph ,Joint Secretary, Finance Dept.

Prof. Geetharenjin P R, Member

Prof. (Dr.) Bino. I. Koshy, Member

Prof. (Dr) Ruby Abraham, Principal.

The meeting started at 10:15 AM. The Principal welcomed all the members to the BoG meeting.

Principal briefed the BoG on the Accreditation Visit by NBA and also about the silver Jubilee inaugural function. BoG Chairman enquired about the feedback of the Accreditation team and principal appraised the BoG about the same. Principal briefed about the programmes to be organized as part of Silver Jubilee Celebrations and requested the support of BOG.
Chairman in his introductory remarks pointed out that Academic committee should be more vigilant and scrutinize the proposals carefully before sending it to the Chairman for approval. Recommendation should be made by the subcommittees giving valid justification so that knowledgeable decisions can be taken. He also pointed out that any new communication from NPIU/SPFU should be informed to the BoG members. Chairman expressed happiness over the events in connection with Silver Jubilee celebrations organized in the college for the current year.
BoG congratulated Prof. Leena Mary for getting the best researcher award from APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University.

Decisions on Agenda Items

Part A
A1. Confirming the Minutes of the 15th Meeting of the Board of Governors held on 05/10/2015 at Conference Hall, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam.

The draft minutes of the 15th Meeting of Board of Governors of TEQIP Phase II of RIT Kottayam held on 05/10/2015 at Conference Hall, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam was sent to the Chairman with copy to the members. The Chairman approved the minutes. A copy of the Minutes is appended as Appendix A1 for confirmation.

BoG Decision : Since there are no comments on the minutes from any member, the minutes of the 15th meeting of the BoG is confirmed.
A2.Status of Performance Indicators

The status of Nine Performance Indicators are given below

Sl No

Performance Indicator

Expected Target

Status of RIT and Action Taken

Remarks by BoG & gist of the discussion



Obtained/Applied to UGC with no objection from university and state government

Applied to UGC with No Objection Certificate from Mahatma Gandhi University on 30th October 2013. At present Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Kerala Technological University has not become an autonomous body and hence is not in a position to grant autonomy.

Mr.M. Sherif clarified that APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University s not in a position to grant autonomy. He also pointed out that the institutions from Kerala participating in TEQIP-II are performing much better than the institutions from other States in India.


Minutes of BoG Meeting

(last 4 Months) published on institution's website (Yes/No)

Yes. Minutes of all BoG Meetings are available in the web site.

(Published in

BoG made a note of the status


NBA Accreditation

At least 55% programmes accredited+ applied for

Applied for all eligible U.G courses-5Nos.

(B.Tech in Civil Engg, Mechanical Engg, Electrical and Electronics Engg., Electronics & Communication Engg. and Computer Science & Engg)

Accreditation visit by NBA expert team completed on 16 to 18th October 2015. Awaiting the results.

Principal informed that two branches EEE and EC got direction from NBA asking for more details regarding staff position, medical facility etc. Chairman asked for clarification regarding medical facility and signing an MoU with nearby Govt. Thaluk hospital.

Principal reported that we have already signed an MOU with the said hospital and assured all medical services and round the clock Ambulance service to the college. Also Hon. Chief minister of Kerala has announced in the Silver Jubilee inaugural function that a dispensary will be allotted within the institution.


Governance development plan

Approved by governing body and published on institutional website


Published in

(Governance development plan is submitted to BoG for Review)

As per the direction of NPIU Institutional Governance Guidelines has to be forwarded to NPIU through SPFU on 1st February 2016.

BoG made a note of the governance plan and remarked that as the self review of all indicators are one, there is no need of further action.


Revised IDP(Institutional Development Plan)

Published on the institution's website


(Published in

BoG made a note of the status


Statutory Audit

Completed till 2013-14

Completed up to 2014-15 (Report is attached along with).

Chairman remarked that the Statutory Audit report is a very important document and it should be circulated to all members. A presentation on statutory audit report may be made once the auditors have submitted the report. Regarding travelling norms Mr. M.Sherif clarified that for faculty/ staff undergoing travel he/she can avail the TA/DA as per the eligibility criteria and proof of ticket is not required for road/rail journey. For taxi travel actual bill should be annexed.

As per the request of Prof. Mary George, HoD EEE (Item No. B4.7) as a special case sanction for taxi travel was accorded for the training she has attended at Idukki.

TEQIP Coordinator informed the BoG that necessary actions have been initiated as per the Auditor’s report and a proper reply was given to the auditors.


Completion of all data input into the MIS


Completed up to 2014-15. Data Entry for 2015-16 is in progress.

BoG made a note of the status


Procurement Plan

To cover 100% procurement expenditure

Procurement Completed.

BoG made a note of the status


Commitment of Funds

100% of Funds Received

Amount Spent-774.09 Lakhs

Amount Committed-225.91 Lakhs

BoG made a note of the status

The Chairman pointed out that the other performance parameters, as per the Good Governance Practices need to be included in the agenda item and those parameters for which the score is 2 or 3 need to be discussed in the Board and has requested the convenor to note this point and be included in the agenda.

A3. Report on the action taken on the pertinent decisions in the Minutes of the 15th Meeting of the Board of Governors held on 05/10/2015 at Conference Hall, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam.

The decisions taken by the Board as recorded in the Minutes of the 15th Meeting of the Board of Governors of TEQIP Phase II held on 05/10/2015 have been noted and actions have been initiated. A report on the action taken is presented in the Table given below.


Sl. No

Decision Item

Action Taken

Observation by the BoG


Accreditation –presentation by Principal

The presentation was modified by as per the recommendation of the BoG.

BoG made a note of the action taken


Discussion on Accreditation preparedness

Institutional and departmental level preparation was done based on suggestions of the BoG.

BoG made a note of the action taken


The BoG approved Fourteen STTP/Workshop/conferences to be attended by faculty/staff members (Outside the Institution).

(CE-4, ME-3, EEE-1,ECE-2, CSE - 4)

Attended –(CE-1, ME- 1,CSE-1,ECE-2)

Course Cancelled - ( CE-2,CSE-2)

Course Postponed –(CE -1, EEE-1)

Not Attended – (ME-2, CSE-1, )

(Appendix A1)

BoG observed that once the BoG accorded sanction the faculty and staff have to attend the training.

The BoG enquired about the reasons of not attending the programme and also stated that the explanation given by Ms.Preetha P, Trade Instructor, CSE who has not attended training at IIITMK which was not satisfactory and direction should be given to her to submit a proper explanation.

The BoG approved Two STTP/Workshop proposed by faculty/staff members.

(ME-1,EEE -1)

Conducted – 2

BoG made a note of the action taken


The BoG Approved Seven expert lectures to be organized by III Cell.

(ME -1, EEE-3, ECE- 1,CSE - 2)

  • Organized – 2 (EEE)

  • Postponed to February 2016 – 4 (EEE- 1, CSE -1 , ECE -1 , ME -1)

  • Re Scheduled– 1(CSE-1)

(Appendix A1)

BoG observed that many of the programmes were not conducted as per the schedule. If any expert lecture stands cancelled due to the inconvenience of the Expert, a fresh proposal is to be submitted to the BOG for further approval. Reason for postponement should be put on record.

III cell coordinator informed that the programmes were postponed due to either non availability of the expert on that particular date and due to the exam schedule.


Teaching Assistantship

Teaching assistantship disbursed to students.

BoG made a note of the action taken

(Refer Part C –Minutes of 15th BoG, page No: 18)

1. 76 students from Mechanical department and 5 students from Electrical department has undergone Industrial Visit

2 . 69 Nos –Auto cast Industries ,Cherthala

3 . Nos-Internship Enfost PVT LTD,Bangalore

4 . Nos- Internship Green facade, Ernakulam

5 . Nos-Kerala Electrical and allied Engineering Co.Ltd (KEL)

2. 8 No of faculty /staff has attended Management Capacity Enhancement Programme after 15th BoG Meeting.

3.HoD’s will be presenting status of respective departments regarding improvement after conducting remedial classes.

BoG observed that Industrial visit and internship have to be reported separately and number of days should be reported.

HOD (ME) reported that 76 students from Mechanical Engg department have undergone industrial visit and HOD (EEE) reported that 5 students from EEE dept have undergone internship for 15 days.

(Refer Part D –Minutes of 15th BoG, page No: 19-20)


Reimbursement of Registration fee for International Conference

Reimbursed the amount to the student.

BoG made a note of the action taken


Publication of Journal of Recent Innovation in Technology, Edition 1, issue 2 to be published in December 2015

It has been decided by the editorial committee to publish the next issue only after getting the ISSN No. Currently the initiatives are ongoing for obtaining the ISSN Number.

BoG made a note of the action taken


International Conference on Next Generation Intelligent Systems (ICNGIS)

Applied for Technical Support of Kerala IEEE Chapter

BoG made a note of the action taken


Two day workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment


BoG made a note of the action taken

B1. Consideration of the various academic programs for the next 4months.

B1.1. STTP/Conference for Faculty/Staff Outside the Institution (FSD)

Sl No

Name of faculty

Design. &Dept.










Third world summit on accreditation

NBA, NewDelhi

18-20 March 2016



Mr.Swapnesh S

Asst. Prof.


Third world summit on accreditation

NBA, NewDelhi

18-20 March 2016



Dr.Vinish V Nair

Assoc. Prof, CE

Air Quality & Climate Change : Control & Modelling

IIT Guwahati

04-08 April 2016


Approved. faculty members on returning from the training programme should make an initiative to carry out research in that area.

Dr. Dhanya B. S.

Asst. Prof.


Two day workshop on Precast Construction Practices in India

Indian Concrete Institute & IIT Madras

12-13 Feb 2016


As RIT EXPO 2016 is scheduled on and Prof. Dhanya is in charge of an event the request is withdrawn.

Dr.Dinesh Gopinath

Asst. Prof, EEE

Advanced Control Techniques in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

I.I.T Roorkee

22-26 Feb 2016



Anju Jolly, EEE (Adhoc.)

Advanced Power System Protection

PSTI Bengaluru

21-25 March 2016



Viji Joseph, EEE (Adhoc.)

Advanced Power System Protection

PSTI Bengaluru

21-25 March 2016



Dr.Sobhana N. V.


XML and Web Services

NITTTR Chennai

21-25 March 2016



Gopakumar G. S.

Trade Instructor


Python Programming

IIITM –K Technopark TVM

22-26 Feb 2016



Dr.Jayaprasad P. N.



IST Topology 2016

IIT Bombay

09-21 May 2016



BOG directed that proposals for STTP, Workshops, and Conferences for attending outside the institution should be prepared separately and submit for approval.



Mr.Rajeev Rajan



Paper titled: Non-destructive Crack detection using Acoustics Analysis International conference on Electronics and Communication Systems.

KarpagamCollege, Coimbatore






Dr.Praveen A.



Paper Titled: Impact on Ambient air Quality in Kerala due to Emergence of Urban Landscape(IICAQM-2016)

IIT Madras

15-16 Feb 2016




Dr.George Joseph

Asst. Prof


Paper Titled: Post – Activation Potential : Theory and application for Power Gains(Global Conference on Scientific culture in physical education and sports-GLOCOSCPES – 2016)

Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab

18-20 Feb 2016




Dr. Bindhu B. K.

Assoc. Prof


Paper Titled: Sustainable solution to treatment of Effluent from Latex Industries –An Experimental Study Symposium on Sustainable Technology development in Polymer (SSTDP- 2016)

Birla Institute of Science (BITS) Palani

11-12 March 2016



B1.2. STTP/Workshop to be conducted within the Institution

Sl No

Name of Coordinators

Design. & Dept.



Amt (Rs.)


Preethi M Nair & Sooraj G

Instructor Grade I &Trade Instructor Grade II(ECE)

Familiarisation of Trainer kit and softwares in Electronics Lab

16-18 March 2016


Approved, subject to inclusion of faculty coordinator.

B2. Industry Institute Interaction Cell (III Cell)

B2.1. Expert Lecture
Regarding conduct of expert Lecturers organized by III Cell BoG recommended that a maximum of 6 expert lecturers are to be conducted in a department per semester. Feedback has to be collected from the students so that effectiveness of the expert lecture can be evaluated. The department III cell coordinators may ensure that the selection of experts are to be made so that the sessions give motivation to the students. Accordingly each department has resubmitted the proposals after curtailing the excess number of programmes. Details of approved programmes are given below.
Mechanical Engineering

Sl No


Name of Coordinators

Details of Industry Experts

Prob Date of Pgm.

No of Days


Appro. Amt (Rs)

Expected Outcome


CAD Application in Aerospace

Antony J K

Sathish P


AxisCades Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka

March 2016


S4 BTech


Experience sharing and highlighting design areas


Industrial Design

Antony J K

Kiran K


Enfost Design, Bangalore, Karnataka

March 2016


S2 BTech


To expose students to the world of Industrial Design

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