The 1st Trance Channeling

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SECTION ONE – Introduction: L/L Research Channels RA

  1. Conscious Channeling

  2. The 1st Trance Channeling

  3. The Next Contact was RA

  4. Procedure

  5. Fatigue

The Message of Ra


The Beginning and Ending Statements
  1. Introduction to Ra Material

    1. First Statement

    2. Who Is Ra?

    3. Ra still seeks to become All There Is

    4. Is Ra One of Many?

  2. The History of RA

    1. In 3rd Density RA was Helped by 6th Density Entities

    2. RA was too compassionate in 4th Density

    3. RA made contact with earth peoples

      1. RA was at the 6th Dimension when earth was visited

      2. How did you journey from Venus to Earth?

      3. Did you have to change your dimension to be on Earth?

      4. Where is this Council Located?

      5. Their gifts were misused

      6. The times when RA has made contact with Earth. Could people have lived on Venus then?

      7. RA still offers illumination

    4. The cycles RA has completed

  3. How were the Pyramids built?

    1. They were built by the Force of One

    2. How were the blocks making up the Pyramids moved?

    3. Was this done mentally by one individual?

    4. Why not create it as a whole instead of with blocks?

    5. Resurrection due to initiation in the Queen’s Chamber

    6. The Use of the Resonating Chamber; Can the Pyramid still be used for healing and initiation?

    7. Further study of the science of the Pyramids

  4. Who Are We? The various origins of the 3rd Density Beings on Earth

    1. The First group came from Mars

      1. The Martian Planet became uninhabitable before the completion of its cycle

      2. How were they transferred here?

      3. Guardians incur “Bad Karma” and Earth is quarantined

      4. Only 2nd Density Entities were already here on Earth

    2. 65 million plus are Wanderers

      1. Who are the Wanderers?

      2. Most are 6th Density

      3. Where do most 6D Wanderers on Earth originate from?

      4. Do Wanderers tend to be ill?

      5. Why do they incarnate in a Density (3rd) lower than their own?

      6. The Fear is that they will not awaken

    3. 3rd Density entities from Maldek Incarnated on Earth as 2nd Density Entities

      1. They came to Earth after destroying their own planet (Maldek)

      2. Did all the people of Maldek have the fear problem?

      3. At first they were so traumatized they forgot they were conscious

      4. After regaining consciousness they went to the Lower Astral Planes

      5. Then they incarnated in a more animal form (Neanderthal)

      6. How did they come here?

      7. Has 2nd Density consciousness from another Planet incarnated on Earth?

      8. Two Races are on Earth in 2nd Density Form

      9. Then there are 2 types of Bigfoot?

      10. Why are no remains of Bigfoot found?

    4. What are the percentages and how have they gotten along?

  5. Simultaneous Time

    1. Do we live many lives simultaneously?

    2. Parallel Universes

    3. Is all of creation simultaneous?

  6. The Higher Self

    1. It knows what lessons have not been learned properly

    2. The mind/body/spirit totality = parallel components of an entity

    3. The Higher Self : Yourself from your future

    4. The Higher Self is a gift from the Mid 7th Density Self

    5. True simultaneity removes all seeming contradictions

    6. The Higher Self is also called the Magical Personality

Section Two - The Grand Scheme of Things: Setting Up the Game Section One


  1. The Beginning of All Things

    1. The Infinite One = The Source = Intelligent Infinity

      1. The Infinite One is Unfocused and Undifferentiated

      2. Awareness Dawns

    2. From The Infinite One desiring to experience Itself arises the Creator

      1. The Creator creates (Outer) Space

      2. The Creator divides into (or creates) Individualized Portions of Itself

    3. The Creator = The focusing of Intelligent Infinity into Intelligent Energy

    4. Intelligent Infinity and Intelligent Energy

    5. The Great Central Sun and the Rhythm of Intelligent Infinity

  2. The Tools of Reason = 3 Basic Distortions of the One

    1. The 1st Distortion = Free Will

    2. The 2nd Distortion = Love

      1. The Focusing of Free Will Yields Love

      2. Love Seeks to Know Itself

    3. The 3rd Distortion = Light

  3. The Creation

    1. The Creator Explores the concept of Manyness (Individual Entities)

    2. The Creation has an Infinite number of Dimensions within the Octave Format

    3. An Individualized Portion of God created our Galaxy (billions of stars)

    4. The Logos for our Galaxy created the Sun before the Planets

    5. The Creation of Beings’ Awareness is focused into Individual Consciousness

      1. 1st Density Entities appear on Earth

      2. The Evolution of Consciousness through the Densities

        1. 2nd Density Entities Evolve from 1st Density

        2. 3rd Density Entities Evolve from 2nd Density

  4. The Law of One

    1. There is no real (or Eternal) Po9larity

    2. The Progression through Densities occurs in all Galaxies

  5. An Extension of the 1st Distortion: The Veil of Forgetfulness And The Way of Confusion

    1. The Veil of Forgetfulness

      1. The Veil makes you forget your true identity and purpose

      2. The Veil splits the mind into conscious and unconscious parts

    2. The Law of Confusion

      1. RA does not give information that would violate the Law of Confusion

      2. Does RA incorporate incorrect data?

    3. The “Equal Time” Rule: Opportunity, for Both Polarizations, must be balanced

        1. The Maldek Example

        2. The example of the children with a double body in Activation

  6. An Infringement on Free Will

    1. Jesus did not infringe on Free Will

    2. Why didn’t his magical works infringe upon Free Will?

    3. Interference with Free Will occurs if your claim the healing is from you

  7. The Mystery of Infinity

    1. Grasp Infinity through Mystery

    2. Clouded in Mystery

Section Three – Different Structures


  1. The Architecture and Nature of the Densities

    1. Harmonic Structure of Dimensions

      1. Origin of All Densities

      2. Definition of “Density” : Similar to Sound and Light Vibration

      3. Spiraling Energy (Light) Forms the Densities

      4. The Spiraling Energy moves outward in a sphere shape

      5. Spiraling Light Energies in an expanding sphere form specific geometries for each dimension

      6. Vibration / Density Change

    2. The 1st Density = Fire, Air, Earth and Water

      1. The 1st Density is not aware and, at first, it is formless

      2. Wind and Fire bring form to Earth and Water

    3. The 2nd Density = Animals, Plants and Minerals

      1. Question: How long did the 2nd Density last on this planet?

      2. What type of 2nd Density entities can change to 3rd Density?

      3. Question: How do 2nd Density Entities become Enspirited?

      4. 3rd Density Beings can bring self-awareness to their pets

      5. Thought-Forms

    4. Overview of 3rd through 7th Densities

    5. The 3rd Density outer planet entities – Human Beings

      1. What is the purpose of the 3rd Density?

      2. How long does 3rd Density Last?

      3. What is the requirement for being in 3rd Density?

      4. The 3rd Density has more catalysts

      5. Changes in Consciousness in 3rd Density are greater than in 4th or 5th

    6. 3rd Density inner planes = The Astral an Devachanic planes

      1. The Astral and Devachanic Planes

      2. The Urantia Book

      3. How Does Reincarnation Work?

      4. How are Reincarnations into the physical allocated?

      5. Can We choose our Parents?

      6. We can grow more in 3rd Density than in between Incarnations

      7. More Personal help is available from the Inner Planes

    7. A Physical Vehicle is necessary for growth in each Density – except the 8th

    8. The 4th Density for those of Positive Orientation

      1. What determines whether you graduate into 4th Density?

      2. What is the 4th Density like?

      3. The Need to Consume Food Teaches Patience

      4. The Social Memory Complex is a 4th Density Phenomenon

      5. Is an Entity in the 4th Density normally invisible to us?

      6. It has the concept of protecting loved other-selves

      7. Lifespan and Length of Cycle

    9. The 4th Density for those of Negative Orientation

    10. The 5th Density

      1. 5th Density is the Wisdom Density

      2. The Law of One is consciously accepted

      3. Ambrosia is consumed, but it is not a catalyst

      4. Physical Appearance

      5. Light is a Tool

    11. RA is 6th Density

    12. The 7th Density

    13. The Highest Density is the 8th Density

    14. The Next octave Begins at the Completion of the 8th Density

    15. The Akashic Records

    16. Time / Space op0erates in the 3rd Density Inner Plane

      1. Incarnation takes you from Time/Space to Space/Time

      2. In Time / Space, an “Image” is made of occurrences at different Times

      3. Particles move faster than Light in Time / Space

      4. Everything can be reviewed and forgiven in Time / Space

      5. Time / Space has its own structure and laws

      6. Each Planet with 3rd Density Entities has a corresponding Time / Space

      7. All Times are simultaneous in Time / Space

  2. The Galaxies

    1. Each Galaxy is created by a different Logos

    2. The Space near the centre of the Galaxy is at a more Advanced Phase

    3. Some Galaxies have a great percentage of Negative Harvests

    4. In our Galaxy communication from Higher Realms (such as from RA) is allowed

    5. The Logos (Galactic Creator) divides Itself into other Individualized Creators

    6. RA’s interaction with other Galaxies

    7. RA has aided various Sub-Logoi (Stars Systems) in the Galaxy

    8. RA’s Knowledge of Other Galaxies

    9. All the Infinite Number of Galaxies are of this Octave

  3. The Planets in Our Galaxy

    1. How many are inhabited?

    2. How many Planets’ populations look human throughout the whole Universe?

    3. Is Everyone Human-looking in this Galaxy

      1. Why pick the human body as a design to promote spiritual evolution?

    4. How many are aware?

    5. What Density are they in?

    6. Do They all move forward by using the Law of One?

    7. How many are Negative?

    8. How many Harvests are Negative?

    9. Is Our Planet Hollow?

  4. Some Planets in our Galaxy were created without polarity

    1. Planets with a Garden of Eden-like Existence – without any Negative Polarity

      1. Free Will is not really present on Eden-like Planets – because certain choices are not possible

      2. There was no Veil of Forgetfulness

      3. Progress through the 3rd and 4th Densities was Extremely Slow

      4. What were these Societies like?

      5. Why couldn’t they progress more rapidly?

        1. They did not exhibit strong love or Service to Others

        2. They had trouble overcoming the barrier between the Densities

        3. There was very little development of Faith or Will

        4. Catalysts were not effective

      6. There was a Review but no healing in the place in between Incarnations

    2. Planets with only Positive Polarization are near the Centre of the Galaxy

    3. The Concept of Polarity

      1. The Consequences of Polarity were unimagined until experiences

      2. Was there any previous experience to guide the Logoi?

      3. Was the Concept of polarity brought over from the previous octave?

    4. The Introduction of Polarity

      1. Polarity arose from the extension of the 1st Distortion (Free Will)

      2. Both polarities appeared immediately

      3. The “Knowledge of Good and Evil”

      4. Lucifer is not the “Devil”

      5. Our Logos included polarity in its plan

      6. Free Will in the full sense (total Free Will) is given

      7. Did Total Free Will increase magical ability?

    5. “Word” of the effectiveness of Total Free Will spread to other Galaxies

  5. The Sirius System and Balance

    1. The 3rd Density Entities evolved from trees

    2. They must meditate upon Hostile Actions

    3. They moved without moving their legs

  6. The Sun

    1. A Hierarchy of Creators: Logos created the Sun, the Sun created the Planets

    2. The Sun has no lessons to learn, no Densities to move through

    3. The Sun is seen as it really is only in 4th-7th Density

    4. 6th Density Level produces the Light of the Sun

  7. The Black Hole and the Great Central Sun

    1. Gravity

    2. In the Black Hole all contained within unites with the Creator

    3. It becomes a Great Central Sun

    4. What is Spiritual Mass?

  8. The Coming Earth Changes

    1. Our Disharmony Affects the Earth

    2. Earth will have become a 4th Density Planet by approximately 2011

    3. Earth itself is moving into a Higher Vibrational Pattern

    4. How long are these cycles?

    5. The 20-Degree Shift of the Planetary Axis at Cycle Completion

  9. The harvest of Planet Earth

    1. What about the Harvest 50,000 years ago (the end of 1st cycle)

    2. What about the Harvest 25,000 years ago (the end of the 2nd cycle)

    3. What was the reaction of the Confederation to this?

    4. What is the Density Level of Planet Earth now?

    5. How does a 3rd Density Planet become a 4th Density Planet?

    6. The Upcoming Harvest into 4th Density

      1. Earth will become 4th Density Positive

      2. Who goes where?

      3. There is no Loss

      4. Incompatibility of 3rd and 4th Density Electrical Fields

    7. All Bodies on Earth that are still physical will transmute before those beings can inhabit the 4th Density Earth

    8. The Condition for Being Harvestable

      1. Over 51% Service to Others, less than 50% Service to Selof

      2. Energy Balance in needed

      3. Awareness of the Law of One is not needed for Harvest into 4th Density

      4. For which Harvest is awareness of the Law of One needed?

    9. Will Jesus Return to Earth?

    10. Will anyone go to a 4th Density Negative type Planet?

    11. What type of Beings will live on the Planet after the Harvest?

      1. Will 4th Density Beings be incarnate on the Planet?

      2. Will any 5th Density Entities be on the surface of the Planet?

    12. RA works to increase Earth’s Harvest

      1. Why does RA work with Earth?

      2. Does RA work with any other Planets besides Earth?

      3. How many people call on you now?

      4. How does RA perform service?

  10. The Harvest of Venus

    1. Overwhelmingly Positive

    2. Only To Harvestable Negative Entities

    3. Previously the Two were Positively Oriented Wanderers

    4. Catalyst for their Switch: Overabundance of Love

    5. These Two Eventually Returned to Positive Polarity

Section 4 – Growing


  1. Spiritual Growth

    1. Much more progress can be made here than in between Incarnations

    2. The Heart of the Matter

    3. What are some Exercises to Perform?

    4. The Mystery of the One

    5. The Best Service

    6. Distill the Love and Light in each Experience

    7. Become Aware of the Other as Being the Same as Yourself

    8. Why is there Male and Female?

    9. Unlearned Lessons will be Repeated

    10. Perpetual Childhood

    11. Defenses

    12. The Role of Light, the ‘Upward’ Spiraling Light

    13. Desire, Will and Polarity are the Keys

    14. The Problem with the Evangelists’ Methods

    15. The Adept

    16. Dreams as a Tool for Spiritual Growth

      1. Unconscious Mind doesn’t use words

      2. Clues for Removing Blocks

      3. The Adept’s Most useful Tool if the Help of Guides is Requested

      4. Direct Healing in the Dream State

    17. Piercing the Veil: Green-Ray Energy

    18. Realization of the One

  2. Being Truly Helpful

    1. Feeding the Hungry

    2. Parent-child Relationship

    3. Giving Support in Difficult Times

  3. An Important Variable : Polarity

    1. Analogous to Electricity

    2. The Turning Point

    3. Invoking of Light Strength

    4. Switching back from Negative Orientation to Positive

    5. Relation between Harvestability and Degree of Polarization

  4. Meditation

    1. Kundalini

    2. Two Other Types of Meditation

      1. Quieting the Mind

      2. Visualization = The Tool of the Adept

    3. The Most Powerful Connection

    4. Should the Spine be Vertical?

  5. Enlightenment

  6. Jesus, an Enlightened Healer

    1. Jesus came from the highest part of the 4th Density

    2. The Orion Group opposed Him

    3. Why was Jesus such a Good Healer?

    4. Now Jesus is in 5th Density

    5. The Choice to be a Martyr

Section Five – Healing


  1. Can you train us in Healing Awareness?

    1. In General

      1. Forgiveness removes Karma

      2. Deep Acceptance of the Law of One produces Healing

    2. The Pre-Requisite for Mental Work

    3. The Disciplines of the Mind

      1. RA: The polarity of your dimension must be internalized……

      2. 2nd: Accept the completeness within your consciousness

      3. 3rd: See the completeness in All Other Entities

      4. 4th: Mental Discipline

    4. The Disciplines of the Body

      1. Balance Love and Wisdom

      2. Understand Both Polarities

      3. Transmute Natural Functions to Sacredness

    5. The Third Area is the Spiritual

      1. Contact Intelligent Infinity

      2. Integrate the Upward Yearning with the Downpouring of Divine Energy

      3. Remember Who You Are

    6. A Summary or Overview of These Disciplines

  2. Healing

    1. The Two Basic Requirements for Healing

      1. Forgiveness of Others and Forgiveness of Self

      2. A Greatly Heightened Sense of Respect for the Self

    2. Secondary Techniques

      1. Physical Technique: Fasting purges the mind of Toxic Thoughtforms

      2. Mental Technique: Focused Attention

        1. There is only one Technique of Programming

        2. Increase your Attention Span through Visualization

    3. Conventional Methods

      1. Should you take Medicine?

      2. Should you see a Doctor?

    4. Metaphysical Understanding of Healing

      1. The Path of the Energy in Healing

      2. The One and Only True Description of Healing

      3. The Key to Healing is in the Etheric Body

    5. If you want the Sickness, at any Level, It Stays

    6. RA Abridges Free Will by Giving Strong Healing Advice to Carla

      1. The Spiritual Healing needed re-enforcement

      2. Taking Medicine Weakened the Healing

      3. A Spiritual Healer was the Catalyst

  3. Balance Can Remove the Need for Catalysts

    1. Encountering Catalysts

      1. Pain as Catalyst

      2. Sickness as Catalyst

      3. Trauma as Catalyst

      4. The purpose of Catalysts

      5. Is Catalyst necessary only if there is at least a partial Blockage of One Energy Centre?

    2. The Progression of Catalyst – from Mental to Physical

    3. If You Respond at all to the Catalyst You’re Still Using it

    4. The Completely Balanced Entity

      1. Does a Balanced Entity have an Emotional Response to Being Attacked?

      2. Are any Situations Emotionally Charged to a Balanced Entity?

    5. Random Catalysts occur in Unpolarized Entities

    6. Physical Catalysts are Less Prominent in Negative Polarization

  4. The End of the Physical Body (Death)

  5. Mental Illness

    1. We Now Experience Green Ray Vibration

    2. Is this difficult for those on the Service to Self Path?

  6. Changing Society

SECTION SIX – Energy Centers and Energy Transfers


  1. Sexual Energy

    1. How the veiling affected Sexual Energy Transfer

      1. Before the Veiling

      2. After the Veiling

    2. Polarization Produces Spiritual Energy Transfer

      1. Sexual Energy Connects the Metaphysical Realm to the Physical Realm

      2. Sexual Expression Starts with Difference and Moves Toward Oneness

      3. The Magnetic Attraction Makes an Act of Will Unnecessary

    3. The Difference Between Male and Female Entities

    4. Blockages of Sexual Energy Transfers

      1. The Root Cause of Blocks

      2. Types of Blocks

        1. Red Ray:

        2. Yellow and Orange Ray:

          1. Only One vibrates in This Color

          2. Treating Self or Other as Object

        3. Green Ray:

          1. Fear of – Or Desire For – Possessing, or Being Possessed

Not Offering Universal Love

        1. Blue Ray: Rare

        2. Indigo Ray: Extremely Rare

    1. Can One Tell Which Ray Is Present in the Energy Transfer?

      1. Question: Is there any way to tell which ray the transfer was for an individual after the experience?

      2. Green: Love is Made Whole

      3. Blue: Communication is Easier

      4. Indigo: Will and Faith are Stimulated

      5. Violet: An Opening to the Gateway to Intelligent Infinity

    2. Sharing Sexual Energies

      1. Transfer through the Rays can occur Once Green Ray Is Reached

      2. Refinement Leads to High Sexual Magic

    3. The Great Key = Unconditional Love

    4. Tantric Yoga

    5. Sacramental Sexuality

      1. Activate Indigo Ray

      2. See This as the Creator Experiencing Self

    6. Complete Fusion

    7. White Magic

    8. Homosexuality

    9. Present Day Marriage Versus Mated Relationships

    10. Sexual Energy in 4th Density

  1. Rotation and Crystallization of Chakras

    1. Do Chakras Rotate or Crystallize?

    2. The Crystalline Structure of the Various Chakras

      1. Red Energy Center

      2. Orange Energy Center

      3. Yellow Energy Center

      4. Green Energy Center

      5. Blue Energy Center

      6. Indigo Energy Center

      7. Violet Energy Center

    3. Clearing Energy Centers

    4. The Use of Energy Centers by Positive and Negative Entities

    5. Crystallization

  2. The 7 Chakras, Their Rays and Blockages

    1. Root Chakra: Red Ray, The Foundation Ray

    2. Emotional or Personal Center: Orange Ray, The Ray of Movement Towards Yellow Ray

    3. 3rd Chakra : Yellow Ray: Ray of Self-Awareness and Interaction with Others

      1. Relates to Groups

      2. Blockages Related to Ego

      3. Occurs First in Some Plants and Animals

    4. 4th Chakra: Heart Chakra: Green Ray of Compassion & All-Forgiving Love

      1. The Turning Po0int

      2. Springboard to Infinite Intelligence

      3. Possible Reversals

    5. 5th Chakra: Throat Chakra: Blue Ray, Communication, First Ray of Radiation of Self Regardless of Any Actions of Another

    6. 6th Chakra: Inner Eye or Pineal Chakra : Indigo Ray

    7. 7th Chakra: Crown Chakra: Violet

  3. The Various Energy Bodies

    1. The Red Ray Body

    2. The Orange Ray Body

    3. The Yellow Ray Body

    4. The Green Ray Body

    5. The Blue Ray Body or Lightbody

    6. The Indigo Ray Body

    7. The Violet Ray Body

SECTION SEVEN – Moves Coming From Beyond Our Planet


  1. The Confederation

    1. The Confederation Serves the Creator

    2. How Many On This Planet Call for Your Services?

    3. What is the Result of Applying the Law of Squares to This?

    4. Why the Confederation was Formed

    5. Thought Wars

  2. UFOs

    1. UFOs from the Confederation

      1. Do Any of the Confederation Members Come Here in Spacecraft?

      2. Who are the Members of the Council of Saturn?

    2. The Meeting with President Eisenhower

    3. UFOs from Orion

    4. Why Don’t the Orion UFOs Land in Mass on Earth?

    5. In Which Densities do Beings Need Spaceships?

      1. 3rd Density Entities

      2. 4th , 5th and 6th Density Entities

      3. 6th Density Entities

    6. Do Close Encounters Occur?

    7. How Did RA Construct Their Spacecraft?

  3. The Quarantine of Earth Affect on Free Will

    1. Does the Confederation Stop Orion’s Ships from Landing Here?

    2. How Does the Confederation Stop Orion’s Ships?

    3. Free Will

    4. Windows in the Quarantine, More on Free Will

  4. The Great Choice: To serve Others or Self

    1. The Choice is not Made in 2nd Density

    2. Is It a Conscious Choice?

    3. What Creates the Biases Toward the Chosen Path?

    4. The Dependence of Both Polarities on the Veil

      1. Negative Polarity

      2. Positive Polarity

    5. Changing Paths

    6. Choosing in More Subtle Situations

  5. Entities of Negative Polarization

    1. The Elite Group Seeks to Enslave All Others

    2. They Program Their Incarnation for Health, Wealth, Power and Control

    3. They are Protected from Others According to Their Level

    4. The Negative Ray Pattern Omits Green Ray (Love)

    5. Their Use of Anger

    6. They have a Problem with Separation and Spiritual Entropy

    7. The Law of One is Available to Either Path

    8. The Spiritual Power of the Negative Entity

    9. Amount of Illness on a 3rd Density Negative Planet

    10. The Progression of Negative Entities into the 4th Density

    11. How Do Negative Entities progress from 4th to 4th Density?

    12. Negative Entities in the 5th Density

    13. Are There any 6th Density Negatively Polarized Wanderers in Our Past?

    14. There are No Negative Higher Selves

    15. Negative 6th Density Entities Switch to the Positive Path

    16. Orion’s 1st Serious Inroad into Human Consciousness

    17. How Does Orion Use Mind Control to Enslave Populations?

    18. What about the Abductions and Physical Exams?

    19. Orion’s Methods in the 1st Cycle

    20. Are There any Orion Entities Living on Earth Now?

    21. Negative Entities in the Inner Planes of 3rd Density

    22. Do Positive Entities Ever Call on Those from Orion?

    23. Daydreams

    24. Why Do the Crusaders from Orion Do This?

  6. Psychic Greetings by Negatively Oriented Entities

    1. The Process

    2. See ”Attacks” by 4th and 5th Density Negative Entities as Psychic Greetings

      1. See the Creator in All Entities

      2. 4th Density Entities Can Only Use the Ego to Affect Us

      3. Greetings from 5th Density Entities are Rare

      4. 5th Density Entities are More Able to Penetrate the Quarantine

      5. 5th Density Consciousness can Utilize the Power of Suggestion Directly in the Mind

      6. They Can Only “Attack” Through Pre-Existing Distortions

      7. One Day the Intensity of the “Attacks” on Carla Increased

    3. An Extremely Rare Possibility: Being Switched to Negative Polarity

      1. It’s Only Happened Once in This Master Cycle

      2. It Requires a Trance-State-Contact with a Social Memory Complex

    4. Carla was Most Susceptible to Attack While in the Trance State

    5. Attacks on the Others in the Group were Most Unsuccessful

    6. Why was Carla Greeted So Often?

    7. RA’s Comment on How to View the Negative Entity Trying to Remove Carla

    8. Is the 1st Distortion What Allows the Psychic Attack on Carla?

  7. How to Respond to Entities of Negative Polarization

    1. How can these Effects be Nullified?

      1. Meditate in a State of Love for the Negative Ones

      2. Love Them as the Dark Side of Yourself

    2. Appreciate the Opportunity to Offer Light and Love

    3. Accept a Polarized and Balanced Position

    4. Do Not Offer Service Where None is Requested

    5. There was Only One Way for the Group to End the Psychic Greetings

    6. There are Various Safeguards

    7. Free Will Does Not Guarantee “Smooth Sailing”

  8. The 10 Commandments

Section Eight – How To Win The Game



Miscellaneous Items

  1. The Power of Crystals, Pyramids and Certain Sounds

    1. Using Crystals

    2. Using A Small Pyramid Shape

      1. The Pyramid Shape Catches Prana

      2. Stay Above the Pyramid For No More Than 30 Minutes Per day

      3. Make Apex Angle No Greater Than 70 Degrees

      4. The Dimensions

      5. The Pyramid Amplifies The 2nd Spiral Of Light

      6. What Are The Effects Of his Radiation Of Energy?

      7. The Radiation Produced Is Much Like The Sun’s Rays

    3. Sounds of Power

  2. Famous People

    1. Nikola Tesla

    2. Albert Schweitzer

    3. General George Patton

    4. Franklin Roosevelt

    5. Adolf Hitler

    6. Abraham Lincoln

  3. Nuclear Energy

    1. Both Positive And Negative Entities Were Involved

    2. The Reintegration Of Souls Is Needed in a Nuclear Explosion

  4. Messages From Michael

  5. Helpers

    1. No One Is Without Helpers

    2. There Are 3 Levels Of Helpers That Assist In the Harvest

      1. Planetary Helpers = Angels, Higher Self, Inner Plane Helpers

      2. Confederation Helpers Make Sure None Stumble

      3. The Guardians Determine Precisely The Light Vibration Emitted

  6. Atlantis

  7. The Mind, Body and Spirit

    1. The Mind/Body/Spirit Complex

    2. The Mind

    3. The Spirit

    4. The Body

  8. Working With Light

    1. Love/Light and Light/Love

    2. The 3 Spirals of Light Energy

    3. Developing Light in the Mind/Body/spirit

  9. Right Brain/Left Brain

  10. True Colour

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