The Atlantes Guest Satisfaction Survey

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The Atlantes Guest Satisfaction Survey

As the Atlantes Chief Operating Officer and a Registered Nurse, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for choosing us to assist in your medical recovery and rehabilitation.

The Atlantes was created to help you gain the highest level of independence and wellness. Our state-of-the-art, 30 bed facility which affords its guests a unique healthcare experience combining post-acute and rehabilitation services within a luxury boutique-hotel like environment. Exuding warm and gracious hospitality, The Atlantes Medical Resort is designed to cater to the needs of guests that require short term care as they transition from the hospital to their home. Our facility offers an array of highly-skilled services for complex care, with an emphasis on post-stroke cases, and hip and knee replacement recovery, among others. A one-stop-shop for guests’ nursing and rehabilitation needs, The Atlantes is redefining the way health care is delivered to our community.

Once again thank you for staying with The Atlantes!

Please find attached our "Guest/Patient Satisfaction Survey”. We would appreciate it if you would complete this form and mail it back to us. We are interested in your thoughts and feelings about our services. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Thank you in advance for your time.

Kindest Regards,

Angel Day RN

Chief Operating Officer

Date___________________________________ Name_________________________(can be anonymous)




Don’t know


Was the admission process organized and easy?

Were you informed about services and resources available to you during your stay?

Were you informed about your estimated length of stay?

Were you informed regarding insurance and what will be covered or not covered?

Did staff welcome you and orient you to your room?

Was your room comfortable?

Were you given privacy as needed?

Did you get to choose what time to wake up or sleep?

Do you consider The Atlantes staff polite?

Were your family members and other visitors treated satisfactory?

Did physical, occupational or speech therapy meet your goals?

Were quiet hours respected?

In general did you like the food here?

Were your portions of food adequate?

Was food served warm?

Did you get to decide when to have your meals?

Were you offered snacks and beverage before bed time?

Did the nurse aides respond to your call light promptly?

Did the nurse respond quickly to calls for help?

Did the nurse keep you informed of changes in your medications or new orders?

Did the nurse assess you and report changes in condition promptly?

Were you overall satisfied with the physicians at The Atlantes?

Was your pain adequately controlled? If not, please explain.

Did discharge planning connect you with the right kind of services to help you prepare for home?




Don’t Know


Were you provided a copy of discharge instructions about medications, diet, activity and follow up doctor appointments?

Were you provided with adequate time to make an informed decision and make necessary preparations prior to discharge?

Were you Given information about community resources?

Did you know whom to contact in the facility if you have a question or concern?

Were maintenance concerns taken care of promptly?

Was laundry services handled satisfactory?

Were you involved In the decision making for your discharge planning?

Could you find something going on that you wanted to attend?

Were there a variety of recreational, educational, and or spiritual/religious services available to you?

Would you recommend The Atlantes to a friend or family member?

What were you most pleased with during your stay at The Atlantes?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What could we do better?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Download 95.11 Kb.

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