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The Atlantis Anglers Association official newsletter

Page 1 vol. 3 Issue 1 May 2016

We’re off, Striper Derby and Early Run Begin the Club’s Fishing Season!

After a couple of not so great fishing months: March & much of April, May has had it’s share of optimistic fishing reports. Members have gotten out in force to fight bass coming out from spawning in the Hudson river and into Jamaica bay .

Fluke is now open as the 17th has come and gone. Reports from the North shore have been promising and we are all set to hit the Port Jeff area on June 4th with Capt Amanda, & JP on the Osprey. Currently there are good schools of Porgies and some weakfish and Seabass (Released) coming up out of port Jeff on the Celtic Quest.

South shore has seen a lot of windy weekends so far and I’m sure the fluke will be in the bays by now if you venture out. Bass should be off Pink Hotel and areas east as they are still trekking up from Chesapeak Bay, and the Bluefish are in the area strong as well with fish to 12 lbs being taken off Jones beach surf and by boaters looking for bass.

The Atlantis Angle page 2 vol. 3 Issue 1 May 2016

Early May Reports:

from Reed and John Lippi ; Clam bellying bass in the bay had schoolie stripers for the most part.

Steve Calabrese went on a kayak fishing expedition in the Jamaica bay area and scored a nice keeper

Ken Bell live lined bunker with the crew from the Karen Ann in the back of J bay and took a nice keeper home .

Reports are just starting to come in from our members and I will be giving more details from members exploits as they become available ! Send them in!

Member News

I was honored to be offered a monthly column in ON THE WATER magazine by Managing editor Jimmy Fee last month.. They offered the south shore fishing planner to me , covering from from approximately Long Beach to Moriches. After a thorough thinking over I have decided to decline the offer. I am however still in play for future articles , much like the one I wrote 2 seasons ago about west end fluking which appeared in the may 2014 issue. It is nice to be noticed but the only forecasts I want to write will be Seasonal ones on our websites articles page, for our members benefit only, covering from Rocakaway to Fire Island inlet. Remember to check the articles page routinely to see when they’ve been updated and to read the latest member submitted reports and photos!

Mike Bobetsky


The Atlantis Angle page 3 vol. 3 Issue 1 May 2016

April Meeting Highlighted:

Many members attended the yearly awards meeting complete with food and raffles. WE congratulate the winners !

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