The 2007 Chris McCray Tournament For Academic Excellence Playoffs 1 (Round 9) Packet by Oklahoma State Written by Members of Oklahoma State’s Quizbowl Team With Contributions From Jonathan Magin, jb, dl, dg, ah, jw, sp

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The 2007 Chris McCray Tournament For Academic Excellence

Playoffs 1 (Round 9)
Packet by Oklahoma State
Written by Members of Oklahoma State’s Quizbowl Team
With Contributions From Jonathan Magin, JB, DL, DG, AH, JW, SP.
Edited by Mike Bentley and Jonathan Magin


1. Tim Matheson played Griff King, a character who was paroled after killing his stepfather in a role meant to replace Dan Blocker’s character on this show, and the Chinese cook on this show, Hop Sing, frequently delivered words of wisdom. This show has the distinction of being the earliest debuting American television show to have all of its episodes filmed in color. The name “Ponderosa”, taken from the central family’s ranch, was given to syndicated episodes while it was still on the air. This show’s actual title comes from its setting near the Comstock Silver Lode in Virginia City, Nevada. FTP, name this long running western that followed the exploits of Ben, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe Cartwright.

ANSWER: Bonanza

2. (JB) His first film role was as Tommy Doyle in Halloween 6. More recently, on stage he played the roles of Walker and Ned in Three Days of Rain, a play that also saw Julia Roberts's Broadway debut. Amy Heckerling cast him for next spring's I Could Never Be Your Woman and earlier gave him his breakthrough role in her 1995 retelling of Emma, Clueless. He's better known now for his supporting roles, including playing Andy in Wet Hot American Summer and Phoebe's husband on the last season of Friends. FTP, name this actor, who also played David in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Brian Fantana in Anchorman.

ANSWER: Paul (Stephen) Rudd

3. He once described Canadians as a bunch of flannel-wearing hockey fans who mispronounce the word “offense”, and he also once made a bet that the New England Patriots would win the World Series. When his autobiography was stolen, his arch nemesis used his Antiques Roadshow appraised plastic bear, Smacky, as ransom. He is dominated by three obsessions: to have a movie made about his life, to eat a monkey, and to kill Fungo, the ferret living next door. On occasion he has worn his owner’s VW hood ornament as bling, and he frequently sports a Yankees cap. A would be presidential candidate in 2008, FTP, name this lazy, selfish cat who lives with Rob Wilco and Satchel Pooch in “Get Fuzzy”.

ANSWER: Bucky Katt

4. This team has drafted Randy Winn, Josh Booty, and Taylor Tankersley, and Orestes Destrade finished his career by playing for them. Last year, they became the first team to reach .500 after being twenty games below .500. All of their championship teams have featured Jeff Conine, and thanks to their current GM, Larry Beinfest, they finished with a surprising 78 wins last season, helped by the development of pitchers like Ricky Nolasco, Scott Olsen, and Anibal Sanchez. They won their first World Series on a single by Edgar Renteria, and won their most recent title with a complete-game shutout pitched by Josh Beckett; those championships occurred in 1997 and 2003. FTP, name this team owned by Jeffrey Loria, whose current players include Hanley Ramirez, Miguel Cabrera, and Dontrelle Willis.

ANSWER: The Florida Marlins (accept either answer)

5. This artist paid homage to Kiss by contributing Hard Luck Woman to the Kiss My Ass album, and one of his greatest hits albums was sold only in McDonalds. That album contained the tracks Could Shoulder, New Way to Fly and Alabama Clay, while his eponymous first album contained a track where “this ol’ highway’s getting longer”, a song titled Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old. He’d follow that album up with the enormously popular albums No Fences and Ropin’ the Wind. Also known for a confusing alter ego, Chris Gaines, FTP, name this country singer who scored hit after hit in the ‘90s with songs like “Friends in Low Places,” “The River,” and “The Dance”.

ANSWER: Garth Brooks

6. One of their nemeses allegedly watches 60 Minutes, but is better known for being a jock whose father’s occupation gives him a garage full of the treasures that they always scheme to get. They attend Peach Creek Junior High, home of the Cobblers, and their would-be white trash girlfriends, the Kankers, live out in the trailer parks, although they have come to the cul-de-sac on vacation. They each have multi-colored tongues, and one has a terrifying younger sister, Sarah. Another has a never-seen older brother and the third is an only child. FTP, Jonny, Plank, Rolf, Kevin and Nazz all live in the same neighborhood as what jawbreaker-addicted trio who all share similar first names, the namesakes of a Cartoon Cartoon series on Cartoon Network.

ANSWER: Ed, Edd n Eddy

7. Harvard freshman Jillian Clarke’s study of this phenomenon made her the youngest ever winner of the Ig Noble Award, winning the 2004 award for Public Health. In addition to her scientific study, Clarke found that some seventy percent of women were familiar with this phenomenon, and a later study conducted by Paul L. Dawson involved the use of salmonella on surfaces such as nylon and tile. A MythBusters episode showed that the exposure regulated by it is more than double what is needed for contamination. FTP, name this “rule” often applied when deciding whether to eat something that’s fallen on the floor.

ANSWER: Five-Second Rule

8. (DL) In its opening, the Four Tops claim “the Board of Education took away my parole,” while the central females perform “Girl for All Seasons” at the June Moon Talent Contest. The lead female in this sequel exhorts her boyfriend not to chase a mysterious biker, but after that biker returns alive he beats the Cycle Lords and reveals himself to be the clean-cut male lead. The only returning cast in this sequel are Eve Arden's Principal McGee, Sid Caesar's Coach Calhoun, and Didi Cohn's Frenchy. FTP, name this movie where Michael woos Michelle Pfeiffer's bad girl Stephanie, a sequel to a musical set at Rydell High about Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko.

ANSWER: Grease 2

9. One tournament of this name awards the Stonehaven Cup, and has been won a record seven times by Gary Player. Another tournament of this name awards the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup, which was won thirteen times by Adrian Quint. This tournament recently announced that it would change its playing surface from Rebound Ace to Plexicushion, and features retractable roofs over its two main courts, Vodafone Arena and Rod Laver Arena. The last two years, Roger Federer has defeated Marcos Baghdatis and Fernando Gonzalez to win this tournament, which saw Maria Sharapova lose in the finals this year. FTP, name this Grand Slam event won this year by Serena Williams, which takes place each January in Melbourne Park.

ANSWER: Australian Open

10. The third entry in this series, an Xbox exclusive, was set in a Las Vegas-like city, Glitter Oasis, and was subtitled High Roller. To succeed in this game, it is necessary to perform a speed boost known as a Limit Cut, although the second game made dodging traffic easier by introducing hydraulic jumps. That second game, containing the levels Around Apple and Little Apple, also let players pick up multiple people. The original arcade game featured drivers like Gena and B.D. Joe, speedier rickshaw vehicles, and brand name destinations like KFC and The Gap. FTP, identify this Sega series about delivering fares at breakneck speeds.

ANSWER: Crazy Taxi

11. Ryan Estrada draws a weekly comic strip about this site’s mascot, who, according to the site’s official biography, does yard work when the staff yells at him, saying, “Hey Frank! It’s lunch time… go eat the lawn!”, appropriate since he’s a goat. Its parent company, Danga Interactive, was purchased by the software company Six Apart in 2005, six years after it was launched by its creator Brad Fitzpatrick as a method for informing his high school friends of his activity. It originally required an invite to join, although it now handles costs by using advertisements and selling plus memberships. FTP, identify this blogging site, a rival to xanga, whose logo is a blue pencil drawing a circle.


12. One of the engravings on the album of this name makes reference to the fact that its track, Victim of Love, was performed live and without overdubbing. A popular myth stated that on the inside cover of this album Satan can be seen in the form of Anton Lavey looking down from a balcony. The song of this name was performed acoustically with some eight guitars on the reunion live album, Hell Freezes Over, and its lyrics mention that “her mind is tiffany-twisted, she got the Mercedes Bends.” Telling of Pete Rosal’s time in the title establishment, FTP, name this song by The Eagles where you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.

ANSWER: Hotel California

13. They are currently on Wave 11, a series that includes an alarm clock version and a special 25th anniversary edition one of them. They derive their name from the common version of Salvia hispanica, and during a TV Land promotion it was possible to get a Mr. T. one. The original was created by Joseph Enterprises, although that ram has been discontinued in the wake of more successful models like Elmer Fudd, a puppy, and a tree. FTP, identify these fad gifts that involve putting wet seeds on a grooved clay figurine and then watching them “sprout” hair.

ANSWER: Chia pet

14. Near the end of this film, a performance is put on in which the cast sings a song, to the tune of the German national anthem, about the fictional title location, Kellerman’s which is actually a composite of shots from Lake Lure, North Carolina and Mountain Lake, Virginia. The romance has its beginnings when the female protagonist carries a watermelon into the staff quarters and blossoms later after a botched abortion puts the usual performer out of commission, leaving Frances to perform with bad-boy Johnny Castle. With its best known song being “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”, FTP, nobody puts Baby in the corner in what 1987 flick starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze?

ANSWER: Dirty Dancing

15. In a skit on, this person is accused of killing and eating the president’s dog, committing 21 homicides, 5 rapes, and of having ties to Al-Qaeda. Lee Jordan is the only one who has ever officially captured this person, and the organization that she is tied to has employed Patty Larcency as well as robots, aliens, and her anthropomorphic pet cat. That organization, Villains’ International League of Evil, was counteracted by an organization headed by a Lynne Thigpen character, The Chief of the ACME Detective Agency, on this character’s PBS game show. FTP, identify this trenchcoat-wearing thief who sneaks around the world from Kiev to Carolina.

ANSWER: Carmen Sandiego

16. After this character started working in a hair salon, his love life improved drastically, scoring one night stands with girls like the Lindsay Lohan played Danielle. Earlier he had relationships with Nina, a coworker at the DMV and ultimately the person he’d lose his virginity to, and earlier still he dated Big Rhonda. He was almost deported after vandalizing the town’s water tower, although Laurie agreed to marry him so that he could retain his citizenship. A constant admirer of Jackie, FTP, identify this character with an unpronounceable real name and an unknown homeland who currently resides in Point Place, Wisconsin as the character played by Wilmer Valderrama on That ‘70s Show.


17. The DS game, The Rub Rabbits, had a Japanese title that loosely translated into this phrase and was a sequel to Feel the Magic: XX/XY. On Family Guy, Chris feels betrayed to learn that the answer to this question is a social worker’s place. In the case of Mario and Luigi it involves a detour on Yoshi’s Island. To a girl on “Addams Family Values,” it's a cabbage patch, while Liane Cartman says it involves putting a hoo-hoo dilly in a cha-cha. Dr. Perry Cox answers this question by telling his son that a mommy and a daddy close their eyes and a make a wish. A stork is also the answer to, FTP, what question asked by children, often when they see a pregnant woman or a new baby?

ANSWER: Where do babies come from? (accept reasonable equivalents)

18. Deadspin noted this man’s attention deficit disorder by linking to Card Chronicle’s list of 156 extraneous topics mentioned by him. Not realizing that he was on air with the Sports Animal, he caused controversy by saying that Billy Donovan told him it would be a mistake for an NBA team to select Joakim Noah over Al Horford. The head coach of the 1978-79 Detroit Pistons, he has also appeared in a bafflingly bizarre commercial for Hooters and as “The Deliveryman” in commercials for DiGiorno. A fan of the Yankees and Notre Dame, he calls 3-pointers “trifectas,” excellent freshmen “diaper dandies,” and clutch players “PTPers,” although he may be best known for his devotion to the Duke Blue Devils. FTP, name this incredibly annoying announcer, a color commentator who makes college basketball games on ESPN unwatchable.

ANSWER: Dick Vitale

19. (JW) His political side is shown in the track “One Time’s Got No Case”, a response to the Rodney King beatings. He found an early hit in the UK with “Square Dance Rap”, and a track off of Swass, his debut album, explored his rapper’s Seattle roots and his “Posse on Broadway”. He briefly pursued an acting career starring as the title character on UPN’s “The Watcher”, but returned to music with 1996’s Return of Bumpasaurus. Most famous for a song complains that “Fonda ain’t got a motor in the back of her Honda”, FTP, name this rapper whose anaconda don’t want none if you don’t got buns hon.

ANSWER: Sir Mix-A-Lot (also accept Anthony Ray)

20. One character in this movie states that although women sense his power, he denies them his essence. That character shoots himself after unsuccessfully using a machine gun in an attempt to repulse an attack on Burpleson Air Force Base. This movie also plays the recurring motif "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" during scenes in the "Leper Colony," a B-52 bomber. General Turgidson warns against a "mine shaft gap" after the recall code sent by Captain Mandrake does not reach a plane led by Major "King" Kong, who carries out Wing Attack Plan R by waving his Stetson hat and riding an atomic bomb. The world is destroyed after General Jack D. Ripper orders a nuclear attack on the USSR in, FTP, what 1964 black comedy directed by Stanley Kubrick?

ANSWER: Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

21. Auctions were purportedly removed from this game because some of its earliest play testers were Quakers, although random auctions were reintroduced in the official add-on to this game, Playmaster. A card game spinoff of it contained the cards Officer Jones and Talk Your Way Out of It in addition to the Time Expires card. The man who claimed to have invented it, Charles Darrow, famously received a rejection letter stating 52 fundamental playing errors in this game when he first submitted it to Milton Bradley. Featuring a mascot formerly known as Rich Uncle Pennybags, FTP, identify this board game where pewter thimbles, top hats, and race horses start at “Go” and try to stay out of jail.

ANSWER: Monopoly

22. This chain fired several people in its marketing department after unrestricted coupons for its signature meal were sent out via direct mail, allowing postal workers to cash in on a bonanza of free burgers. Its first branch opened in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1950, and five years later a restaurant style branch opened in Nashville that lacked indoor seating. The one in College Station, Texas is notably colored maroon and white instead of the typical orange and white stripes the decorate the ceilings of the buildings in this franchise. Featured on King of the Hill and often open 24 hours a day, FTP, identify this Southern franchise that makes burgers “just the way you like it”, home to the Whatameal.

ANSWER: Whataburger


1. Answer the following about some of last year's pretty exciting bowl games FTPE:

[10] This bowl was definitely the best. It featured exciting plays like a last-second hook-and-ladder to tie the game and a Statue of Liberty two-point conversion executed by Jared Zabransky and Ian Johnson.
ANSWER: Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
[10] Last year's Insight Bowl featured the largest comeback in Division I-A bowl history, as this team coached by Mike Leach overcame a 31 point deficit to defeat Minnesota 44-41 in overtime.
ANSWER: Texas Tech Red Raiders (accept either)
[10] It wasn't actually all that exciting, but Oklahoma State won the PetroSun Independence Bowl on a field goal with eight seconds left after this offensively-challenged team scored fourteen points in the fourth quarter to tie it. This year, to cure their ineptitude, they hired Major Applewhite to be their offensive coordinator, and replaced Mike Shula with Nick Saban.
ANSWER: Alabama Crimson Tide (accept either)

2. Cell phone companies have a knack for coming up with annoying advertisements. Given the gist of an ad campaign, name the phone provider FTPE.

[10] This company apparently is great if you’re looking to off some people at a remote location thanks to their network of literally thousands of people following you around.
ANSWER: Verizon
[10] Some pathetic dude starts wondering if “Earl got your tongue” after his call drops out while talking to the only girl in his life.
ANSWER: Cingular Wireless LLC (also accept AT&T Mobility)
[10] This blond haired guy with a My Circle plan, who makes fun of his nerdy sort of friends representing carriers like Verizon and Cingular, even has his own MySpace page where he tells you how great Alltel Wireless is.
ANSWER: Chad at Alltell

3. They took our jobs! Identify some of these foreign-born musicians who have found success in the United States, FTPE.

[10] Probably best known for appearing as if they are underage lesbians, Lena Katina and Julia Volkova make up this Russian act that found success in the US with the album 200 Kilometers Per Hour in the Wrong Lane.
ANSWER: t.A.T.u.
[10] This Colombian artist’s first English language album, “Laundry Service” sold 15 million copies, thanks in part to her belly dancing skills in videos for “Whenever, Wherever” and “Objection.”
ANSWER: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
[10] Coldplay attained their greatest success thus far in the United States with this single that asked you to look at the stars and see how they shine for you.
ANSWER: Yellow

4. And now for some old school Nintendo. Given a description, name the game released for the original NES FTPE.

[10] The Vs. version of this game, an arcade exclusive, finally let you shoot the jackass dog in this Super Mario Bros. pack-in that made use of the Zapper accessory.
ANSWER: Duck Hunt
[10] Although it lacked the dual trackballs of its arcade counterpart, this game published by Atari was still enjoyable on the NES. You tried to guide the rolling object down the course, and this game’s influence on Super Monkey Ball is without question.
ANSWER: Marble Madness
[10] This Nintendo game allowed you to design your own tracks, and, in Japan, let you save those tracks to the Famicom Data Recorder. The regular mode had you jumping off dirt ramps and racing against the clock on five different courses.
ANSWER: Excitebike

5. And now for a literary flashback to childhood. Name these book series, FTPE.

[10] Donald J. Sobel wrote this series about a boy detective whose real first name was Leroy and was known for only needing to ask one question to solve a case.
ANSWER: Encyclopedia Brown
[10] Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Dawn, Stacey, Mallory and Jessi were the primary members of this group that met Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 5:30 to 6:00 PM in a series “written” by Ann M. Martin.
ANSWER: The Baby-Sitters Club
[10] Asking you to name the Hardy Boys would be too easy, so instead name this girlfriend of Joe Hardy who is killed by a car bomb planted by the terrorist Al-Rousasa in the first of the Hardy Boys Casefiles series.
ANSWER: Iola Morton

6. One of the perks of being a sovereign nation is the ability to ban actors and movies. FTPE, name these actors who managed to get themselves banned in the People's Republic of China.

[10] This American actor was one of two to earn a ban for appearing in “Seven Years in Tibet.” He also starred alongside Cate Blanchett in Babel.
ANSWER: William Bradley “Brad” Pitt
[10] One of Brad Pitt's co-stars in “Seven Years in Tibet,” this Brit is also banned for his role in that movie. Harry Potter fans know him better for playing Remus Lupin in the third and fourth films.
ANSWER: David Thewlis
[10] Not surprisingly, director Jean-Jacques Annaud was also banned for Seven Years in Tibet. But there haven’t been any reports of him being banned from Germany for producing this 2001 pro-Soviet war film about sniper Vasily Zaytsev. Cowards.
ANSWER: Enemy at the Gates

7. Answer some questions relating to the show Cheers, FTPE.

[10] Kirstie Alley’s character on the show, she replaced the character Diane Chambers as the female foil to Sam Malone.
ANSWER: Rebecca Howe (accept either)
[10] This mailman and friend of Norm memorably appeared on Jeopardy, only to lose it all by recklessly betting on Final Jeopardy. Such a move is now known as pulling a him.
ANSWER: Clifford C. Clavin, Jr. (accept either)
[10] This psychiatrist extended his role by appearing on a namesake spinoff set in Seattle and co-starring his brother Niles and his producer Roz.
ANSWER: Dr. Fraiser Winslow Crane

8. FTPE, identify these teams from the most high-powered league in the country, the WNBA.

[10] The newest expansion team in the WNBA, they went 5 and 29 in their inaugural season, 2006. Their current players include Chastity Melvin and Stacey Dales.
ANSWER: Chicago Sky (accept either)
[10] This team includes the only Israeli in the WNBA, former Maryland guard Shay Doron. Despite stars like Teresa Witherspoon and Rebecca Lobo, this Eastern conference team has lost the WNBA finals an astounding four times
ANSWER: New York Liberty (accept either)
[10] Coached by Bill Laimbeer, this team is the defending WNBA champion. They feature stars like Cheryl Ford and Swin Cash, and undoubtedly became more annoying by drafting Ivory Latta.
ANSWER: Detroit Shock (accept either)

9. Surprisingly, Hugh Laurie had a movie career before “House.” Name the '90s films featuring the future small-screen doctor, FTPE.

[10] Laurie played Frederick, the father of the computer animated title character in this 1999 film version of an E. B. White novel. He also showed up in the third film, subtitled Call of the Wild, for some reason.
ANSWER: Stuart Little
[10] In 1996, Laurie played Jasper in this live-action adaptation of a '60s Disney animated classic.
ANSWER: 101 Dalmations
[10] Laurie starred as Pierre, the advisor to the king in this quasi-historical film directed by Randall Wallace. Thanks to a certain star’s central role, it almost overthrew Titanic’s long run at the top of the box office on its March 13, 1998 release.
ANSWER: The Man in the Iron Mask

10. Identify the following relating to Dunkin' Donuts advertising campaigns, FTPE.

[10] This Manhattan based band recorded original songs such as “Pleather” and “Fritalian” for last summer's America Runs on Dunkin' campaign.
ANSWER: They Might Be Giants
[10] The current voiceover actor for Dunkin' Donuts, his more notable work includes playing Big Dan Teague, the Cyclops from O Brother, Where Art Thou and Fred in the Flintstones movie.
ANSWER: John Goodman
[10] Dunkin' Donuts played a prominent role in supporting Charlie, a character played by Billy Bob Thornton in this 2007 film set in rural Texas.
ANSWER: The Astronaut Farmer

11. (DG) Answer the following about everybody's favorite Discovery Channel personality and Baltimore native, FTPE.

[10] Whether its snake wrangling, playing with concrete or cleaning up penguin poop, this Discovery Channel host knows that it's a dirty job, and most likely, he's going to be stuck doing it.
ANSWER: Michael Gregory “Mike” Rowe
[10] Aside from Dirty Jobs, Rowe has appeared personally in this follow up to another Discovery Channel show that he narrates. In this miniseries, Rowe sits down at a bar with captains like Phil Harris of the Cornellia Marie to discuss the previous season.
ANSWER: After the Catch (do not accept “Deadliest Catch”)
[10] Rowe also narrates this other Discovery Channel show, where Paul and Paul Jr. create custom motorcycles in their Orange County facility.
ANSWER: American Chopper: The Series

12. Given lyrics and the '80s hair band responsible, name the song from the video music era, FTPE.

[10] Twisted Sister, “We've got the right to choose and/There ain't no way we'll lose it/This is our life, this is our song.”
ANSWER: We're Not Gonna Take It
[10] Warrant, “I scream, you scream/We all scream for her/Don't even try/'Cause you can't ignore her.”
ANSWER: Cherry Pie
[10] Whitesnake, “I'm just another heart in need of rescue/Waiting on love's sweet charity.”
ANSWER: Here I Go Again

13. (AH) Name these starting pitchers FTPE:

[10] This 21-year-old Mariners phenom racked up two wins, 18 strikeouts, and a 1.56 ERA in his first three starts before going down with an elbow injury.
ANSWER: “King” Felix Abraham Hernandez
[10] A sixth-round pick of the Orioles in 2002, this guy dominated the minors before being traded along with Jorge Julio for Kris Benson. This season, this pitcher has an ERA of 2.90, and has paired with Oliver Perez to outshine Tom Glavine and the injured Pedro Martinez in the Mets rotation.
ANSWER: John Kevin Maine
[10] The cousin of Aaron Rowand, this Devil Rays pitcher has been a pleasant surprise, and is arguably their ace. He is currently 6 and 2 with an ERA of 3.64 and 89 strikeouts.
ANSWER: James Shields

14. The first winner received a three-foot golden mermaid trophy and didn't get the pageant's more famous title until she won the pageant again the following year. FTPE:

[10] Name the beauty pageant, held in Atlantic City every September until 2004.
ANSWER: Miss America
[10] The latest winner of the Miss America pageant is this Oklahoma native who also took the crown in 2006. You may have seen her tracking down child predators with John Walsh on America’s Most Wanted.
ANSWER: Lauren Nelson
[10] The first black Miss America, she resigned seven weeks before the 1985 pageant after it was revealed that she posed nude in a spread that eventually made its way into Penthouse.
ANSWER: Vanessa Williams

15. Identify the following about a certain comic strip, FTSNOP.

[10] Originally created by Chic Young, this strip debuted on September 8, 1930 and originally featured a namesake flapper partying the nights away in dance halls.
ANSWER: Blondie
[10] Blondie’s good for nothing husband Dagwood was disowned by his wealthy parents and forced to work for this man, the owner of a namesake construction firm.
ANSWER: Julius Caesar “J.C.” Dithers
[5, 5] For five points each, name the son and daughter of Blondie and Dagwood who look disturbingly similar to their parents.
ANSWER: Alexander and Cookie

16. (DL) Although his opera of Wuthering Heights was never produced, he gained fame for his scores for movies like Citizen Kane and Taxi Driver. FTPE:

[10] Name this composer, a favorite of Hitchcock's.
ANSWER: Bernard Herrmann
[10] Herrmann's most famous score is the “Suite For Strings” for this movie, which shrilly depicted the shower stabbing of Marion Crane.
ANSWER: Psycho
[10] In addition to Citizen Kane, Herrmann also composed the score to THIS Radio Project performance airing on October 30, 1938 that begins by noting strange explosions on the surface of Mars.
ANSWER: The War of the Worlds

17. And now for something completely different. Answer the following questions about Monty Python's Flying Circus, FTPE.

[10] This famous song from Flying Circus inexplicably features a choir of Canadian Mounties behind Michael Palin as he sings about putting on women's clothing and hanging around in bars.
ANSWER: The Lumberjack Song
[10] They are last seen traveling by bus to respond to a statement made by a judge at the Old Bailey, but arrive just in time to barely get out, “Nobody expects”.
ANSWER: The Spanish Inquistion
[10] This sketch, from the episode How to Recognise Different Types of Trees From Quite a Long Way Away, sees Eric Idle asking stranger Terry Jones a series of innuendo filled questions before finally asking, “What’s it like?”
ANSWER: Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge

18. Every now and then, PepsiCo decides to screw with a good thing. Identify these Pepsi variations, FTPE.

[10] This sugar-free version was introduced in 1998 as an alternative to Diet Pepsi. I hear it had slightly more than zero calories.
ANSWER: Pepsi One
[10] This other alternative to Diet Pepsi, the overseas cousin of Pepsi One, didn’t appear in the United States because it contained acesulfame potassium.
ANSWER: Pepsi Max
[10] Somewhat similar to the Swedish cola Julmust, this variation was flavored with ginger and cinnamon. It was offered for eight weeks during the 2004 and 2006 Christmas seasons.
ANSWER: Pepsi Holiday Spice

19. (DG) Identify these Nirvana songs from some paraphrased lyrics, FTPE.

[10] "We are present effective immediately, please make merriment for us to enjoy."
ANSWER: “Smells Like Teen Spirit
[10] "Nobody is not a homosexual", and, during the chorus, "enclosed by the star closest to earth I have a lonely demeanor."
ANSWER: “All Apologies
[10] "I will constantly owe your invaluable counsel."
ANSWER: “Heart Shaped Box

20. (SP) Identify these boxers of the 1950s, FTPE.

[10] When he retired as champion in April 1956, Ezzard Charles was the only man to go fifteen rounds against him. Thus, he was the only heavyweight champion to retire without a single loss or draw on his record, going 49-0 over his career.
ANSWER: Rocky Marciano (also accept Rocco Francis Marchegiano)
[10] Marciano’s last title defense was against this African American light heavyweight who earned the distinction of being the only man to fight both Marciano and Muhammad Ali. He would record an astounding 145 knockouts in his career.
ANSWER: Archie Moore
[10] Moore’s first title championship bout came against Joey Maxim after Maxim defeated by technical knockout this middle weight fighter that the AP named the greatest boxer of the 20th century. ANSWER: Sugar Ray Robinson (also accept Walker Smith, Jr.)

21. As we speak, the grave injustice of Paris Hilton’s incarnation enters its third long week. Unless she got out again since this bonus was written. Regardless, answer some questions about Paris, FTPE.

[10] Just before reporting to the L.A. County jail, Hilton was the butt of multiple jokes by this comedienne, the host of the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. The celebutante was less than amused.
ANSWER: Sarah Silverman
[10] Paris left the awards show early, failing to see who won the award for Best Movie. That award was given to this film, which costarred Jack Davenport as James Norrington and Kevin McNally as firstmate Joshamee Gibbs.
ANSWER: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
[15] You’ll receive a five point bonus to the ten you get for a correct answer if you can name this LA sheriff who not only commuted Paris’s sentence, but earlier tried to cover up the circus surrounding Mel Gibson’s arrest last summer.
ANSWER: Leroy David “Lee” Baca

22. Identify these stage productions of, uh, less than reputable origins, FTPE.

[10] Based on a character from the Weekly World News, this production first finds the namesake half-human character in a cave in Hope Falls, West Virginia.
ANSWER: Bat Boy: The Musical
[10] Based on a US talk show, this British opera is known for, among other things, a troupe of tap-dancing Klansmen. No word on whether the real audience chants the title character's name.
ANSWER: Jerry Springer: The Opera
[10] Joe Sears and Jaston Williams recalled Texas Panhandle radio broadcasts from their childhood to create their two-man show about the third-smallest town in Texas. This tournament’s editor was disappointed to learn this wasn’t about a fish.
ANSWER: Greater Tuna

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