The Bourbon Triumvirate

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The Bourbon Triumvirate

Readings: pages 292, 312-314, 315, 317, 337

Guiding questions:

What was the “Bourbon Triumvirate”?

What was “white supremacy”?

Who were the following men:

Joseph E. Brown

Alfred H. Colquitt

John B. Gordon

Choose ONE of the above men and write a short essay (at LEAST one page typed) on their life.

Henry W. Grady

Readings: 317, 318, 319, 588

Who was Henry W. Grady?

In “American Spotlight” on page 318, rewrite Grady’s speech (the part written in italics) about the New South industry using Georgia resources.

What Henry W. Grady a salesman for the South? Why or why not? Why was that so importants during this time period?

International Cotton Exposition

Readings: 318, 353, 361

What year was the Cotton States and International Exposition?

How many people attended?

Why was an exposition done in GA?

How many exhibits were there?

What music was written for the Exposition?

Tom Watson and the Populists

Readings: 293, 346-348, 349, 358, 360, 381, 399

Who was Tom Watson?

Where was he from?

Who did Watson support?

What is RFD and how did it help people?

In what year did he become a member of the Populist Party?

What were the names of the magazines Watson started?

Originally, Watson supported and needed the African Americans vote…what changed toward the end of his career?

Using you technology, research the Post Office’s initial efforts to experiment with rural free delivery services.

How much money was spent in the initial years of the experiment?

How many area’s tested this new service?

How much were mail carriers paid?

How many miles were the routes?

Rebecca Latimer Felton

Readings: 314, 315, 316, 337, 339, 343, 381

Write a 1 page typed biography of Rebecca Latimer Felton based on your readings. Include the following:

Her background information

Her involvement in the temperance movement

Her involvement with the Atlanta Journal

Becoming a U.S. Senator.

1906 Atlanta Riot/Racial violence in Atlanta

Readings: 357, 358-359

Write about the role of the media in inflaming the conflicts during the Atlanta Race Riots.

Could something like that happen today? Why or why not?

Could newspaper articles exert that much influence today? Why or why not?

Find a newspaper or magazine article that inflames conflicts in today’s media. Cut it out and paste it in your composition book.

The Leo Frank Case

Readings: 359-360

Imagine you are a writer for the Atlanta Journal in 1913. Write an article about Leo Frank’s involvement in the murder of Mary Phagan.

The County Unit System

Readings: 349-350, 433-434

Type an essay in which you fully explain the County Unit System.

Answer the following:

How did the county unit system affect voting and politics in Georgia?

Who benefited from the county unit system?

What was a positive aspect of the county unit system?

What was the Neill Primary Act?

Jim Crow Laws/Plessy v. Ferguson/Disenfranchisement


Jim Crow Laws- 351. 352

Plessy v. Ferguson- 352, 436

Disenfranchisement- 301. 336, 349

Fully explain the Jim Crow Laws and how it affected both Black and White citizens.

What was Plessy v. Ferguson and how did it affect GA and the south?

Who was Homer Plessy?

What is disenfranchisement?

Why did progressives justify the disenfranchisement of African American?

Why were most blacks and poor whites removed from voter rolls?

Booker T. Washington/W.E.B. Dubois

Readings: 353-356, 359

You are a reporter for the Atlanta Journal. Interview Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Dubois. For Washingtonn, make sure you include Tuskegee Institute, his beliefs, and the racial issue he supported. For Dubois, include his racial issues, and his beliefs (what was a “talented tenth”)?

John and Lugenia Burns Hope/Alonzo Herndon

Readings: 356-357, 367

What was John Hope’s early life like?

Where did he get his education (both High school and college)?

Where was his first job?

What positions did he hold at Atlanta Bible College?

What was his position of Atlanta University?

What did he want for all people?

What civic and educational organizations did he belong to and what positions did he hold in them?

What is the Atlanta University Center?

What role did Lugenia Burns Hope play?

What was Alonzo Herndon’s early life like?

Make a timeline of Herndon’s life using the dates given in the textbook.

What was Herndon’s involvement in the Atlanta Life Insurance Company?

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