The Brothers Karamazov Translated from the Russian of

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The Brothers Karamazov

Translated from the Russian of
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
by Constance Garnett
The Lowell Press
New York

eLangdell® Press 2014

Table of Contents

Notices 5

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Section 2. Information about the Mission of Project Gutenberg-tm 9

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Dr. Gregory B. Newby Chief Executive and Director Section 4. Information about Donations to the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation 10

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Contents 11

Part I 20

Book I. The History Of A Family 20

Chapter I. Fyodor Pavlovitch Karamazov 20

Chapter II. He Gets Rid Of His Eldest Son 22

Chapter III. The Second Marriage And The Second Family 23

Chapter IV. The Third Son, Alyosha 27

[pg 022] Chapter V. Elders 32

[pg 031] Book II. An Unfortunate Gathering 37

Chapter I. They Arrive At The Monastery 37

[pg 036] Chapter II. The Old Buffoon 40

Chapter III. Peasant Women Who Have Faith 45

Chapter IV. A Lady Of Little Faith 50

Chapter V. So Be It! So Be It! 55

Chapter VI. Why Is Such A Man Alive? 60

[pg 079] Chapter VII. A Young Man Bent On A Career 66

Chapter VIII. The Scandalous Scene 72

Book III. The Sensualists 78

Chapter I. In The Servants' Quarters 78

Chapter II. Lizaveta 81

Chapter III. The Confession Of A Passionate Heart—In Verse 83

Chapter IV. The Confession Of A Passionate Heart—In Anecdote 89

Chapter V. The Confession Of A Passionate Heart—"Heels Up" 93

Chapter VI. Smerdyakov 99

[pg 137] Chapter VII. The Controversy 102

Chapter VIII. Over The Brandy 106

Chapter IX. The Sensualists 111

Chapter X. Both Together 114

Chapter XI. Another Reputation Ruined 121

Part II 128

Book IV. Lacerations 128

Chapter I. Father Ferapont 128

Chapter II. At His Father's 134

Chapter III. A Meeting With The Schoolboys 137

Chapter IV. At The Hohlakovs' 140

Chapter V. A Laceration In The Drawing-Room 144

Chapter VI. A Laceration In The Cottage 151

Chapter VII. And In The Open Air 156

Book V. Pro And Contra 163

Chapter I. The Engagement 163

Chapter II. Smerdyakov With A Guitar 169

Chapter III. The Brothers Make Friends 174

Chapter IV. Rebellion 180

Chapter V. The Grand Inquisitor 186

Chapter VI. For Awhile A Very Obscure One 199

Chapter VII. “It's Always Worth While Speaking To A Clever Man” 206

[pg 311] Book VI. The Russian Monk 212

Chapter I. Father Zossima And His Visitors 212

Chapter II. The Duel 220

Chapter III. Conversations And Exhortations Of Father Zossima 234

Part III 244

Book VII. Alyosha 244

Chapter I. The Breath Of Corruption 244

[pg 375] Chapter II. A Critical Moment 251

Chapter III. An Onion 255

[pg 400] Chapter IV. Cana Of Galilee 267

Book VIII. Mitya 271

Chapter I. Kuzma Samsonov 271

Chapter II. Lyagavy 278

Chapter III. Gold-Mines 282

Chapter IV. In The Dark 290

Chapter V. A Sudden Resolution 293

Chapter VI. “I Am Coming, Too!” 304

Chapter VII. The First And Rightful Lover 309

Chapter VIII. Delirium 321

[pg 500] Book IX. The Preliminary Investigation 331

Chapter I. The Beginning Of Perhotin's Official Career 331

Chapter II. The Alarm 335

[pg 514] Chapter III. The Sufferings Of A Soul, The First Ordeal 339

[pg 523] Chapter IV. The Second Ordeal 344

[pg 531] Chapter V. The Third Ordeal 349

Chapter VI. The Prosecutor Catches Mitya 357

Chapter VII. Mitya's Great Secret. Received With Hisses 362

Chapter VIII. The Evidence Of The Witnesses. The Babe 370

Chapter IX. They Carry Mitya Away 376

Part IV 380

Book X. The Boys 380

Chapter I. Kolya Krassotkin 380

Chapter II. Children 383

Chapter III. The Schoolboy 387

Chapter IV. The Lost Dog 392

Chapter V. By Ilusha's Bedside 397

Chapter VI. Precocity 407

Chapter VII. Ilusha 412

[pg 634] Book XI. Ivan 415

Chapter I. At Grushenka's 415

Chapter II. The Injured Foot 421

[pg 654] Chapter III. A Little Demon 427

[pg 661] Chapter IV. A Hymn And A Secret 431

Chapter V. Not You, Not You! 440

Chapter VI. The First Interview With Smerdyakov 444

Chapter VII. The Second Visit To Smerdyakov 451

Chapter VIII. The Third And Last Interview With Smerdyakov 456

Chapter IX. The Devil. Ivan's Nightmare 467

Chapter X. “It Was He Who Said That” 478

Book XII. A Judicial Error 484

Chapter I. The Fatal Day 484

[pg 750] Chapter II. Dangerous Witnesses 488

Chapter III. The Medical Experts And A Pound Of Nuts 494

Chapter IV. Fortune Smiles On Mitya 497

Chapter V. A Sudden Catastrophe 503

Chapter VI. The Prosecutor's Speech. Sketches Of Character 509

[pg 795] Chapter VII. An Historical Survey 515

Chapter VIII. A Treatise On Smerdyakov 519

Chapter IX. The Galloping Troika. The End Of The Prosecutor's Speech. 524

Chapter X. The Speech For The Defense. An Argument That Cuts Both Ways 531

Chapter XI. There Was No Money. There Was No Robbery 534

Chapter XII. And There Was No Murder Either 538

Chapter XIII. A Corrupter Of Thought 543

Chapter XIV. The Peasants Stand Firm 547

[pg 855] Epilogue 552

Chapter I. Plans For Mitya's Escape 552

Chapter II. For A Moment The Lie Becomes Truth 555

Chapter III. Ilusha's Funeral. The Speech At The Stone 559

Footnotes 566

1. In Russian, “silen.” 2. A proverbial expression in Russia. 3. Grushenka. 4. i.e. setter dog. 5. Probably the public event was the Decabrist plot against the Tsar, of December 1825, in which the most distinguished men in Russia were concerned.—Translator's Note. 6. When a monk's body is carried out from the cell to the church and from the church to the graveyard, the canticle “What earthly joy...” is sung. If the deceased was a priest as well as a monk the canticle “Our Helper and Defender” is sung instead. 7. i.e. a chime of bells. 8. Literally: “Did you get off with a long nose made at you?”—a proverbial expression in Russia for failure. 9. Gogol is meant.

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